Eldar, Exodites, Corsairs and Croneworlders!

Started by Ynneadwraith, December 23, 2016, 08:53:14 AM

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Those Vampire Elder look great and I simply love the fluff behind the Khornate guy. I think it's such a cool idea to have all of the gods of the universe fighting for the souls of your army.

For the Tzeentch aspect...could you work in some background so that there is a Warlock coven or something that see the influences of the Chaos Gods on your Elder and want to do something about it...and cross the line by looking at forbidden tomes and the like, thus falling to Tzeentch's trap. I'm sure you could dress it up as something far better, but that's what I would try.

Great stuff as always Ynnead, it's always good to see your updates.
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Thanks Loosh! Always glad when you like my stuff :)

Love the idea about a Warlock Coven that went too far :) brilliant idea. Sort of like a 'look into the void and the void looks back' sort of thing. Definitely using that as the basis for their fluff, thanks!

I've got an update too! Ask for colour and you shall receive Cav (and Loosh too, you've been banging on at me for ages to give it a try too) ;)

Alileath felt for the presence of the seer, reaching out with her psychic senses. From high above the seer appeared as a placid lake, barely a ripple disturbing its cool surfaces. Familiar. The Path of the Seer required utmost concentration. Damnation awaited those who wavered. However, this time curiosity got the better of her. She leant in closer, desiring to look beneath the surface. Instantly she wished he hadn't. Roiling, seething rage howled beneath the placid surface. Loss, anger, desperation. Wailing around and around and around doing nought but gather momentum. Sweet mother Isha. What kind of mind could hammer that into submission. Alileath couldn't decide whether to be reassured or terrified that such a mind was leading the Angvai.

'Bellatheral' they call him. 'Warmaker'. Never had a name been more fitting.

Bellatheral stalked the ruined battlefield. Around him his warriors fought and fell. The might of the mon keigh filth was strong here, but he couldn't stop now. After all they'd been through, after all they'd lost. To give up now would be unthinkable. They must prevail.

An axe-wielding brute charged towards him, shrieking its litanies and chants. As their gaze met Bellatheral momentarily shunted all of his grief, all of his loss, all of his anger directly into the poor primitive's brain. His moment of catharsis was rather marred by bits of the unfortunate creature striking his armour.

Perhaps some day he'll have transferred the very last drop and the momentary tranquillity would last forever, but as yet that well had proven bottomless.

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Eldar, Exodites, Corsairs and Croneworlders!


Oh, my!
What a pose. Head down, arms out. Giving his opponents the stink eye as his lads charge at them... Niiiiice! You've done well with the red, Ynnead. It compliments the leather undergarment, which I'm actually more impressed with. Enjoyed reading the fluff as well. "Warmaker". I like that. Very Eldar... Be well!   


Nice!!! There you go Ynnead. That looks great! It doesn't break up the feel or vibe of the army either. Plus you chose the right color  8)

Love the pose, love the weathering and of course I love the color! A great conversion as always my friend. Truly crazy! I don't know how you keep pumping them out. You are the official Bone Singer of the Forum! Anyway keep rolling my friend you are killing it!
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Wow, what a pose. That is impressive, and now I want another eldar psyker just to steal the idea. Although it might not fit with my army... hmm

But yea, this looks badass.
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Thanks guys! Really glad you like him :)

Happy the conversion works. Was concerned he looked a little 'standard', but hell I like the Farseer sculpt a lot and not everything can be a mishmash of bits ;)

Glad you like the fluff Saim Dann :) the 'Warmaker' thing was actually a last-minute addition when I looked at his name and made the connection with the latin 'bella' meaning 'war' :)

Absolutely red is the right colour Cav ;) definitely agreed on that. I think I've decided that the warborn clones will be quite plain and unadorned while the full citizens will have a splash more colour. You're right it doesn't detract from the force, but having them relatively few and far between means they stand out nicely from the rabble :)

I'll take the 'Bonesinger' title! Love that :) speaking of which, did you spot they're bringing the Bonesinger model back for a limited time (and loads of other kickass OOP eldar models back to the bug-eyed RT Farseer): Coming Soon: A new codex for the craftworlds – Warhammer Community

If the price is right I'll definitely be picking up some!

Oh and steal away Vonny ;) I'm flattered!
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Eldar, Exodites, Corsairs and Croneworlders!


