Nutty's Craftworld Eldar

Started by Nutty, July 31, 2019, 04:59:17 PM

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Mickey Mouse work there, Nutty!
For a beginner, you've hit the ground running with your painting.
All my first 40K models had a 2plus armor save the paint was so thick. You're doing very well, mate!
The flyer looks slick as well. Very creative photography with the mirror. Keep up the good work, Nutty, you are a natural... Pointy ears forever!!


Thanks for the kind words everyone  :D

But I'm afraid I have to let down Saim-Dann; I'm new to Eldar, but I've been into 'the hobby' for well over a decade, and I have the paint-caked chaos warriors to prove it ;)


Sounds like your Kaos could use a bath with your Eldar, mate... Be well!


I gave the gems a few coats of gloss varnish to test how it'll look, and did a few touch ups over the weekend:

The engines/afterburners are still a bit iffy. It might just take a few more layers of yellow to get them looking right, or I might re do them all together. I decided to try a yellow/orange rather than a white/blue to add a bit of colour to the model, but it's been a while since I used yellow.

I think I'll try and tweak the exhaust a little and after that I'll give it a coat of varnish and re-apply gloss to the gems/canopy


Looking great Nutty.

The engines look good too me, I'd be happy with it :) If they are still looking a little off maybe some heated metal effects near the tips of the engines? (Daaanger Zone- Painting Heat Damage on Engines - Spikey Bits not the best tutorial but gives you an idea what I mean)

If you want to go all out I have seen some cone flames that people put on the back of the engines if you want more of an after burner effect.


Dude, Nutty, that looks incredible! I love it!
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The engines look good to me as well, but I don't think they really add anything to the overall look of the model as you can only see them from the rear.

I really like the look of your gems and how they shine.

It is still a shame that you haven't got a better light to use, as diffuse daylight isn't the best thing for photography.
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Thanks for the kind words guys,

@Magenb; I might try that heat damage, I've seen Ron's (FTW) tutorial back in the day but this looks interesting as well.

@Alienscar; the light here isn't great, but I might build myself a lightbox sometime soon. Building the thing shouldn't be that hard, I just need to find some suitable lights.

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