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Started by Partninja, November 7, 2017, 08:47:20 PM

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I've been busy with work and the wife got me a Nintendo Swiitch for Xmas... However I have a few things on deck for after the new year:

Forgeworld Avatar - I might commission this one out. I don't have the skills or the patience to do the model justice.

Space Marine Scout squad

Some bits from eBay to finish my last two Shining Spears (to make my Exarchs).

Lots of storm guardian heads - a majority from a nice deal with Saim-Dann.


G'day Partninja!
Pleasure doing business with you. Palease keep an eye out for scout blades for me, mate... Be well!


Played a game today against DE:

1500pts (on the dot)

-Alaitoc -
Farseer - Guide, WoA (100)
Warlock - Conceal/Reveal (35)
5x Rangers (60)
5x Rangers (60)
5x Rangers (60)
10x Swooping Hawks - Hawk's Talon (133)
10x Dark Reapers - Tempest Launcher (275)
Crimson Hunter Exarch (175)
Autarch Skyrunner - Banshee Mask, Nova Lance (108)
5x Shining Spears - Star Lance (157)
5x Shining Spears - Star Lance (157)
10x Warp Spiders (180)

Pretty happy with it's performance. We played the Chapter Approved mission of 6 objective markers (worth 1 VP at the end of each round) and destroying a unit gave 1 VP. I won 13 to 10. It was quite the slug fest. Nice even match up. I wish I could put the Warlock on a jetbike and take Protect/Jinx on him instead. Archons, Lilith and Wyches/Blood Brides are a pain with the invulnerable saves. I really don't want to reduce the body count on the other units to make the points. The Crimson Hunter wiffed two rounds of shooting the DE flyer...quite sad. I'm starting to debate taking the Autarch in this setup anymore. While he's quite good against a lot of things, he's not been so great at the things I need him to kill (other HQs). I might try reaper Autarch with wings (or foot) int he back lines instead with the sniper warlord trait. Would have been better served this game as he had quite a few characters. Still not totally sold are Hawks. They did pretty well this game, but they were more evenly matched since most of the infantry was T3. Still a very mobile unit for a decent price point.

I've also been busy on some conversions and finishing some of my back logged models.

Very proud of this pose. Hard to take a good picture of it but it looks very fluid and realistic in it's head long charge in person.

Finished all 10 of the Russian Warp Spiders. Gorgeous sculpts. I won't show them all here but here is one:

Finished my two Shining Spears Exarchs. I might add some more flair to them via some ribbon/streamers from the Wraithlord and Wraithguard kits.

And for a bit of heresy here are my Blood Angel's Librarian Dread and Captain! The Captain is kit bashed from Sanguinary Guard (chest/legs), Death Company, Vanguard Vets and Assault marine bits. The Libby Dread is a Forgeworld Chaplain dread I was just going to make a furioso. Popped a force halberd on him and I think it'll look pretty good once It's painted blue. The wings on the front will make it pretty fitting for my Blood Angels.

I have some various other things put together but nothing special. So much so I have completely ran out of room for my Eldar in my display cases. Running to Ikea this weekend to pick up a 3rd display case so each faction (Imperial, Necrons, Eldar) each get their own.

Currently need to chop pony tails off the bare storm guardian heads and attach them to my defender guardians in the mean time. Once that's sorted, and it stops raining every weekend here in New Jersey I can prime some of my simpler models (guardians) and start laying down some paint on them.


Wow, Partninja!
You really pack a lot into a post, mate. Great batrep. Short and sweet, just like me, and that Wraithlord?... Niiiiice! The wraith ribbons will look Micky Mouse on your SS Exarchs and keen to see the WS's together as a unit.

Loooooving the Lib Dread and the Captain. Well thought out and executed. Some paint wouldn't go astray though, mate. Really enjoying this journey your taking us on, Partninja... Pointy ears forever!! 


Not so much a batrep but talking out loud about my findings.

Yes yes. Paint is coming. I do have some units painted but I haven't gotten around to getting decent quality photos for them. Hard to see the details the dip wash brings out. Just need to set up a better lighting rig for them.


Hey Ninja great stuff. Nice outing with your Eldar. I hear you on the Autarch going up against other HQ's. I rarely attempt that with Y'riel, the Visarch or my Jetbike Autarch simply because it was usually a recipe for disaster in 7th ed. I'm surprised the laser lance version doesnt do a bit better though. My usual tactic is to have my Autarch/Visarch beat up on infantry while I strip away the screening units and pummel the warlord with shooting. I'm a huge fan of the Hawks. I love their volume of fire and their mobility is awesome. Even against Marine type armies they can show up and kick out some support fire to take out units then Fade and Fire away. Anyway good win man, glad you taught the Dark Eldar who the true kin really are  ;D ;D ;D

Great job on the models. The Wraithlord looks fanatastic as do the Blood Angels. The Dreadnought is amazing and the Captain looks badass.

Also I'm almost done on your commission and its looking good! It just showed up on Saturday and so it should be done in the next 2 days. Anyway great stuff Ninja looking forward to seeing more.

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That is a really impressive looking Wraithlord.  You've got the pose for an assault Wraithlord spot on and it's so dynamic and flowing too, thus epitomising the grace and speed of an Eldar walker.  Great work.
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Love the posing on that Wraithlord, so dynamic!
Also really interested to see what you do with those Russian Warp Spider sculpts, they are so much nicer than the GW sculpts and I've seen some beautifully painted examples. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

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That wraithlord is a thing of beauty. You got the pose just right. Did you magnetize the cannons? I don't think you'd take anything other than cannons this edition, especially if you're giving him a blade, but you never know what the future holds.

