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Author Topic: 1850 AM w/ Knight Errant  (Read 4130 times)

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1850 AM w/ Knight Errant
« on: July 28, 2017, 10:46:02 PM »
Played my first 8th edition game last week and had a blast. Had some success with the 1500 point list and I expanded on it.

Imperial Guard Pts 1848/1850:  PR: 107

KC Pask, Vanquisher w/ heavy bolter, storm bolter 
Company Commander, power sword, plasma pistol 
Company Commander, power sword, bolt pistol 

ELITES Astropath w/ telepathica stave-21

1st Heavy bolter, plasma gun
2nd Heavy bolter, plasma gun
3rd Heavy bolter, plasma gun
4rd Heavy bolter, plasma gun

Chimera w/heavy bolter turret, heavy bolter
Chimera w/ multi laser, heavy bolter

2x Hellhounds w/ heavy bolters  -162/10

HEAVY –521
Tank Squad- 1xLRMBT w/ 1x lascanon, heavy bolter sponsons 1xLRMBT w/hull heavy bolter,  heavy bolter sponsons 
HWS x3 Lascannons
HWS x3 auto cannons

LOW- 454
Knight Paladin  w/ rapid fire battle Cannon, reaper chainsword,  heavy stubber
Death before Dismount!


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