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Submitted By: Date: September 4, 2005, 06:56:02 AM Views: 2573

The Avatar steadily walked up the battlefield, guns blazing around him. The enemy was up ahead, supposedly the best that mankind had to offer. The greatly armored Terminators of the Space marines.  Though many feared them, the Avatar did not, and walked at a fast pace, towards them, leaving scorching grass patches as he did. The Striking Scorpions, in awe of his presence, failed to keep up with him.

   As screams of the Eldar around the battlefield were heard from behind the daemon, it did not turn around. The only emotion it felt was anger, not pity for the men and women it had been summoned to fight for. The Warp Spiders, whose squad looked depleted, unleashed a volley of wire-webbing, slicing deep into the crevices in the armor of the Terminators, one falling to the ground in pain, as his body went limp, only the exo-skeleton holding his appendages together.

   Not many of the Terminators were left now, as the Avatar stared coldly at the troubled squad, oblivious to everything, except the thoughts of bloodshed and war against the enemies of the Eldar.

The Warp Spiders disappeared as quickly as they arrived, then the battle cries of the Scorpions were heard. This time, the Avatar responded, and turned around. A unit of jet-packers had ambushed them. The Eldar identified the attackers as the Blood angel death company, being lead by two Skull faced marines.

   Oblivious to these facts, the Avatar sensed a melee, his instinct to charge towards the blood-shed. However, salvos of bullets, bolters and caliber shells cracked into the metal hide of the Avatar. Some of them powerful enough to burst straight through his covering, splattering magma on the ground, burning everything it touched.

   Two of the Terminators came face to face with the Avatar, as the monstrous daemon turned around, swinging a mighty sword, the Wailing doom. The mighty weapon connected, slicing a Terminator in half. The other Terminator took a swing with his power fist, but his slow weapon was easily fended off by the skilled demi-God.

   Un-prepared, the Terminator had his head crushed by the bloody hand of the monstrous creature, his body being thrown to the ground a few feet away.

   Anger filled it's eyes once more, as it turned around, sweeping  into the raging assault, were the hopelessly out-classed Scorpions found themselves butchered to man, too proud to run in front of the Avatar.

   As the Avatar charged in, the Wailing Doom was swung at a Death company marine, but was pulled away at the last moment, the marine already dead. The Avatar had been ousted by a Banshee, whose quick motions left the marine without a head.

   Unfazed, the Avatar moved to engage the Chaplain who was close to him. With a flurry of misses, the Avatar let out a scream of frustration, for his failure, sending chills down the spines of all those who heard it. The Chaplain moved out of the way, too worried about the Banshee's all around him to worry out the monstrous creature out to kill him.

   The other Chaplain was even worse condition, suffering a major cut in his armor. His anger, malice and frustration built up, the Avatar charged into Chaplain, jousting the Chaplain through the chest.

   Impaled by the giant sword, the Chaplain was dragged in, to look his killer in the eyes. The Chaplain feeling the heat through his mask was put out of his misery, a giant bloody hand crushing his skull.

   The Avatar turned away from it's latest victim, to see the Banshee's standing over the dead body of the other Chaplain. The feelings of war began to drain out of the Avatar, as this fight was over and the enemy was scattered and beaten. It's purpose extinguished, the flames of it's body began to die down, the magma through it's body solidifying.

   The Avatar began to crumble in front of the Banshee's, as the spirit of Bloody Handed God returned to the Craftworld, ready to be summoned again.

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