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No Second Chances - Eldar Perspective

Submitted By: Date: September 29, 2005, 04:50:21 AM Views: 2844

Calay sat perfectly still in the hole behind the stone atop the ridge he and his comrades had gotten as lookout-point. Something was coming up the path, and they had all ducked into their hiding places, concealing their long-barrelled rifles in their cloaks. Runes flashed passed Calay’s vision as another ranger-group scanned the party making their way up the ridge. The rune for the ancient, now long extinct, animal from the Eldar home world, which smelled heat in its victims before it struck appeared before him. So whatever was coming up the ridge was carrying a heat-sensitive device. Calay clicked the small pad inside his mask and felt the chemicals in its interior starting to react. It got colder inside the mask, a lot colder.
Frost gently nipped at his skin and he smiled, knowing his breath was now no longer hot. The cloak would mask his body’s heat, and now he was invisible. The cold reminded him of the halls in his old home, where the wind whipped through every crevice and hall, chilling everything to perfection. He relaxed into this memory for a moment as the seven figures came into view. The first five were mon-keigh soldiers. They were dressed in clunky armour, helmeted and carrying primitive loud firearms, spitting inaccurate fire everywhere. One was without helmet, adored with several markings of rank and office; some kind of leader. He was scanning back and forth with a handheld device. Calay watched as the device swept back and forth, passing his head just an arm’s length away time and time again, but not detecting anything. The other two were mon-keigh of a sort, modified with crude technology, grafted into their flesh. Wires and couplings stuck out, and both had a non-organic, glistening eye. They were carrying some sort of apparatus. After a few more tense silent moments the one with the scanner flicked it shut and turned to the others.

“This place is secure. Set up the scanner here. From this point we will be able to see all the alien scum coming across the valley.”

Calay looked at Vila, sitting in the tree opposite him. If he had not known her position, the curve of her cloak over her shoulder and weapon, he would never have made her out at all.

“Yes” the modified one with the red eye spoke. “this position is ideal. Are you sure it is secure?”

“Yes, nothing comes in on the scanner.” The man without a helmet stretched and leaned onto Calay’s shoulder plate, not noticing it harder than the moss around it. “I will check the other ride of the ridge and see if there are any paths there. I’ll be back in three.”

“Perfect. We will have the scanner warmed up by then.”

“You’d better.” The man motioned for this four men to follow and walked passed Reio and Norass, disappearing from view.

The two mon-keigh started working the scanner as Calay noticed group Zhai making their way across the valley below, towards the bunker at the far end, advancing along the rune Senthois as they had been instructed. They would get to the bunker soon enough, and with this sensor blind they would be undetected leaving as well.[/i]

The shot was so simple. It was ludicrously simple, but he aimed none the less. A sign flashed in his visor and he let the shot fly, cutting into the organic eye of the nearest mon-keigh as the far one first spun one way from a shuriken cutting his neck, and then falling as a hidden blade pierced him from below. He didn’t even moan as he died. Three more shots insured that the sensor would not work anytime soon. The group turned towards the path where the five men had gone, tuning their rifles to short-ranged bursts of needles, which would make short work of the five soldiers when they returned. The rune for dripping blood flashed across the screen just as the men returned; Zhai reporting in – the mon-keigh commander was dead. Now to clean up here and join the others. Calay smiled in his cold mask, and thought of his old home.[/i]

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