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Started by Saim-Dann, April 19, 2017, 01:03:09 AM

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Cheers Looshkin!
Will do some experimenting and see what happens.


These are an example of what I was talking about with swapping legs with Jump troop and charging troop. My Battle Leader, Knook, with the jump pack and a Wolf Guard wielding the axe.

As you can tell they are only at the undercoating stage.


Sweet! They look great bud. Yeah I can see how nice the legs are on that kit. Definitley something to keep an eye on. My bro will be modelling these up and he's a Ravenguard guy with 20-30 jump infantry so he's a pro. I'll reference these to him though for sure. Thanks bud!
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G'day all!
Life has been bogging the painting front for a wee bit so I thought I'd better post something to clear the cobwebs from this project blog. Have been building more snow terrain. Gave my other batch away to a mate who didn't have any. Am building it all at once, so it shows you just how easy they are to build and you can see the different stages in one image.

The centre piece will be the next tutorial, "Bunker on a hill".

The large area is to house a Rhino chassy.

The details of how it works in play will be in the tutorial.


Cool stuff going on here. I like the rocky crops. The battlements surrounded by vanilla icing looks delicious, haha, seriously gonna look great when you get done bud.
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Looks so good Dann! Damn man I LOVE that freaking bunker! Wow... gotta show this to my brother. He loves making terrain and I do too. Super inspirational... really reminds me of the design of the classic cardstock fortifications and buildings you could get from GW which I love to death.

Love the angles on each of the corners too. Damn man this stuff is glorious. LOVE IT!
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The terrain pieces are looking very promising.  That bunker, in particular, will make a great centre piece of a compound or as a location to capture in a take and hold type scenario.
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G'day Dread!
Thanks mate. Truly appreciate your opinion. Vanilla icing... Bwahaha!

Hey Cavalier!
Cheers for the encouragement. Used to make bunkers a little thicker so as not to look like the card terrain from GW. They are a lot of work though and I'm getting lazy in my old age.

Hi Irisado!
Good call on the take and hold scenario. Will be placed in the centre of the table till more bunker systems are built for a siege champagne. Thanks for the critique.


Love the scenery man! That's shaping up really nicely already :) can't wait to see it painted up.

I particularly like those rings of upturned stones. They're really cool. Craters, or henges? It's a mystery that's been perplexing archaeographers for centuries ;)
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That bunker is looking really cool Dann! I think the main part, the bastion element, really looks natural in the way it is embedded into the terrain. It looks really imposing and will be an excellent centrepiece on any table. Nice work!
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G'day Ynneadwraith!
Thanks for your encouragement, mate. All the pieces are the tips of volcanoes, showing how deep the snow actually is. The Space Wolves home base is called The Fang and I'm trying to put that affect into the landscape. Big honk'n slates of rock, jutting out of the snow looking like the fangs of the planet.

Hey Looshkin!
Cheers for your comment, mate. I used to put more detail into my bunkers but I'm getting lazy in my old age... Be well!

Sorry about the delay in my replies. My keyboard didn't survive the spillage on scotch night. Took a week to be able to get into town to replace it.
I don't think the old one is damaged. Just became drunk and passed out.   


Ooh nice idea :) I like that. A world covered in fangs of rock, only made inhabitable by the glaciers that flow between them. Neat!

Also yeah, keyboards. Complete lightweights.
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