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Started by DeathbyPromethium, February 20, 2019, 06:56:45 PM

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So I have exactly none experience when it comes to posts like this, but why not give this shot? I am the proud owner of two armies (tau and salamander space marines, no brownie points if you guess what my favorite phase of the game is...) with some supplemental units for my marines. (Couple of assassins, deathwatch marines and some scions because rule of cool)

Currently, I'm fairly happy with the size of the imperial forces I have for the salamanders, but I'm still adding bits here and there as they're either recommended or I decide I need them (that happens a lot more than I'd like to admit if I'm totally honest). I'll skip naming everything I have, and scoot right on into the projects that I'm working on, and close with some pictures of the models I've finished as examples of my paint work. Fair warning here, I AM NOT a good painter. I enjoy it, I keep at it until I am satisfied with my work well enough to plop the model on the table, but you wont ever see me competing for a golden demon; if youre looking for comission quality work, I am sad to report you have stumbled onto the wrong post my friend. Now without further ado, heres the current goals I have in mind, broken up by army!

-More fire warriors, both carbine and rifle (because theres never enough pew pew) and need more to build AND paint
-Crisis suits! they may not be super comp, but I love the models darn it! (and I have lots of them to paint too, bout 9ish)
-Painting broadsides (1 painted, 5 to go....)
-Keep adding stealth suits slowly (these guys have surprised me in how resilient they are with shield gens, as long as no mind bullets.....)
-2 more riptides to paint (1 is done, praise the greater good)
-Get shadowsun and darkstrider and paint more hq choices (1 cadre and commander are painted, thats it...)
-More devilfish (because who doesnt love fish of fury?)
-PAINT THE DAMN DRONES (I have 4 painted stealth drones, the rest are grey plastic and mad at me...)
-Paint pathfinders (I'm sure by now everyone's noticing a theme with the models I own....)
-Put aside my fear and paint the stormsurge

-Base the leviathan dread
-Buy, build and paint more bikers with flamers (burn baby burn  ;D)
-Paint the remaining 4 centurion devs I own
-Need more dev squads
-Maybe another tac squad (I like the standard marine more than the primaris, I'm weird, I know this)
-Build up and paint another tech marine or two (beyond centurions these guys are my favorite lore wise)

-Add more guys into the mix as I see fit (these guys are for fun, really just a supplement for marines because they look cool to me)
-Keep working at their camo pattern, can do better with practice

-Special issue ammo stormbolters anyone?
-Paint up the marines I've got built (I know, I know, theres a lot of grey plastic,but I cant quit buying this stuff)

Blood Drakes
So before I breakdown these guys, a quick aside, they are a successor chapter of my own creation to the salamanders, and are all about getting into combat quickly; something I don't normally do and should really be a unique army for me in their own right. Now then, the to do list:
-Add more mk3 armor line marines to fill out troop choices
-Keep building and adding mk5 armor assault marines
-Build and paint hq choices for the drakes
-Build and paint tyberos to serve as the model for the drakes chapter master (the forgeworld model is so cool...)
-Potential close combat leviathan? We'll see on this one...
-Bikers, bikers, bikers 14" move is lovely and the special weapon availability isn't bad either....

I think that covers just about all the real plans I have going forward with each of the armies/supplements I have. Couple of small projects I have out on commission I'll be adding to my army in time but since I'm not working on them, I don't have to add them to the to do list now do I?  ;)

Now, the moment I don't think anyone was really waiting for: sample pictures! I'll follow the same format as I did for the lists to try and keep this orderly. If anyone has any questions or feedback/comments for me let me know!

Tau Infantry Scheme - Google Drive

The stealth suits (everyone of em thats built anyways) - Google Drive

Broadside - Google Drive

Ghostkeel - Google Drive

Riptide Striking a Hero Landing (its hard on the knees) - Google Drive

















Blood Drakes



Well, I think that about covers everything (at least everything I can think of at the moment). I hope you guys like what you see! Thanks for giving this all a read/look (and hopefully it wasnt too long)!


Hi DeathbyPromethium, welcome to the forum! So I've looked through your army showcases, and I'm loving what I'm seeing! Solid brushwork, love the faithful adherence to the Salamanders Chapter and the sleek color scheme of the Tau Empire.

I think the Riptide striking the hero pose is my absolute favorite, it's also really badass, haha!

Hope you'll keep us updated on your hobby progress :).
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Welcome to the forum DBP. Those are some great armies you have. I love the colour schemes; especially the Blood Drakes. Really inventive and different, but they work brilliantly.

I look forward to seeing more of your work.
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Welcome to the forums. I really like the turquoise blue colour scheme on the Tau, and you've snuck in some cool stuff in you Salamanders, like the marine dual wielding the boltgun and bolter, he looks awesome.

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