White Hand of Eldar

Started by Bluew, December 13, 2016, 11:59:48 PM

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Hi Team,

Doing an Iybraesil army for myself. Quite new to Eldar. Here are some attached images as I work through my collectors box. Adding more models as I go.

Let me know what you think.

All pics are work in progress. Lots of highlights and details to come. I'll just keep posting as I get through stuff. :)


Fire Prism.

Scatter Bike.

Farseer with Sword and Spear (Magnetized) - this guy is in very early stages, I need to clean the white up a bit as I went well overboard with the black wash, haha. White is such a new color for me, it's hard to figure out how it works.

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Those are completely stunning!  I love the colouring, and the white is the best I have ever seen!  Bravo, indeed, sir!
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Wow, Absolutely beautiful!
Such a great job on the gradient, it looks so smooth.
The white looks great to me!

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Welcome to the forum :).

Your painting is outstanding.  The Jetbike, in particular, looks so sleek and streamline.  This is really impressive work.
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This is amazing.

Serious question: How do you achieve the fade effect on the nose of the jetbike, etc? Do you use an airbrush? (I mean, I kinda assume it's necessary, but I have no idea)


Wow incredible work here! Love the fade... expertly done! Love how you went from white, to blue to black. Going all the way to black is a really nice touch. Also the color patterning is very nice.

Especially impressive considering you are new to the army. It always takes me a good deal of time to adjust to new models. Truly impressive!

Any ideas on what direction you are gonna take your army? Any lists planned? I'm always curious to see what direction a nicely painted army is going to go. Can't wait to see more! Make sure you keep us posted... the Eldar presence in the project logs just got a lot stronger!  ;D
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Holy amphetamine parrot those are beautiful! I'm with everyone else on this, the fade is stunning and the overall result is one of the cleanest, most striking results that I've seen.

Can't wait to see more of your work. Welcome to the board!
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Woke up this morning to a lot of very nice comments, thank ya friends. Big weekend ahead, not sure there will be much time for painting but I will try my best!

Wyddr: Yes, that's an airbrush. The gradient was done with 5 different shades of blue. :)


Great to see another from this hemisphere on the forums :) and wow fntastic work!

Really love the shading you did on the guardian!

The weapons on those Jetbikes are actually very easy to magnetise too.

Can't wait to see them finished :)


This is a little off to the side of my current project but I painted up this Deathwing for my friend, he getting a tidy little squad of terminators for Xmas! I hope he's happy with the result!

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Wow, If I was your friend I'd be ecstatic! You have some serious painting skills!  8)

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Amazing work, just a really clean, lovely finish. Your friend should be stoked.
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Holy crap! That paint job is ridiculously awesome! I love it man... such a great miniature. Your friend is gonna be thrilled. Love the shading in particular... so clean! Great stuff man, keep those updates flowing!
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Woops. I cranked up the PSI and attacked an old Riptide I had hiding in my closet for a bit of variance in my modeling. Blue gets a bit boring but it's still my main project.

Here's a Riptide I'm going to quickly whip up for a custom project I intend to finish one day.

I've uploaded my images a bit larger so people can see the details better.

I've only base coated and done some partial line highlights. Only the leg plates have been done, the rest of the body needs attention!

The mighty Ion Accelerator!


Sick. Love it man! Love the color choices and the SUBTLE glow effect on the gun. People go overboard with that sometimes but not here... just enough to catch the eye but without dominating the paint job. Love it!
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Another +1 for the subtle glow effects :) very realistic.

Oh, and the Deathwing guy looks like he just stepped out of the pages of the codex!

I believe I've already gushed over how phenomenal your Iybraesil guys are over on Dakka ;)
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Incredible! Bluew, your airbrushing is masterful. Surely you have sign writing training, because your freehand highlighting is perfect. Hats off, mate.


First off, the blues are soon nice. Very clean. The terminator is crisp. Now I have to say the green is so refreshing to see on a fish stick, such a great scheme. Can't wait to see more.
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Hope you and yours had a peaceful Anzac Day, Bluew!

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