Birth of a Craftworld: Kor'anar plus other things

Started by Kora, November 22, 2017, 03:33:10 PM

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Greetings.  I am going to try this blog thing.  It will help me stay motivated and allow me to add pics.  I may not get to update as often as others do, but I will try for adding something each week if possible. 

So this blog will track my progress as I paint and play with Craftworld Eldar in 8th edition.   I am one who loves to create his own color scheme, maybe its the artist/illustrator in me, but I enjoy being different.   I finally found a color scheme I like for eldar, and the hardest part of the color scheme is the craftworld symbol.   I will have to continue working on that as I progress the army, right now I am going to focus on getting stuff painted. 

To start things off, I will showcase my Farseer.  It is a conversion based on the new eldrad model, cause lets face it, with so many plastic farseers from getting a few start collecting box sets, I wanted my farseer to actually stand out a little.  My regular farseers are being converted to spirit seers and warlocks.   Right now I have one of each, plus a warlock on jet bike.    I have also decided to base all my eldar on lava bases.  Originally I was going to go with blue lava, but it looked too much like water and didn't have that glow effect that the orange gives, so I went back to orange, plus the orange lava really makes the green stand out a bit more on the models. 

I have so far managed to get two games in during the past 8 days, i know its not great, but its giving me some insight to the way my army plays, and helping me to learn the rules more.   My first battle was against a nurgle demon army and while the battle was an uphill fight and I was losing, and had it gone on another turn I would definitely have lost.   Thankfully since we were playing maelstrom I had gained more of the objectives in the turns we played and was up on the VP by 2 at the end of the game.    Against nurgle, it was just to extra feel no pains and high toughness multi would models and I just simply couldn't focus enough fire into a single unit.  I may have been to spread out as well.   Thankfully I removed one full 30 strong plague bearer unit and both his deamon princes as well has all but 2 of his heralds, its just the two large units of fly riders were and nurglings were taking their toll on my forces. 

So i learned from the first fight and the second fight was against a primaris army.   This one I fared much better in and pretty much wiped him off the board.  Again had it gone past turn 4, I would have tabled him completely but he was losing that he conceded in turn 4.  I felt bad for the guy, it was his first game, but It didn't help that my wraith guard with dscythes cleared his repulsor in one turn of shooting, after previously clearing his intercessors, while my wraithcannon wraithguard took out the primaris dreadnought over two turns.  My losses were just the night spinner, the autarch I sacrifcied to split his fire off my wraith lord, which had one wound left at the end of the game, and 3 wraithblades that were lost over 4 turns of shooting and melee. 

I was going to add some photos from the battles but sadly my phone wouldn't download the photos to my computer, it said the images were not there. 


Very nice colour scheme on the farseer, is it going to flow into the rest of the army?


well I am working on that, but for the wraith guard, they will be green armor, with black cloth, shoulder pads, and heads.  I will be adding the runes as well as unit stripes on the cloth and shoulder pads in the bone, and the weapons will be done in bone.  The gem stones will all be purple.   As for the aspect warriors, right now I only have a unit of spiders, but I am going to work on incorporating the color scheme in some way and maybe add red somewhere, perhaps in cloth areas.   

I do plan to invert the colors on dire avengers, making them black armor with green helms and tabards.   It should transition easily enough across the army, as the main color will be the green.  I wanted to give them a darker coloring than the bright vivid colors seen on many of the craftworlds.


Love the pose and flowing cloak of the farseer. I'm a big fan of lava bases myself and did my elder in them as well. You're definitely on the money with the orange tones going well with the green, but I think that has more to do with it being a little bluer and leaning towards a teal. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the army.


Great work on the farseer, and really dig the colour scheme, I'm looking forward to seeing on the other models.

Though I confess I'm more of a fan of traditional aspect colours rather than using craftworld colours, but I'm a bit old-school like that...


That's a really good Farseer! The new Eldrad is a very imposing model, so converting him into a generic Farseer is an excellent idea.

Nice painting scheme too. I'd dare to suggest that the teal cloak might use a bit darker and more contrasting shadows in the recesses. It may be just the picture though. Absolutely great work on the base!

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Hey Kora, I love your scheme and the paint job is really really nice. You've got a really soft touch that I just love on Eldar models. Those bases are exceptional too lava + eldar ruins looks just great! Nice job on those games as well off to a hot start. Really looking forward to seeing more of your models that awesome shade of green is not something you very much on Eldar so this is sure to be a unique looking force. I love it so far! Keep us posted!
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Yeah that's a lovely colour combination :) especially with the lava bases.

Great start and looking forwards to more!
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hey guys.  I am just doing a small update.  I haven't had a chance to paint anything the past week.   First I had to deal with my anniversary weekend which started off last week nice, not to mention it was the first two days off after a 31 day period.  However come thursday My mother had a stroke, and well the last 5 days has been mostly me going back and forth between hospitals, the one I work at and the one my mother is at (about an hour and a half drive between the two).   I may try to paint tonight or tomorrow night, but I haven't done much of anything lately.   

Outside of working on my eldar, i will be working on trying to get some more terrain assembled and possibly working on some of the new necromunda gangers.  Not sure if I am going to be using them as gangers for the game (doesn't seem like much interest at this point), but I am thinking of building a ganger guard army, mostly focusing on Escher as a tank girl army, but may use the goliaths as a veteran unit or something.   I will post updates when I can, right now it seems december will be hobby dry with all the traveling I will be doing and dealing with my mother and her affairs. 


Just magic, Kora!
Great camera angle to capture the flow of the robe to its full effect, mate. My favorite is the pinstripe on the robe. Not easy... Pointy ears forever!!


So i decided to give you guys some photos of my other 40k minis.  These are all I have painted since the beginning of the year when I got back into it from a break, minus the shadow war armaggeddon kill team I still have to get better pics of. 