This Farseer pose is absolutely stunning in its effect. May I try and work with that idea?
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Thanks man! By all means ;)

The overall idea's quite simple, but to get it to work takes a bit of fiddling. The stock Farseer pose is leaning back away from his outstretched left hand, so to strighten him upright you need to glue the body on at a slight angle, clip or saw off his left sleeve and lower it down (bending the little shoulder pad too). Then clip away little bits of the cloak until you can get it to meet up nicely enough to be hidden by paint/liquid greenstuff :)

A little fiddly, but definitely doable :)
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Eldar, Exodites, Corsairs and Croneworlders!


hm, I don't have any failcast or plastic farseers, but some OVP metal ones (surprise! I have many still OVP. :o ) so it might be a better idea to try and sculpt the model completely or I buy a new plastic one. I'll think about it.  :)
sure you have an opinion,
but my swordplay is better than your´s

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Aurics Pride

Love it! For an Eldar model to look so imposing is pretty impressive, it fits with your army so well too.

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The posing of the Farseer is striking.  It's as though the Farseer is emerging from the smoke or dust having survived being repeatedly shot at and is now preparing a devastating psychic power to strike down the opposition.  It's a very imposing model.
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I thought I had replied to this already, which is why I'm late to the party!

Awesome model Ynnead. The posing is terrific. Imposing and frightening...2 things that I never thought I would say about an Eldar...much less a Farseer!

A really impressive centrepiece-type model that will look great leading your forces.
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Your work is brilliant as usual Ynnead :) Farseer is fantastic, but other characters are stunning as well.

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Thanks a ton guys! Really glad you all like him :) he's definitely a firm favourite of mine ;)

@murgel Might be trickier with the older Farseer models simply as they're mostly monoblock castings with only a few separate parts. I've got a couple of those myself and have been thinking of what to do with them...

@Auric's Pride Thanks man :) yeah the idea of making an eldar model look imposing was the main aim of this guy. Much though I love the general stereotypes of eldar (it's why I've always been so enamoured by them), I also love trying to shake that up a little ;)

Eldar are usually swift, dexterous, enigmatic, aloof and mystical. General squishy wizard types. While keeping those core ideas, I also want to have a go at showing that eldar can also at times be imposing or psychotic or really rather scary ;) with Dark Eldar it's not so tricky given the whole body-horror Covens stuff, but for Craftworlders it's a neat thing to try and create :)

I've got an idea brewing that I really must make some more progress on (not my original thought, but one I've built on) that stems from what the eldar do for punishment. There's the regular exile, and I've heard of eldar being stripped of their psychic abilities in the fluff. However, for the truly deranged and dangerous there's the idea that they're basically marooned on some backwater planet somewhere with a sealed webway gate so they can never return. Along comes the mon'keigh and their Cicatrix Maledictum, power wracks the webway and long-sealed passageways and gates get blown open. Cue a bunch of eldar serial killers cavorting around the webway...

Yeah, must get round to that one ;)

@Irisado Yeah you're absolutely right! Seems like it's the moment in a movie where he's just about to say "...my turn..." and unleash hell ;)

@Loosh Thanks man ;) and don't worry, I've certainly been guilty of that ;)

I've rambled on at great length already about the whole unexpectedly imposing thing ;) fingers crossed this isn't the only time I manage to pull it off!

@SeekingOne Thanks man! Really glad you like them all :) I've got more coming as soon as I've finished the Sleeter's Invitational ;)
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Eldar, Exodites, Corsairs and Croneworlders!


So! Long time no eldar. However, the new Blackstone Fortress models came out and I just had to get the Ranger model :)

First order of the day was to 'de-pinup' her pose to something grittier and more realistic.

I try not to post WIPs now (I use posting stuff to motivate me to get stuff painted), but it might be a while before she gets paint.

Hope you like her!
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Eldar, Exodites, Corsairs and Croneworlders!


OH! MY! GOODNESS! you did EXACTLY what I was talking about. I'm so impressed with what you've done. When, if, I can get her, I'm doing the same. I can't wait to see your paint job.
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Wonderful conversion work on that Ranger Ynnead. I never really minded the original pose, but I think this one is particularly cool. She's dynamic in her new pose, with some good basing you could make it look like she's trudging through some rough terrain.

I second Dread, cannot wait to see her painted ;D.
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Well I haven't painted her yet but thanks guys! Glad you like her :)

She's definitely on the list :)
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Eldar, Exodites, Corsairs and Croneworlders!


Amazing work with the conversion Ynnead. I rarely like the 'gun pointed in the air' look on models, with a few rare exceptions. I hated it on this Ranger; a model that had the ability to be one of the best figures in the range.

What you've done is astounding though and I bet when she has some paint on her you won't even be able to tell that she was converted. Stunning work.
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very nice work cant wait to see how you paint her up :)

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