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Started by vonny, March 7, 2017, 10:22:33 AM

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Wow, it's been a while again. But then, I've been busy with lots of stuff.

Here's one of those things: My first batch of cultists is nearly done.

AS you can see, I need to finish all the bases still, and as I've noticed after studying the pictures I took, I need to do some work on a bunch of the mouths as well. So please ignore those.

There's a few other things I still need to do. One of them is various lenses - such as on the left guy's goggles and the right guys gun.

I'm thinking either a strong blue, or a similar blue to what I've already used here and there. That might get in the way when I start painting the imperial guard models for my cult though, as they will be using the shadow-grey blue as one of their main colors. Another option would be green, I guess?

Then the next thing,the lamps on the shoulders of their worksuits.

I could of course do them yellow, but I could also keep them blue, make them the same as the lenses is I make them blue. I don't think it would look good if these items become green.

Finally, the handles of the melee weapons

There's a bunch of options for this, but not sure what to do with them.

Finally, I still need to finish special weapons such as the mining laser, but that'll come later, and I have a fair idea on what I want to do there already.

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They look Micky Mouse, mate. My point of few of the shoulder lights is stick with the blue. The kind of light that lets you see in front of you, but doesn't give away your position... Happy new year, Vonny!


Brilliant stuff Vonny. Just love the colors on these guys and as always the execution is faultless. I think yellow lenses would be cool. Sort of brown to orange type thing would look good, but I think you'd know best. Anyway fantastic stuff Vonny... these models are great and so is the paint job. So glad to see an update. Hope you have an awesome new years!
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Looking really good. I agree with the blue, it makes a contrast with the orange of their work suits.


My vote is for blue as well for the lenses. Contrasts with the orange so well. Yellow lenses I think would complicate the palette too much, especially if you paint the lenses of the backpack lights the same colour as the goggles.

Exceptional work overall!


Dude those look mint! The skintone really sets off the rest of the scheme, especially when in a big group :) stunning!

Blue's my pock for the lenses too :)
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A really classic and striking paint scheme for those Cultists Vonny. I love the counterpoint between the orange and the lilac. Really strong scheme and a great finish to boot. Nice stuff!
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Sorry I haven'T responded sooner but Blam! In my face. Love the colors and the nasty nature of the group. Simply great. I hope to be able to hang here at the site more, keep up the great work.
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