Dog of War's Multiple Army Project (Ork, Nurgle, Eldar, Dark Eldar)

Started by dog_of_war, August 8, 2015, 11:04:42 PM

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Loving the progress on the Aeldari DoW. Whatever the damage was on the War Walkers, you really can't tell. I think you've done a terrific job on them. I really like the blue tone to the armour you've managed too. It's a really cohesive colour scheme all round tbh, nice work!
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Thanks Looshkin. Praise from you always brings a smile to my face.

Over the Christmas break I was able to get three more games in. One against Necrons and a Silent King list and two against Sisters of Battle. I took a whooping in all three, but a little less each subsequent game. I've asked my opponents help me learn ITC scoring and the game play is totally different than what I'm used to. Its a steep learning curve, but I'm hoping to actually play in some tournaments in the coming year, if I can do so safely.

Finished off my jetbike Farseer. Started to paint an Iybraesil rune on the front, but decided to cover it up, as I wasn't happy with the result.

Still not the greatest with taking photos, so I've added two with some different lighting.


Great job on the Skyseer! Loving your Ibrayesil color scheme!

Also there was nothing you could really do in those three games considering the power contrast with current craftworlds and the other two codexes.

Vengeance is nigh when our codex soon arrives!
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Hardback Version - Work in Progress

Audiobook production still going strong!



Thanks guys. It was my first jetbike and I'm excited to do some more soon.

Most recently I was able to finish off my war walkers and I'm pretty happy with them. I'm not much of a painter when it comes to vehicles, but I think I provided enough detail on them to make them tie in with the army.

Base coated and highlighted.

Washed with base coat for gems.

Second with highlight to gems.

All three to table top level.

All three with weapons.

I was hoping to get more done by now, but my kids recently discovered D&D and I've been painting up a storm of D&D minis to help DM games for them.

Should have some older print dark reapers and some fire dragons on deck next.


Those War Walkers look really cool dread. Love the work you've done on them.

Also, +20 Dad points for painting D+D minis for the kids. Kudos to you!
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