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Author Topic: Adeptus Mechanicus  (Read 3025 times)

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Adeptus Mechanicus
« on: February 15, 2021, 10:12:16 PM »
Sooo we are about to kick off a slow grow campaign aimed more at having fun, I have the first 1k points covered, but I'm wondering what methods people are using to remove heavy mech (T7/8+) with high Wound counts, like redemptor dreads and battlewagons.

Are Ironstriders worth it for anti-tank, the mid Toughness and relatively low Wound count feels like I would get smash by any other anti-tank units. Do you run run autocannons and then just unload Grav destroyers against T8 units?

The new skorpius tank doesn't feels like its more for taking out light mechs t5/6 targets, is that how its being used?

So are onager with Neutron's my go to unit for T7/8 targets? Do, you field them in 3's?

The campaign list looks like this so far has a few restrictions, no stratgems, no characters over 100 points, the entire army must be from the same faction, so no knights for me.

Rad-saturated: improves the RAD bubble to 3inches and -1S from shooting
Warlord: giving destroyers 5+ Fnp

5 x Kataphron destroyers with Grav
5 x rangers - 2 snipers
5 x vanguard
5 x vanguard

1 x Datasmith
5 x Electro-priests
5 x Electro-priests

3 x Sulphurhounds

2 x Kastelan robots all phosphor.


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