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Approach of Gathnor

Submitted By: Date: September 28, 2005, 12:18:05 AM Views: 2690
Summary: <p class="body">Thyrios leveled his Rifle, placed the Mon-Keigh leader in his crosshairs and without any moral objection, ended the human's life. He was pleased to note that the rest of the Mon-Keigh's squad fell immediately to the ground. He had just bought himself more time. Scanning his view point, then looking at the stolen auspex on his belt, he decided there weren’t any more threats for the moment. He then lowered his Long Rifle and made a high-pitched whistling sound. Within moments two more Rangers had joined him. One dropped out of the tree he was using as cover, and another appeared from a thick patch of undergrowth.<br /> <i>"How long until Gathnor and his companions reach our position?"</i> inquired one.<br /> Thyrios checked another stolen gadget he had under his cloak and replied.<br /> <i>"I'd estimate it at another six revolutions."</i><br /> The Ranger who had not yet spoken glanced over Thyrios' shoulder and then proceeded to kill another of the Mon-Keigh.<br /> <i>"We should move, they are beginning to realize our position."</i> he replied after slinging his Rifle over his shoulder. In unison, they moved down the tree line to another well-concealed position.</p>

<p class="body"><i>"These Mon-Keigh are merely wasting our time,"</i> spat Thyrios. <i>"If not for their disrespectful ruination of this forest, we would have reached the colony two planetary cycles ago. Ulthor, go check…”</i> Thyrios was cut off by a noise coming from behind them.<br />  
   They all turned and strained to listen for more of the disturbance; their hands all straying toward their pistols. After only a moment, it became obvious what the soft brushing sound was coming from. Out of the forest strode Gathnor, and behind him the scouts caught sight of his ghost warrior companions. Their frames were far larger than even the Mon-Keigh in their battle suits, and each held their cannons at the ready.</p>

<p class="body">The Warlock walked forward, <i>"It is good to see you, Children of Isha.  I hope we have not caused you to waste too much ammunition?"</i> Thyrios smiled as Gathnor continued, <i>"Our wise Seer has instructed me to lead the assault on these fortifications."</i>  Thyrios glanced at his auspex and noted several more squads of Wraithguard had appeared, scattered throughout the Eldar lines.<br />  
   When he looked up, he saw the Warlock touching the runes on his belt and muttering an incantation too quickly for Thyrios to follow. Soon, a shroud of swirling mists concealed the already hidden Ranger post.<br />  
   <i>"I believe we are ready to proceed.  May Khaine be with us."</i> He then raised his spear and pointed forward. The hulking Wraithbone constructs began marching towards the human lines, and the Rangers could see the Wraithcannons powering up. It took the foolish humans far too much time to notice the ghost warriors advancing. By the time they began firing, the Wraithguard were too close and they soon forced the Mon-Keigh to fall back.</p>

<p class="body"><i>"Praise Vaul for this."</i> commented Thyrios as he and his fellow Outcasts began moving forward to their next position.</p>

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