Saim-Hann, Space Wolves and Nids

Started by Saim-Dann, November 5, 2017, 05:25:46 AM

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Hell yeah grim and militaristic limited-palette Space Wolves :) definitely look like they mean business.

Works especially nicely on the Rune Priest and Iron Priest. The limited palette really compliments the additional detail and multiple layered armour :)

Oh, and I'm in love with your axe-wielding Skyclaw. Fantastic posing :) woe betide whoever's on the end of that swing!
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Well what's up bud? I check up to find all this goodness being posted and I missed it. Glad to see your army coming along nicely and that the big wind didn't take you away. I'll have to check in more often but as you say, I've been busy being busy.
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Cavalier: Thanks for the support, mate. Will have to change the Battle Leader. Ivan is Russian, not Viking... DOH! Really wanted to have Thor with his helmet on his hip, like the rest of the army, but he was lead and I'm lazy. Glad you like the progress. Is a big boost from a fellow commercial artist.

Ynead: Although the custom fighting poses on these models was started back in 5th ed, it's your inspiration to keep it going. The double-bladed ax was a very expensive model.

There were none with the Wolves back then, so I bought three of a Dwarven fantasy character with the blade at $32 each. It wasn't long after that GW started putting double blades on their models :o.

Dread: Thanks for taking the time to swing by, mate. Have missed you amongst the threads. Hows the business going?

G'day forumites!
Almost finished the first Grey Hunter unit. Life is threatening to take over again so I'm posting them incase I don't get the chance to complete. It's been a looooong time since I've painted faces but know improvements will happen as I trudge through the army...

The black transfers on the dark grey are hard to pick out when on the table. I kind of like that I'm the only one that knows whose who.

Just the furs and some edging to go. Thanks for popping in. As always, all critiques welcome... Be well!


These came out excellent Saim-Dann! Man just a fanastic job all round. The dark grey, with dark metal is really set off nicely by the all the really nicely painted heads. I think they came out excellent. Great job on the eyes, hair and great shading on the face. The faces are really expressive too, giving them a ton of character. I'm an enormous fan of what you are doing with these models...and again the black wolf on the dark grey armor... I'm in love with it. Just killer stuff my friend. Keep it up. This is Space Wolves done right!
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I love the dark scheme Saim-Dann. It really suits Wolves well. The faces as well, I think are great.

If I could add one little bit of advise, though, it would be to add a thin coat of Lahmian Medium on top of the transfer. That should reduce the shine from the transfer and make it look like it's more part of the paint, rather than something added later.
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Yeah the darker scheme looks ace dude! It's really come together now that the faces are painted.

I think we should petition for an official change of paint scheme for the Wolves ;)
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Eldar, Exodites, Corsairs and Croneworlders!


got to love the crazy hair for space wolves :)


Great posing on those Wolves, very dynamic and characterful. Thumbs up :)

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WIP so far. Tervigon Prime with Termagants.

A surprise came in the mail today... Happy day!!


I like the naturalistic colour scheme you have used Saim-dann and I really like the mottled look you have given to the carapace of the Prime. Awesome stuff.
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Oh man they look so good Dann. The carapace in particular looks absolutley awesome! The brown to bone is just fantasic. Well done! I just love this color scheme too... did you follow the Scorpion82 tutorial? Because they look that good. I'm so jealous you've got a Nids army... If there is ever another army I'm going to collect it'll be Tyranids. IMO of all the classic "Baddie" factions, they'v got the BEST models, hands down. They are also my favorite army to play against bar-none. They've got great shooting, great melee, and awesome weirdo units like the Neurothrope (insanely awesome model), Toxicrene and Venomthrope which I love.

Oh man. Please keep posting updates on this. As you can tell I just love Tyranids
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G'day Alienscar!
Thanks, mate.Truly appreciate your kind words. Your comments have stayed with me from my very first posting and I take them to heart. The shocking photography doesn't show it, but all my Nids have the mottled effect on their carapaces... Cheers, pointy ears!!

Hey, Cavalier!
Thank you so much for the words and inspiration, mate. Not really a copy of Luke's work. More a copy of nature. The original plan was to go with black and yellow. As in the dangerous bugs and reptiles, but that looked a little too bumblebee.

Two of the most dangerous snakes in our territory is the Red Belly Black and King Brown. Both will kill you by just looking at you. The inspiration behind my Nids is a combo of these two predators... Be well!

Here is what was in the package, earlier.

First time I've ever bought terrain... This is going to be such a hoot!
Thanks, Magenb for introducing us to this.     



If you are not going to fix the walkways in place, then make a simple base, it really improves the stability.

You can also find some instructions on their website for the kits too, they make the kits to be built in an order.

Looking forward to seeing how you paint them up :)

Sweet work on those nids' too.


I have two of the towers, a walkway and the "dais". Really happy with them.

Keep the negatives after you have punched out the pieces. You can use them to retrace the patterns on foam board to make more!


G'day Magenb!
Thanks for the advice. Still, haven't decided how to paint this beast yet. Keep an eye out, mate... Pointy ears forever!!

Hey, Partninja!
Yeah, have been tracing each piece and numbering them as I take them out. Will be building these models as individual pieces, however, want to use the traced stencils to build a multiplex firebase. One tower with two different leveled Dias platforms.

The Dias is a perfect fit for a wave serpent or three vypers. Cheers for poking in, mate... Be well!     


Yeah that mottled carapace is a thing of beauty dude! Lovely work :)

How'd you do it?
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G'day Ynnead!
Thank you, mate. That means a lot coming from a bloke of your standard.

Base coated with ushabti bone. Then a blend from under the carapace of mournfang brown to ushabti bone. Add some long, not round, Kirby dots. Solid from the top/centre of each carapace, fading out. Give them a heavy wash of agrax earthshade, (Drying upside down so as it gathers heavy under each join). Then a final dry brush of the ushabti bone.

This is where I'm up to with the Eldar terrain. The stairs on the far left will attach to another dias base, forming a nice complex firebase.

Thanks again for the kind word, mate. More Nids on the way... Cheers, pointy ears!!


Nice bugs. The scenery is so cool. I bet the painting on it is gonna pop.
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Thanks, Dread!
Am really enjoying this project. Have a paint scheme in mind. Hope it turns out as good as it looks in my head. Didn't realize designed to connect to each other.

Thanks for the visit, mate... Be well! 


Nice layout :)

If you want to put some spirit stones on it, check out your local spotlight store, they have a bunch of different shapes and colours of plastic gems. Normal super glue works very well, but it dries very quickly, so use a pencil to trace out the position before you glue, found that out the hard way.

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