This is celestine who is awaiting the rest of the plastic sisters to be released, sadly that army may never show. 

Then here are some imperial fists I painted up over the course of a week, but lost steam quickly after playing games with the primaris and realizing just how unfleshed out the army really feels, since I was going for a full primaris force.   I also included a close up of my Lieutenant. 

Right now I just have to get more time to actually paint, or more importantly more energy to feel like painting after work.   


Big fan of yellow, hey mate? That's a unique look on the girls and the freestyle badges on the IF's?... Magic. Keep'm come'n, Kora. Am really enjoying your blog... Be well!


not really a fan of yellow, just wanted something different when I painted the sisters.   When it came down to painting the primaris, I was torn between 4 color schemes, and was really wanting to avoid the yellow, but I wanted to finally do an official color scheme.   I have just painted marines so much over the past 20 years, that I burn out on them really fast.   With the fists though they look cool, I just had to learn a fast way of painting yellow.   Now I am honestly debating on what to change celestines yellow to for the sisters yet keeping the turquoise purity seal and bolter casings because of having painted the fists.   


Sorry I haven't commented before now Kora, but I really love your colour choices; especially for the Farseer. Turquoise is very much an under-utilised colour and looks especially good with Eldar. Speaking of which, the conversion is top notch and the paint work is sublime. The base is another nice touch. Very well done.

You don't really see sisters with yellow, but those Geminae and Celestine look very good. Again, the bases are terrific.

Welcome to the Plogs, you've made a cracking start!
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Damn I LOVE Celestine and her girls. I'm a MONSTER fan of black and yellow... (Ulthwe was my favorite CW) and you just crushed those paint jobs. Absolutley sick work.

Also brilliant work on those Imperial Fists. After Dark Angels and Blood Angels, Imperial Fists are definitely my favorite. There color scheme is just so awesome, particularly the 5th company. I love the Primaris Lieutenant with the black helmet. That is such a nice touch...

Have you ever looked at the Horus Heresy alternative paint schemes for Imperial Fists? They feature a ton of black and yellow variants... might be fun to incorporate into some of your Primaris stuff. Anyway great stuff man I absolutely love it. Really looking forward to seeing some more Eldar stuff. Keep it up!
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Lovely models there Kora! Black armour is great on St. Celestine, makes her look not just majestic but also supremely sleek and deadly.

I fight against Chaos and for Order, because it means fighting for Life against Death. There is no other battle truly worth fighting.

"If it's not for a tournament then play whatever it is that you like. Without the pressure of having to utterly destroy your opponent it opens up alot more opportunity to have fun." - Lazarus


thanks guys.  Yes celestine was fun. I wanted to create my own order, so the Order is the Order of the Sacred Cross.  I wanted to avoid the red at all costs, but still keep some aspects of the official color scheme, so I went for the turquoise as it stands out nicely against the yellow.   The army badge I gave her on the back of her robe is basically a grey cross, like the order of the martyred lady, but instead of a skull, I incorporated a turquoise rose.   As for the bases, i wanted to finally use the fall leaves I had, and decided to sculpt the bases as a ruined cathedral, with the sporadic leaves about.  Because of the fragile nature of the purity seals that normally would support celestine and her geminae, I opted to instead pin them at their feet into a more stable base.  So I got some wooden dowel rods, and glued a paperclip to the side of it, and used that bent at an angle to pin the girls in their feet.  I then used the purity seals as a way to drape from the model onto the base.  After the dowel rod, I sculpted them to look like damaged columns.  I really like the end result, I just wish they would go ahead and release more plastic sisters so I could build up the rest of the army.   Back in 97, my first army was sisters of battle, so I want a new plastic army.  But I will probably be in a retirement home by the time that happens.

As for the fists, i am the same way.  I love the dark angels, and blood angels, and have always liked the fluff for the fists.  So I finally decided to do an official color scheme with the primaris, I narrowed it down to imperial fists or crimson fists, or to go with white scars or Destroyers, basically an official legion or a successor.   I had done crimson fists before so I knew they would be easy, and the destroyers were black with yellow accents like the sisters.  I sort of wanted to avoid the yellow, but white scars would really be pushing it to paint an entire army.  After seeing GW had a yellow primer, I figured I would go that route to paint them.  I found a fairly easy way to paint the yellow, but I still grow tired of painting marines, even the cooler looking ones.   As for the black helm, I couldn't find any good looking translations to mark the lieutenants helmet so I used the horus heresy fluff and borrowed the old fist iconography.  I decided red helms for sergeants, red with white for vet sergeants, white helms for veterans, and white with red stripes for sergeants of veteran squads.  For the Lt. i went with a black helm with white stripe, and for the captain I was going to go with a solid black helmet.  It fits the scheme nicely and makes him stand out.  I also gave the Lt. his own variation of the companies heraldy on his shoulder pad.  I decided to spread the check pattern around from the intercessors, to the banner, and then to the heraldy, so I gave him a red stripe at an angle, with the top half being checks, the bottom half being yellow, and then gave him a black templars cross as a sign of honors since he has a sword and pistol.  overall it worked nicely and I may come back and revisit them, I need to finish painting up the starter set and non gravis captain, I sold off the rest of the army for now.   Figured if they every release a Rogal Dorn model or some other variances of primaris marines, I would pick the army back up.   

I went with eldar because I wanted an army with some flexability, and something that wasn't marines.  Now I am going to work on them, but I am thinking of building a small Guard army using the new escher models, and have it inspired by Tank girl.  I will start collecting some stuff for it now, but I am trying to stay focused on finishing the eldar.  Been having good luck with them in the couple of games I have played, and I got a scheme I like finally.  Now it is just a matter of finding time. 

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