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Tyranids vs Crimson Fists, 1475pts

Submitted By: Date: February 21, 2006, 01:08:11 PM Views: 3581
Summary: <p class="body"><b>Based on the "old" Codex Tyranids</b><br /> <br /> <p class="subheader">Tyranids</p> <p class="body"> I used a winged Hive Tyrant with full upgrades except Bio Plasma, <br /> a normal Hive Tyrant with the same abilities, <br /> a double Venom Cannon Carnifex, <br /> two Tyrant Guards, <br /> six leaping Warriors with full upgrades, <br /> eight Gargoyles,<br /> and about 40 leaping Gaunts with Scything Talons, S4 and I5.<br /> <br /> <p class="subheader">Crimson Fists </p><p class="body">My opponent used a Chaplain,<br /> two full Tac Squads with Plasma Cannons and Sarges with Power Fists<br /> a Techmarine with four Heavy Bolter Servitors (displayed by Dark Eldar proxies)<br /> a Venerable Dread<br /> a squad of Assault Marines<br /> a squad of Grey Knight allies<br />

I got the first turn.


Since i knew that we had deployed 24.1" from each other (i.e. 24.1" between his first line and my bugs ) i moved my Gaunts and Garoyles 6" forward, so they were out of Bolter range of the Tac Aquads who were standing further back, and outside of assault range of the Assault Squad.

The two slow big bugs marched forward, and one squad of Gaunts as well as the winged Tyrant moved down one flank, brotected behind terrain.

The double VC Carnifex shook the Dread, the footslogging Tyrant's Warp Blast got deflected by some 4+ invulnerable save of the Grey Knights versus psychic powers...a pity, i had wounded three of them with that AP3 shot. Meanwhile my Warriors had taken cover behind the ruined building.

My opponent moved his Grey Knights backwards, as he did with his Assault Squad.

They then turned out to be out of shooting range with their Stormbolters by a fraction of an inch (as it was to be expected after their full 6" move backwards), but they only could have shot the Hive Tyrant anyway, who would have shrugged off the shots easily.

The Techmarine and his Servitors directed their Heavy Bolters against the Carnifex, even though there would have been plenty of juicy Gaunts as targets.


My winged Tyrant moved further fOrward, and found itself in line of sight and assault range of the Dread. My Gaunts advanced another 6", carefully avoiding double tapping or the enemy's charge range, as did the footslogging big bugs. The Warriors took cover inside the ruin.

My winged Tyrant sufferet a Perils of the Warp attack when he tried to fry the Dread with his Warp Blast, and lost a wound. He later took revenge on the innocent Dread by ripping it apart in close combat.

My Opponent's shooting was negligible again. His Heavy Bolters and a Plasma Cannon killed a Tyant Guard. The two big bugs advancing alongside seemed to be quite a menace to him.


Everything advanced.

I killed one Grey Knight with the slow big bug's shooting. The winged Tyrant and about 20 Gaunts charged the Tac Squad at the left flank, killing most of it and sending the survivors running off the table.

The other Gaunts and Gargoyles assaulted the Grey Knights and Assault Squad, as one big close combat (some gaunts in base contact to the assault squad). They wiped the Grey Knights off the table, with the exception of the Justicar, and the Assault Squad took heavy losses too..

In return i lost like five bugs to the attacks of the survivors. The Chaplain had no base contact and couldn't contribute attacks.

Meanwhile the Warriors had taken position behind some terrain as a hard hitting reserve.

My opponent noticed that he could see one of the Warriors, and killed him with the Techmarine's Servitors Heavy Bolters.


(sorry for the bad pic)

The killing continued...the Hive Tyrant and the other Gaunts moved up, so they would be able to assault the remaining Chaplain and the rest of the Assault Squad, with the close combat blocking the Techmarine's LOS to the warriors who would take up a new position.

In my Opponent's turn the Chaplain and Justicar went down, and the rest of the Assault Squad fled off the table. The Techmarine was unable to do anything, but his second Tac Squad had counter charged and killed some bugs. Nevertheless it was too late. They would be ripped apart in the next turn, and the Techmarine and his Servitors got vaporized in Warp Blasts and Venom Cannon fire.


Victory points: 1475 for the Tyranids, 314 for the Crimson Fists

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