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Author Topic: 1550pt Tournament list. Restrictions apply  (Read 1862 times)

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1550pt Tournament list. Restrictions apply
« on: June 21, 2014, 08:09:11 PM »
There is a tournament coming up in about a month and I am going to be taking my IG list to it.
Unfortunately there are a number of restrictions which prevent me from taking my standard list. They appear to be at the whim of the TO but he does make the rules and my flights are already booked.

No Fortifications.
No forgeworld.
Limit of 1 primary detachment and 1 allied detachment.
No D weapons
No superheavies

Normally my guardsmen sit behind an aegis line (or a firestorm redoubt in higher point games) and I use sabre defence platforms as my anti air.
Not having either of these means that I basically have to take a vendetta in my list or I can't kill enemy fliers. I played against a 2 helldrake list the other night and it was not pleasant.

I also usually use earthshaker carriages for my artillery. 50 points less for an immobile basilisk that can't be shaken, yes please. However that is also forbidden in this tournament.

So the list that I have come up with is as follows

CCS with 3 plasma guns and vox caster 110pts
in a chimera with ML, HB, HS 70pts

2 Primaris psykers (lvl 1) 100pts

Hellhound 125pts

Vendetta 170pts

vets with 3 plasma guns in chimera 170pts
vets with 3 metlaguns, demolitions in chimera 195pts

PCS with 4 melta guns 70pts
20 man blob with 2 AC, 2 GL, vox 135pts
20 man blob with 2 AC, 2 GL, vox 135pts
HWS with lascannons 105pts

Leman Russ demolisher with dozer blades 175pts

Total = 1550 points

The strategy is to have the CCS in chimera parked in the centre of the table
A psyker in each 20 man blob one on either side of the CCS. I normally run a 30 man blob but without taking my terrain with me (fortification) I think 20 men will be easier to use.
HWS wherever it has the best lanes of fire. Preferably in order range of the CCS.

Demolisher, hellhound and 2 vet chimeras  move up and engage their preferred targets.

Vendetta comes in and takes out enemy planes/armour and drops the PCS somewhere in the back field to take out anything I can't easily reach, get linebreaker and possibly a backfield objective.

What do you think?


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