Saim-Hann, Space Wolves and Nids

Started by Saim-Dann, November 5, 2017, 05:25:46 AM

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G'day Forumites!
Been a while since I've posted anything. Am extremely time poor nowadays and have done next to nothing with our hobby. Managed to scrape together the odd hour here and there to get some projects started.

Would have preferred to present these pieces finished, however, found I couldn't do any detailing till I have an eye test and glasses upgrade. So only the base coat and wash have been put on the Wolves. Will just be getting your opinions on the positioning.

Grey Hunters

The base coat is Mechanicus standard grey drowned in nuln oil. Runefang steel also with the same wash.

All infantry will have their helmets on their hip and bolters/special weapon strapped over the shoulder. Have also replaced the chain swords with scout blades and axes, to give them more of a hunting vibe.

Blood Claw pack leader.A Dwarven ax used as a Power ax. Swapped out his legs for the legs off an assault marine to give him that, berserk charge, look.

This will be the pattern for the Nids. Again, waiting on the eye test for finer detailing.

Big shout out to Cavalier and Ynneadwraith. Was impressed with the touch-up of your Corsairs, Cav. Putting a wash of nuln oil over your lads inspired me to give the same technique a shot on my Wolves/Nids.

I know the photo's don't show it, but the oil gives the Mechanicus grey a deep richness that I'm very happy with. The Nids were base painted Khorne red, nuln oil, then built up with a heavy dry brush of khorne red, a lighter drybrush of evilsunz scarlet and finaly a very light drybrush of blazing orange.

Ynnead! I was struggling to decide what colours to put on the shoulder pads of my Wolves. Then you posted a photo of some blokes SW's. No other colours but the grey and simple washed down siver for the metalics. So I stole it and ran like the dickens. Thanks to you both and all other forumites for the inspiration with your project blogs.

All and honest critiquing will be appreciated... Be well!   



I love it man. For whatever reason I just prefer the Space Marine pre-Heresy colors. I'm not sure if GW rolled out Space Wolves in dark grey, like they had the Dark Angels in black, but the colors just seem to make more sense and match the theme of the army better.

I'm all about the grey + steel my man. I'd go with that all day long. I majorly dig the weapon swaps as well.

The Tyranids look great as well. Nice classic look to them and the paint jobs are really nice.

If you paint the Wolves as nice as your Bugs they are gonna look excellent my man.

The more I see the Space Wolves the more I like them. Their kits are just so nice looking and with a darker more grim paint scheme they look a 1000x more menacing. I love it man! I think it'll be a pretty intimidating force on the table. I wouldn't change a thing. Keep rocking man I cant wait to see a finished unit!
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Project delayed due to weather..... Welcome to Bundy!

All hands on deck to clean up this one. Hopefully will have a brush to bugs and posting soon. Thanks for your patience.


Where's the pointy ears!    ;)

My mate didn't like the baby blue space wolves, he ended up mixing his own but it was more on the grey side.

Your going to have some good looking targets for your Eldar :)


Cheers Magenb. Targets for the Eldar and food for the Nids. Am keen to get back into it, mate. Have to help clear some fallen trees and stuff first.

We had a great neighborhood swap meet. A mate lost his caged trampoline to the storm but gained a tinny, ( A small outboard boat to the rest of the world). Thanks for the reply, mate... POINTY EARS FOREVER!!


Dang those are some epic photos! You are a good man for helping your neighbors as well. Fallen trees are no joke. Hope you stayed safe my friend! Take care bud
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G'day Cavalier!
Thanks for the reply, mate. Yes stayed safe, however, a lot of people didn't. When the roads are clear, will have another post....Be well!


Hey man, not good with the storm but glad your clan's alright ;)

'nids are looking great! I get what you were saying abotu the barren lifeless bases where the 'nids have eaten all the biomass :) nuln oil really is magic stuff isn't it ;) doesn't work for everything (I tend to prefer Reikland Flesh-shade for my warm-palette eldar), but it does add a brilliant richness to the vast majority of colours that would otherwise take donkey's years to build up with successive layers of paint :)

Great start on the Wolves too :) I like the idea of using knives and axes to give them a hunter/woodsman feel, and yeah Migs' Space Wolves have been a real inspiration for me too :) the whole super-limited palette (but made up of lots of variations of similar colours) builds up to something way more striking than you'd expect.

Can't wait to see them come together :) waiting patiently for life to deal you a bit of a better hand time-wise ;)
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G'day Ynnead!
Thanks for your thoughts, mate, and the inspiring photo. Although I would love more time for our hobby, my responsibilities are family so it's a love job... Be well!

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G'day forumites!
Got my hands on some mechanicus spray paint and went to town on the rhino fleet. 6 rhinos for the Grey Hunters, 3 Razorbacks for the Long Fang and 3 whirlwinds for the hords.

Have started painting one of the whirlwinds and need some advice. How do we cover a model with large flat areas with a wash without it becoming blotchy? Any help would be appreciated... Thank you!


