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The Wanderer

Submitted By: Date: August 27, 2005, 05:40:36 AM Views: 2432

The Inquisitor was wary. In the last week, his guards numbers have dropped from thirty-four to twenty-one. Ten were dead; their bodies empty of all vital organs, and three was missing. Something had to be done. Searching through the city files he found the best investigators in the city. He had them all brought to his compound, and set them to work. None could find any answers, except one.

This one is a curious fellow, thought the Inquisitor, as he walked to meet the investigator. He studied the body of the mutilated guard with such care, and he always wore that cloak. The Inquisitor knew something was wrong with this investigator, but he couldn't figure out what it was actually was.
He walked into the room, and immediately drew his bolt pistol. Two guards were lying on the floor. The other two guards was looking nervous, eyeing the investigator.
"Ah, Inquisitor Keth, so good of you to join us." The investigator said, with a calm voice.
"Who are you?" the Inquisitor shot at the investigator.
"My real name is unimportant, but many call me The Wanderer. I'm sorry about your guards; I assure you they are not dead. They were trying to threaten me. Now, back to business," the investigator looked dead into the Inquisitors eyes, "I know who did this. This crime was perpetrated by the Dark Kin. I don't know which of them did this, but I assure you I will catch them if you give me one of this planets weeks. For a price of course." the investigator said with a smile.

   "Eldar," Keth hissed.
   "Oh, you're smart aren't you? The average Mon-Keigh doesn't pick up on the fact that I'm not human. Yes I am Eldar."
   "And what exactly is the price of trafficking with an Eldar?"
   "It will cost you one Eldar Jetbike that your Tech Priests have hidden away in this compound."
   "And if I don't pay you?"
   "I'm taking what's mine one way or the other. What are you going to do about it?"
Keth smiled and push the alarm button. He couldn't allow the Xenos to escape. He had heard of these Eldar Rangers. Assassins. They are skilled with a sniper rifle but not in close combat, so he was told anyway. He was wrong, dead wrong.

Six guards are now in the room, closing in on the Eldar. Endarcir, the Ranger, checked if all his six knifes are in their place and smiled. How stupid could this Mon-Keigh be? He somersaulted up and over the guards, stabbing a guard in the process. He landed, moved to the right and lashed out, beheading another guard. He dropped and slashed left then up, one Mon-Keigh loses a leg. Another loses a hand. Remaining two guards fled in panic.

   "You are lucky Inquisitor, that I am not the killer that had killed many of your guards. If I was, then these men would die a painful death, and so would you. I am still offering my services. You can take it, or you can leave it."

Keth somehow knew that if he rejected the offer, the Ranger will just leave, but the danger that the mysterious killer will come back. And if word got to the Ordo Xenos he had trafficked with an Eldar and not killed it? Yes, this way he could be rid of the mysterious killer, and kill this non-human.

"I accept your service." the Inquisitor said with a small smile.
"I knew you would." The Ranger replied, mirroring Keth's smile.

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