Blogs on 40K Online - Please Read Before Requesting Blog Group Membership

Started by Irisado, May 8, 2016, 11:17:59 AM

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The old blog request system is currently not working, so there is no need to ask to join that group to start a blog topic on 40K Online.  Instead, if you have a project or series of projects which you would like to document on the forum, this is the board for you.  Simply open a new topic, explain what your blog is going to document and post away.

Note that double posting is allowed in this board, providing the update to your topic is of sufficient significance and length to warrant this.  If it's just a small addition, please use the modify button to edit the new update into your previous post.  For further details on this and the rules of the whole forum, please take a look here.

This topic can be used to ask any questions about the process if something is unclear.

Happy blog posting :).
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The Forum Rules - Please Read and Remember Them.

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