That kit is probably my favourite in the whole eldar line. So much you can do with it.


No magnets on my Lords as it requires very tiny or the rectangular type which I didn't feel like tracking down.

My gaming area isn't too particular on WYSIWYG as long as it's written down and differences in units is identifiable. Most times my Lords will have two of the same weapons, and they'll all be equipped the same in the list. Simple to remember and keep track of for me and my opponent. We worry most about models looking cool.

If it's more simple to magnetize, like Predator variants, wave Serpents etc I do.


Loving that Warithlord ninja, the posing is superb and really gives a sense of speed, power and grace to what is already a fantastic kit. looking forward to see what you do as far as painting them goes.

Great update bud, keep them rolling in!
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Nice! I find a lot of people go  bit wrong with wraithlord posing (way too dynamic and lively), but you've done a brilliant job of a pose that imparts movement but in a languid, fluid way :)

I like :)
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Pose of the Wraithlord is indeed spot on, great job!
Also love the Shining Spear conversion, looking forward to seeing it painted :)

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Ran an Ulthwe list list against my buddies Death Watch. It was a slug fest where I ended up tabling him with not much left myself (just my characters, wraithguard, and a few Dire Avengers). We rolled the mission where you start with 6 objective markets but 4 go away on turn 3. My list mostly only did well as pure DW is usually a fairly low model count and I didn't have many units myself.

Avatar of Khaine (250)
Farseer Skyrunner - Doom, Executioner (130)
10x Dire Avengers (120)
10x Dire Avengers (120)
20x Guardian Defenders - 2x Shuriken Cannon (190)
5x Wraithguard - D-Scythes (225)
5x Shining Spears - Star Lance (157)
5x Shining Spears - Star Lance (157)
Spiritseer - Conceal/Reveal (45)
Warlock Skyrunner - Protect/Jinx (70)
Warlock - Quicken/Restrain (35)

My take away thoughts:

Giving the Farseer executioner, the blades warlord trait, and using the 6s to hit gives extra hits is a really strong when comboed with any non power weaponed type unit. This did a lot of work on his infantry and characters.

Executioner is stupid good.

Dire Avengers - I wish they had two attacks. I'd pay an extra points or two for it. I got pretty lucky with my overwatch two times really hurting the units that charged them. A shimmer shield would have been very handy this game. I think it's worth taking if you're running a lot of units on foot.

Avatar - is a beast. Actually gets work done on characters with good invulnerable saves (3++). Only one wound got through on each of his captains but wasted them with good damage rolls. Also wrecked his flier alone (which had to go in hover mode in order to do anything turn 2). He's a bit hard to get to the combats you need though.

Shining Spears continue to be good. This game not so much for their shooting and assault but for absorbing damage..took two turns of a lot of shooting (and assaults) to kill them all. They didn't do much else but it kept all my guardians and Avengers untouched for two crucial turns.

The tomb world is stirring...


Hey Ninja, totally agree with you Executioner. Such an awesome power especially if you have a Farseer escorting something into a danger zone and you need punch. I'd go nuts if Avengers got 2 attacks. I always thought it'd be sick if they had a close-combat option...even just a chainsword option as they are sort of the "balanced" Aspect where the whole Path of the Warrior began.

So glad to hear your Avatar is doing well too! Reece from FLG runs an Avatar in like every list. He's got a Dire Avenger themed Brigade with the Avatar, Asurmen and a Autarch with wings.

Awesome to see you getting the Necrons ready for games. I've got a small collection that I'm sorely tempted to revisit once I finish up the World Eaters and Dark Angels. Especially with their crazy new Codex. Those stratagems tho.... lol

Great stuff bud!
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I swear I paint stuff some times... Here's proof!

WIP painting my Necrons! Starting with my Immortals for now. I'm priming them with Corax. Then a wash with a 50/50 mix of Nihilakh Oxidide and some medium to let it flow better. Looks chalky in the photos and not as shaded/dark in the crevices but it's way better looking in person. Going with blue glowy bits for the guns and eyes. Guns I'm planning on doing in gunmetal for now. Might try a bone wash on the guns and see how that looks too. Bases will be a red cracked earth. Bottoms of their feet look weird because I swapped them from their original bases to 32's. That will be hidden by the basing.


Loving the original look! Can't wait to see your progress. I'm actually really digging that chalky finish.


That's a really original look that's for sure.

I really like it but I think it could use a bit more variety. Did you think about doing a darkenof nightshade wash first then this wash. It might had a bit more variation of color from underneath. Would kill the monotony of it a bit.

Or do a different color on some of the mechanical part, but I'm guessing you planned that already. Since it's still a wip.

I'm really interested in seeing where this is going to go. Good luck!
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I love it! Damn that looks awesome! It reminds me of how Grizz is painting his Avengers. I may have to steal this from you if I ever decide to start a Necron army. Cant wait to see with the gunmetal on the guns. Wouldn't change a thing. Fantastic discovery bud I love it!

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Agree with Cav. Mine are all dark metallic so it is refreshing to see the pastel colors and can't wait to the finished product.
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