Saim-Hann, Space Wolves and Nids

Started by Saim-Dann, November 5, 2017, 05:25:46 AM

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My vote is also for Saim-dann especially after reading the reason for the name change. I don't see the connection between the story and the name Casual and I have a suspicion that you meant Causal, as in you were the cause of the snake being in the WC. Unless of course there is a bit of the story you haven't told us and you casually had a piss whilst the snake was still there. In that case you deserve the name casual.

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Quote from: Cavalier
Honestly Alienscar, we get it... you dont like painting!


Saim-Dann all the way. I love how clever it is, while stating exactly why you're on this forum.

Bring it back!


1. A snake in the toilet is the exact reason I don't fancy a trip down under.

2. Bring back Saim-Dann. Cool name that made sense.

3. Your mate seriously needs to clean his whole toilet area.

4. A snake in the toilet is the exact reason I don't fancy a trip down under.
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G'day Cavalier!
Am actually going with the black craftworld. I really like the style of the Void Dragons plus I'm the laziest gamer EVA! Went with the mechanized list because am over painting troop after the 20/30 man units of the Nids.

Yes, mate, I did copy your idea of two crimson hunter exarchs. You sold it well and I know a few local gamers that it will annoy to no end. The vypers will be wielding brightlances if playing a 1000pt list. If the game is 1500pts then the anti-tank will fall to the CHE's and the vypers will carry two shuriken cannons each, (18 S6 rending shots with guide and doom).

Anyhoo, thanks for the feedback and ideas, Cavalier... Pointy ears forever!!

Hey, Alienscar!
None of the above yarn was tied into the name Casual. I just always like that nickname. I'm just glad me mate spotted the little fella before sitting down. There's no way anybody would be sucking the poison out from there... Be well!

Hi, Dog of War!
Done and dusted, mate. Back to Saim-Dann it is.

G'day, Looshkin!
Come and visit, mate. Get a tan, learn to surf, find an Aussie woman, (or two), and go camping in the bush. Don't worry about the snakes, Looshkin. They're too busy hiding from the spiders. Even the sea snakes won't bother you when surfing. The sharks ate'm all. Come on down under, mate. You know you want to... Be well!

Won't be stashing the bickies in the office cabinet again...



Quote from: Saim-Dann on February 16, 2018, 01:26:34 AM
He also informed me that Saim-Hann was the name of the snake/Satan in the garden of Eden.

I think your friend was joking, the snake is never given a name, it is always referred to as a type of animal such as "serpent".

Stop cross breeding your 'nids with spiders, they are creepy enough :)

Looshkin, check out "Come To Australia" by Scared Weird Little Guys.


Haha what an odyssey! For my 2c, I vote for Saim-Dann too :)

Believable though. A lot of pre-Christian pagan mythology wound up demonised in medieval Christianity as a way to cast non-Christians in a negative light. The devil himself is likely based on the Greek Pan, for instance.
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Eldar, Exodites, Corsairs and Croneworlders!


That name seems familiar. In the faaaaar distant past. Bwahaha! How are you, mate. Good to see you in the threads again... Be well!


Haha yeah it feels like ages! Good to be back :)

It's interesting to see how much people have got done in the time (yourself included!)
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Eldar, Exodites, Corsairs and Croneworlders!


G'day, all!
40K night at the LGS. 1500pts of Saim-Hann looking a little like this...

Facing off Grey Knights looking a lot like this...

The mission: No mercy.
Both sides deployed everything onto the table with zero reserves and the Eldar went first.

Brightlance fire from the CH Exarchs, Vypers, and Hornets reduced all three Imperial flyers to their lowest damage bracket. The 40 shots of scatter lasers from the two jetbike units took down the first flyer. No charges

All Imperial hvy weapons were reduced to five plus to hit. The Eldar lost one jetbike and two wounds from a flyer.

Eldar's 2nd turn saw the end of the last two Imperial flyers, two units of Palatin knights, there Warlord, plus one of the flyers exploded and took out half the other unit of Palatin Knights. Eldar also lost another jetbike from said explosion.

This being the remnants of the Grey Knights...

... the Imperial player conceded. Four Paladin Knights remained Vs two jetbikes destroyed.

Notes: I thought the Warp Hunter with the indirect fire of its S10 weapon would have been the key here, however, it was the Crimson Hunter Exarchs and the jetbike scatter lasers that won the day. Thank you Cavalier for the inspiration on the flyers. They were a hoot.

Nothing really had to be moved up. The Eldar could have just sat back and delivered the same damage, but that would have bored me to tears. The battle had gathered a lot of attention so I doubt the Saim-Hann will have such an easy run next time. I hope not anyway. Looking forward to the challenge.

Have just finished watching Star Wars The Last Jedi, so that's the reason for the"Imperials", comments instead of Grey Knights. Thanks for popping in and having a read... Pointy ears forever!!   


Love seeing the hornets and warp hunter on the table :) GW needs to pull their inger out and make these core options


G'day, Magenb!
Agree with you entirely, however, I can't blame them in this game. Out of the entire list, I'm only experienced in wielding the vypers. Everything else was a learning curve.

With a few more games with this list am sure I'll find the synergy for all the units to work together. Thanks for reading, mate... Pointy ears forever!!


Very nice win Dann. Great to see those Crimson Hunters and the Jetbikes doing work. Just ripped him right apart. Awesome to see the Warp Hunter in there too... with this kind of army I think it should hang in there alright as staying out of LOS while the heavy hitters (Jetbikes and Flyers) should divert attention. Great to see Vypers in there too. Definitely thinking about picking up some at some point. I'd love to get Bright Lances on them.

Anyway great stuff Dann. Keep those bat-reps flowing!
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Thanks, Cavalier!
Actually, mate, once the GK flyers were dispensed with, was looking for more ant-troop. So next battle the Vypers will be armed with scatter lasers and shuriken cannons, (21 S6 shots, 9 potential rending). There is more than enough anti-tank for the Eldar not to miss them on the Vyps.

We've both heard a lot of negative press about the Vypers but it makes sense for Saim-Hann to adopt these heavy hitting jetbikes. Thanks for dropping by, Cavalier. Trying to line up a narrative battle next Thursday so keep an eye out for that... Pointy ears forever!!

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