Hey Saim-Dann... now that is a sight to behold. Stuff like that is why I'm dying to have a Dark Angels army. Space Marine vehicles are just so classic. As for your question the Nuln Oil is almost always going to be blotchy when coating it over larger flat surfaces. The trick is to not put it on flat surfaces (if you dont want it on there at all) and just run your brush around the big panels. But if you are trying to weather those panels with the Nuln Oil you just "buff" out the areas of blotching and pooling with some careful dry brushing. Thats what I did on my World Eaters Predator.

So if you want a weathered look on the big flat panels, but there are some ugly areas of pooling, just buff them out with a little dry brush. If you need to re-weather them with some normal paint, do some scuffing and chipping. Or you can experiment with some GW DRY paints, or some technicals like Typhus Corrosion.

When I did my Storm Eagle and Predator there was huge amounts of pooling. Obviously I dabbed it away where it was getting crazy and then just buffed it out like I described. Anyway hope that helps. Let me know if I understood the problem right. Good luck Dann. Cant wait to see these painted!
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Cool bananas!
Thanks for that, mate. Will give your suggestion a go. Will only be detailing the 3 whirlwinds and razorbacks for now. They will be part of a 1500 pt list designed specifically for a Sisters army.

Thanks again for your advice, Cavalier. Truly appreciate it... Pointy ears forever!!   


Dirt and dust will tend to collect around raised points on stuff that moves or will splatter/spray from the wheels or tracks. So battle damage like Cav suggested is a good way to go for large flat areas.


Thanks, Magenb!
It will have to be snow instead of dust though.


G'day all!
Still, haven't the opportunity to upgrade the glasses. So still no highlighting and faces, however, scraped together the time to experiment with a big-honk'n boey knife.

Critiquing and advice will be appreciated... Thank you!   


Mmm yeah that fade is mint! Can't wait to see them come together :) now get those optics sorted ;)
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Niiice. Really digging the look of these Dann. Can't wait to see the whole force painted up. Gonna be killer... great conversions and I love the darker scheme.
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Wowzers. Cracking progress Said-Dann. That tank legion looks astounding. I'm always impressed when people go all-in on their projects...and you've definitely just gone all in.

Can't wait to see some more progress on all of these. Keep it up man!
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Dig the knife, I've been playing around with that kind of blending and it takes a lot of practice and experimentation. Looks like you've got it down.


G'day forumites!

Ynnead: Thanks, mate. Eyes are tested and new glasses have been purchased. Faces and edging next agenda.

Cavalier: Cheers, mate. The tone of grey was stolen from your refreshed Corsairs. 2 coats of nuln oil. Only I won't be building up the colours like yours. Just double edging.

Looshkin: Thank you for the encouragement, mate. Projects like yours inspire longer attention to my own.

Orange: Cheers, mate. Yeah, blending is a hoot. Used to do it to the entire model, but have become far too lazy in my old age.

Well now, eyes are fully functional again and 1500pts of Doggies have been brought up to standard with just the faces, fur and edges to go. Please excuse the shocking photography. Am looking into a course to rectify that.

3 units of 6 Grey Hunters. Really wanted all models to be fighting with their bolters slung over their shoulder, however, have run out of scout blades/axes so had to resort to 1 unit holding they're guns.

All 3 units will be transported in Razorbacks with twin lascannons. Perils of buying second hand. The doors, not matching and stuck with H.bolters. Will be bathed in simple green one day.

Iva the Battle Leader. All characters will have the wolf helmet.

5 Skyclaws to screen Iva.

My favorite. The effort gone into their faces deserve action poses.

Knook the Rune Priest with jump pack.

Another 5 Skyclaws to screen Knook. This completes the Battalion Detachment.

To start the Spearhead Detachment, Thor the Iron Priest.

Thor will be servicing these...

This list is designed to face a Nuns with guns army and other strength 3 lists. The plan of attack is to use the razors to bust open transports from a distance. The whirlwinds then soften the disembarking troop then send in the Grey Hunters to clean up. Of course, everybody has a plan till they get punched in the face.

Whirlwinds aren't effective against anything above strength 3, (Have killed around 5 marines with them in the decade I've had them). This unit will be replacing them when up against tougher armies.

My favorite.

Anyway, thanks for poking in. Next up, for the first time ever, completed units... Be well!


Fantastic update Saim-Dann. I'm totally in love with your paint scheme for these guys. IMO this SHOULD be the official Space Wolves scheme. Its grim, imposing and just totally evokes the wolf motif. The metal on grey just looks so 40k too... this feels more like a Forge World type army than a regular 40k army which is 100% awesome. I love the paint jobs they are smooth, classic and grim as hell. You totally killed it.

I love Ivan the battle leader with his helmet on his belt, the Iron Priest is just a phenomenal model choice (in terms of meshing with the color scheme and army), the black wolf symbol on the vehicles is totally bad ass and the Terminators look super intimidating. I love the load out and the modelling. This is gonna be one of those armies where you are saying "Oh Crap." when the models are put down on the table. You know what the units are, they look ferocious and you know with Space Wolf rules they are gonna be savage. Just a KILLER update my friend. I'm loving this army. Keep it up you are crushing it
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