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Started by colinsherlow, September 23, 2017, 03:48:33 PM

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This will be my first projects blog,  tactical thought, battle report post that I have done in a long time. I figure I will start fresh and start a new blog about my fancy space elves as I play all the Eldar/Aeldari factions.
I will try and do the usual painting blog, battle reports, army thoughts etc.

I love Aeldari fluff especially the Dark Eldar fluff so my posts will be mostly about a space elves.

Anyways I will tell you a tad about my gaming self first. Then I will get to the good stuff.
First off I have been gaming since the tail end of 2nd ed 40k and have mostly played Dark Eldar, Eldar and some Orks over the years. But I have been hardcore all Space Elves since the end of 5th ed 40k.

I play in a lot of tournaments and usually place fairly well. Usually near or on the top tables at most events which is always nice. I have won a good number of tournaments as well so that always feels good. And I do it all being a nice guy! I have also epic failed in a few tournaments and really sucked the big one a few times! And have also done that being a nice guy. Haha!

Anyways I am just saying that I am a fairly competitive tournament player so I tend to concentrate on competitive lists, but try and make them at least a little fluffy without too much BS...Usually! Haha!
Or at least different from the usual competitive aeldari armies.

My posts will be mostly about what I have learned about space elves and my lists, battle reports with some painting projects etc.
Hope you enjoy

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So I was at a 60 person GT called Attack X up in Kamloops BC Canada the other weekend. I am here to give a brief run down of my 5 games followed by some thoughts about each game, how my list works and what I learned about playing Ynnari.
I will mostly focus on what I learned about my army and some key units within the list like the Yncarne, shadow spectres, corsair skyreavers, other characters, meat shields etc.
You can see the armies and placing on the BCP app from the play store as well if you want more info about the tournament.
I am usually a pure Drukhari fan, but I recently acquired Yncarne, Yvraine a few units of shadow spectres and a bunch of Eldar Corsairs Skyreavers.
Itching to try them out I quickly started theory crafting and putting a list together.
I put a ton of thought into the army and have spent a few months refining the list after a bunch of test games.  I am very happy with how this list plays. This is also the 1st time that I have finished a tournament where I don't really feel the need to change my army.
I will of course play around, but the basis of the list won't change much if at all. For now at least!

The tournament uses the FLG ITC missions. So a mix of slightly modified Eternal War and Maelstrom missions combined into one game. Which I love!

Ok ok enough blabbering!

first things first
My list 2k and the idea behind it.
Ynnari 2k army (7 CPs) Battalion detachment +3cp

Yncarne (usually take Ancestor's Grace, Word of the Phoenix)

Yvraine  (usually take Ancestor's Grace, Word of the Phoenix)

10 Corsair Skyreavers w/ 8 Shardcarbines, 2 fusions, brace of pistols.

5 Kabalite Warriors. Syberite with phantoms grenade launcher

3x5 Kabalite Warriors

2 Khymerae

2x Ravager w/ 3 Dark Lances

Razorwing Jetfighter w/missiles, 2 Dark Lances

Hemlock Wraithfighter w/ Spirit Stones. (conceal/reveal)

Vanguard Detachment +1cp

Farseer (guide and doom)
Warlock (conceal/reveal)

3x Shadow Spectres w/ exarch

This list is a blast to play, and it works very well when played properly. The army looks very squishy as it only has 45 models of which 40 models are only t3 and have crap armour.

But what I love about my army is that is adapts very well to most situations. It deals with hordes incredibly well, is solid against armour, solid psychic support, eats marines alive and is faster than it looks. It lacks solid Combat except for the Yncarne, but is fairly slippery and I have a bunch of units with the fly keyword so I can get out of trouble fairly well.

At first I wasn't too sure about the Yncarne, but now I absolutely love him. He is not OP which is good, but he gives the army a lot of tactical flexibility and he can show up wherever and harass the opponent and cause them constant head aches. With smite, Word and and grace for powers he is very flexible. Sometimes I swap a power for gaze of ynnead for an extra source of mortal wounds.

Yvraine is an amazing source of psychic support. With Word she can catapult a unit of the field (spectres going 24+2advances)" or skyreavers going 32") or have a unit shoot in the psychic phase has been very useful) smite and repelling 1s has been very useful as well)

Originally I had a 2nd razorwing jetfighter in my army, but I decided to drop one fighter and take a Farseer and 2 Khymerae instead. The seer is mostly for Doom, but guide and smite have been very good as well. I am VERY happy that I took the farseer as doom saved my life more than a few times during the tournament. And the dogs love triggering SfD and scoring maelstrom. Thanks for the push in the right farseer direction Prince Ibushi

The Warlock is there to cast Conceal most of the time. Which mostly only benefits the Shadow Spectres. But the spectres being at a -2 with conceal and their modifier to hit is really really good. Put them in cover for  2+ sv and they become a huge pain to kill.

The kabalites are mostly there for meat shields, scoring and to trigger SfD. They protect the army from alpha strikes etc. And score me the occasional objective and maelstrom point. And once in  while their poision shots get to contribute. Love them.

Corsair Skyreavers are very squishy, but very fast. They can dish out some solid melta shots especially with a 16" move, kill infantry with weight of fire from either the shardcarbines or brace of pistols. And they often support the Yncarne. I love the pistols. Roll a single d6 and that is the number of shots you get with each corsair. That is a really good place to use a CP. So the unit can put out a potential 60 poison 4+ shots that also have armour piercing potential. And I can SfD to do it again. Love this unit. You just have to be careful with the unit as they are very squishy. Be patient and strike when it will be the most beneficial.

Shadow Spectres are amazing and really the backbone of the army. With a solid stats from shooting and CC, and a solid multi purpose gun. The assault heavy flamers are great and probably used the most. The high strength and AP gun that can get up the 3 hits per model can be really nice. Especially with guide.

The flyers and ravagers are mostly for AT duty. They are also there for distraction pieces to keep my squishy stuff alive longer. I love decoys that have to die. I often us the flyers to draw out my opponent and make them split their forces. Put the flyers down a corner and have my opponents Deep Strking stuff on the other side the table to deal with them. Big stuff that has had doom cast on it doesn't stand much of a chance against my AT.

I will get to the battle reports soon followed by more army talk. And I will try and get some pictures up of my painted stuff for you all to see

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Fantastic info Colin. Really enjoyed the heads up on your fave units. The list looks really good too. I was just looking at Shadow Spectres yesterday and they do look really good. Especially with Soulbursts. Might need to convert some up. Yeah Yvraine and the Yncarne look super essential. I definitley need to get one or both into my lists.

Looking forward to the bat-reps man. Keep us posted and shoot us some pics too! Essential!
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