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Title: KoN campaign, Tier 3 Ork batrep
Post by: Azonalanthious on September 28, 2010, 03:11:21 AM
My list here: http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=205864.0 (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=205864.0)

Played Necrons, he ran 2 monoliths, 2 lords w/ res orbs, warscythes, other mixed gear, 45 warriors (3 teams of 15), 6x destroyers (2 of 3).

Mission: Bonus: It's Them!  Main: Take and Hold w/ Spearhead deployment, 5 objectives. 

Special: For kicks, we decided that all of our objectives actually DID something, rather then just being a random point.  One was an ork rokkit buggy, another a land speeder with a plasma cannon and heavy bolter - first to get to those got to use the unit in the fight, though the point where they started still counted as the objective for the 'hold objective' portion.  One was a giant claw - a unit in base contact with it while in in close combat could have one member use it to make 3 dreadnought close combat weapon attacks instead of their normal attacks.  One was a force field generator - a unit in base contact could turn it on, after which everything in 12" got an automatic 4+ cover save.  And the last was a warp portal - a unit which touched it could deep strike anywhere on the board.

Deployment (ork): I deployed first.  Spearhead was a real pain - my army list needed/wanted alot of frontage, so it was hard to squeeze everything in.  I had the lower right table quarter.  I put the battle wagons on the as close to the center as possible, one along the left edge, on the on the right.  Looted wagon deployed behind the left battlewagon, trukks deployed to the right of the right battle wagon.  Buggies, dredds, and kans were crammed as close together as possible between the two wagons - here was were I REALLY could have used more frontage.  One shokk mek + gretchin deployed in a nice piece of centrally located area cover behind my lines.  No other nice cover, so the other shokk + gretchin deployed near the short table edge to the right of my trukks.

Deployment (necron): He deployed 2 groups of 15 warriors + lord just far enough back to make reaching them w/ battlewagons a 3 turn affair, and then a destroyer group along the respective midlines on either flank.  The 2 monoliths and the 3rd warrior group started in reserve.

Turn 1 (ork): Both battlewagons advance straight towards warrior groups at full speed.  Don't want to lose buggies to terrain tests crossing some area terrain mid board, so one group swings left and follows that battlewagon, the other heads up and follows the right battlewagon.  Trukks also head forward, passing the wagon.  Kans advance into the cover the buggies circled, dredds just skirt past the upper edges of it.  Looted wagon pulls forward slightly for a better LOS.  Capture rokkit buggy objective, which joins the northern buggy group.  One buggy group is in range for its rokkits, takes down a necron from the left warrior group.  Shokk attacks take down 2 more from that group, and 2 from the other.  Looted wagon takes down 3 from the left group.

Turn 1 (necron): 7 of 8 WWBB rolls made.  Warrior groups remain stationary, both destroyer groups advance down repective flanks.  Left destroyer group fires at left buggy group, kills 2/3 buggies, but remaining is fine.  Upper destroyer group tries for upper battlewagon, no luck.  Land speeder captured, fires it plasma cannon at left battlewagon, no luck.  Warriors all fire at left battlewagon, glancing hit it into wrecking.

Turn 2 (ork): For kicks, surviving buggy in left group runs into warp portal objective, deepstrikes right between his two warrior groups (and directly on top of land speeder objective point).  Dismounted nobz from battlewagon follow, deep strike right behind 2 warrior groups (where the generate WAY more concern on the part of the necron player then 3 vanilla nobz deserved).  Surviving battlewagon charges and deffrollas to death the land speeder.  Trukks advance on upper destroyer group.  Upper buggy groups move forward between battlewagon and trukks.  Kans and dredds continue to advance.  Rokkits from buggies and kans, looted wagon, and shokk guns fire war warriors.  5 warriors down in the left group, 4 in the right group, but one of the shokk guns goes double 1 on me, destroys everything in the full 6", taking 18 gretchin with it.  Surviving gretchin and runtherd break and run off the table.  Both trukk boy units pile out of trukks and assault destroyers, killing them easily.

