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Commandments: Chapter XXXI

Submitted By: Date: October 29, 2005, 06:26:50 PM Views: 9260

 <p class="body">
i) Thou Shalt Not ask a Daemonette about her "Special skills". Even if thou'st a Grey Knight. It is not the correct way to test your "Resistance to the Daemonic".</p>
<p class="body">ii) Thou Shalt Not ask what happens to the bodies of those thrown into the Golden Throne. Minor details such as this are of no concern to you.</p>
<p class="body">iii) Grey Knights are from "Titan", the place, not "Titan", the Titan. They do not have Titans on Titan, nor do they come in Titans. They may fight alongside Titans, but never fight alongside Titans on Titan, for no foe can reach Titan.</p>
<p class="body">iv) Thou Shalt Not go to a sermon on "Cooking with Chaplain Xavier". Flamers are not kitchen utensils.</p>
<p class="body">v) Nor are Power Lances.</p>
<p class="body">vi) Or Nemesis Force Halberds.</p>
<p class="body">vii) Thou Shalt Not utter the phrase "Mmm, Barbeque" while operating Flamers.</p>
<p class="body">viii) Thou Shalt polish thy armour daily.</p>
<p class="body">ix) Thou Shalt Not look for the "There is no Rule xi" joke.</p>
<p class="body">x) Thou Shalt Not expect the "There is no Rule xi" joke.</p>
<p class="body">xi) There is no Rule xi.</p>
<p class="body">xii) Thou Shalt laugh, though not eccessively.</p>

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