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An Imperial Guardsmen's Ten Commandments

Submitted By: Date: September 9, 2005, 05:02:03 PM Views: 14326

1. Thou shall not take sick leave while having Sisters Of Battle In the next Camp.

2. Thou shall not cut his or her hair with bayonet.

3. Thou shall not put graffiti on Space Marine's equipment.

4. Thou shall not replace a Space Marines Bolter with a Lasgun.

5. Thou shall not use a grenades pin as an earring.

6. Thou shall not experiment with frag grenades.

7. Thou shall not refer to Space Marines as Asstartes.

8. Thou shall not play with flamers.

9. Thou shall not refer to Space Marines as Bucking Broncos.

10. On the fear of his or her life. Thou shall not lie to an officer in the presence of a Psyker and Commissar.

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