 Turn 2  (necron): Makes 7 of 9 WWBB rolls.  Both Monoliths arrive.  One pops in right between my advancing kans/dredds and my shokk attack/gretchin unit.  The other pops down right in from the the battlewagon-buggies-trukk line.  Remaining destroyer group circles around and takes side shot at surviving battlewagon - no joy.  Warrior grou fire at battlewagon - no joy.  Other warrior group fires at nearer ork trukk boyz, takes 4.  Buggy line battlewagon does the 1d6/12" shots, no damage to battle wagon, 4 buggies down, both trukks down, 8 ork boyz (divided 4/4 between trukk boy units down), paticle whips kan unit, no joy.  Other battlewagon does 1d6/12, catches both kan units, both dredd units, and shokk/gretchin unit, but does no damage, particle whips battlewagon and finally blows the sucker.

Turn 3 (orks): For kicks: buggy from between warrior groups drives BACK to warp portal objective and then tries to deep strike right back to where he left from.  Scatters onto warrior group and gets thrown into reserves via deep strike mishap.  Deep struck nobz advance from behind warrior groups, other battlewagon nobz advance towards warriors front, close (and weaker) trukk boyz squad also closes from rear.  Other trukk boy squad closes on monolith.  Surviving 2 buggy squad cuts across to be in front of warriors, captured rokkit buggy cuts behind to be behind them.  All walkers converge on rear dread, bang many rokkits off its hull to no effect, then charge it for no effect.  Buggy rokkits and looted wagon take down 8 warriors from left warrior squad, double 6 shokk attack shot takes down 7 from right warrior squad.  Left warrior squad has lost enough troops to put it out of assault range for rear nobz, right warrior squad gets assaulted by trukk boyz and front nobz, trukk boyz killed, 3 warriors killed, orks loose combat, nobz fail moral and run (they run off the board without accomplishing anything, so we'll leave them off from here on).

Turn 3 (necron): 3/8 WWBB failed (finally...).  Remaining warriors arrive, deploy out of buggy line monolith (other's portal is blocked).  Destroyer group hits the warp portal, deep strikes behind looted wagon.  Warrior groups remain basicly stationary (the newly arrived one un-clusters a bit).  New warriors destroy boyz attacking monolith.  Old warriors destroy nobz, shake captured rokkit buggy.  Buggy monolith shakes one of the 2 buggy group, weapon destoys the other.  Walker monolith claimes 1 DCC off a kan.  Destroyed try to and fail to kill looted wagon.

Turn 4 (ork): Mishap buggy returns, drives straight into the war portal from table's edge, and deep strikes to the same exact spot for the third time.  :D  This time successfully.  2 buggy group hits the portal to zap themselves between the destroyers and looted wagon, blocking their LoS.  Most of the walkers follow the walker monolith (which moved just war enough to count as moving last turn), one dredd turns back to advance on newly arrived warrior group.  None of the buggies can shoot, looted wagon shot scatters off target, kans + dredd fire at monolith for no effect, other dread fires at new warriors for no effect.  Shokk attack gun... double 1s, just like the other one.  *mutter*  :(  Destroys everything in 6" again.  *mutter*  :-\ Takes entire gretchin group this time.  *mutter*  >:(  Takes one of my deff dredds this time.   *mutter*  :'( Wait... takes the MONOLITH this time?  ;D ;D ;D Ok, that just got a heck of a lot better and more entertaining!  Bye-bye monolith, sucked into giant warp vortex!!  Deff dredd assaults new warriors.  Kills 1.  Warriors fail moral, break, fail inititive, and are destroyed.  Go Super-dredd!  Between that and the monolith, my moral and fun factor just got a huge boost in the arm.

Turn 4 (necron): Surviving monolith: runs away from Super-dredd (hmm... he has a blank space for an icon on him, hadn't decided what to put there, he is already deathskull blue - superman logo? hmm).  Firing does nothing.  Destroyer firing does nothing.  Warrior firing shakes mishap buggy and captured buggy.

Turn 5 (ork): Walkers turn to head back across the board.  Walker rokkit fire and 2 buggy squad rokkit fire do nothing.  Super-dredd catches monolith, but fails to destroy.

Turn 5 (necron): Monolith immobilized super-dredd.  Destroyer fire accomplishes nothing.  One warrior group fire shakes captured buggy 7(!!) times.  Other warrior group fires.  Literally the last shot rolled from the lord who was the last unit to fire destoys mishap buggy, who is contesting the only held objective.  5 seconds later, the roll for turn 6 says game over - necrons win.

Looking back: If I had kept my walkers advancing forward and focused on his warriors rather then turning to deal with the monolith, I think I could have phased him out.  But that monolith was going to be in position to contest the only objective I help with my only remaining troops choice and I didn't expect my single dredd to destroy 15 warriors in 1 turn... In hindsight it was the wrong move, but I think in the same situation, I probably would have done the same thing again.  I shouldn't have sent the 2 buggy squad to block the destroyers - they could have helped keep the other objective contested, but again, at the time I held my own uncontested objective and was reasonably confident the mass of dreadnought close combat weapons could deal with the monolith, and he had nothing close by that could have killed off all my gretchin in cover before game end (unfortunately, I DID have something close by that could and did do it.  :/)   Playing with the objectives actually doing something was great, added alot of fun to the game and I plan on doing it again in the future and would recommend it to anyone.
Title: Re: KoN campaign, Tier 3 Ork batrep
Post by: SKEETERGOD on September 29, 2010, 08:46:13 AM
Sounds like a great game, so the orks will have to come back for another go. Keep up the good work as the necrons are on the run and we will soon have the book we can't read as well as the generator so we can make living stompas for the win.
Title: Re: KoN campaign, Tier 3 Ork batrep
Post by: Semaj_14 on September 30, 2010, 02:38:30 AM
I think you may have been bamboozled. The Monolith cant fire both its weapons. Its in thier faq. They can teleport dudes and do the d'6.
if im not mistaken
Title: Re: KoN campaign, Tier 3 Ork batrep
Post by: Azonalanthious on September 30, 2010, 07:58:28 PM
I think you may have been bamboozled. The Monolith cant fire both its weapons. Its in thier faq. They can teleport dudes and do the d'6.
if im not mistaken

If that's the case, it wasn't bamboozlement - the player running them isn't a regular necron player and neither am I and I'm sure he didn't read the faq (he was playing his normal chaos list until I mentioned I got bonus points for the campaign for playing against necrons, and so borrowed another player's necros to run) and I know I haven't.  However, I doubt that would have made any difference - the only thing the partical whip ever accomplished was blowing up the battlewagon, and there was only pretty minor damage on the turn the other one used its portal.
Title: Re: KoN campaign, Tier 3 Ork batrep
Post by: Gutstikk on October 5, 2010, 10:06:15 AM
Apart from being an entertaining match, and my surprise at the Necrons pulling ahead after losing a Monolith to a SAGsplosion, let me say I'm very impressed with the good use of mission objectives with special rules. This is the sort of thing I feel the standard missions tend to suffer a lack of in the main rulebook, and simple changes like this can make a game much more interesting. While not all of the objectives will invoke the same sort of effort, having such a good spread of extra features ensures there will be something any player wants to get their hands on.

Another good idea for me to steal for my own matches :). I can't wait to start adding tely-portas to my tabletops.
Title: Re: KoN campaign, Tier 3 Ork batrep
Post by: moc065 on October 5, 2010, 02:01:02 PM
 Great Batrep, and although I would love to see some pics, the Write up was more than suffecient. Well done in your game to use the Mission Objectives as something cooler than a marker; great idea and I too will mention it for potential future usage in games locally.

Woot, the Metallic Fist its job and crushed a bunch of boys, great to hear. And don't worry, its not a Ork loss, as the few remaining boys just ran to get some more boys fer next time.