The Grizzly's Xenos, Mechs and Pointy ears !

Started by Grizzlykin, March 16, 2015, 02:41:28 PM

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Quote from: Myen'Tal on April 10, 2022, 01:05:57 AM
They're looking good!

Strangely enough - your scheme is like the T'au version of the Mobile Suit Gundam's Earth Federation colors  ;D - which I think is kind of fitting!

Can't wait to see more!

You have no idea how much that comment helped me. I could not find it I had no clue, I just tried and though of ways to make it work but I couldn't... But then you gave me reference you gave me inspiration.

Thanks you.

Here is my still a few details off, but nearly finished Tau crisis, inspired by the Earth Federation's color scheme.


Yes Magenb I indeed needed more color on the head i think this version just flows nicely. I think I will keep the antena's or the main helmet, not sure yet wich one, kantor blue for the normal guy's and full sky blue for the Sha'vre.

Ps: I do think the comander will lean more towards a more kantor blue approach in the design so they pop out a bit more on the table :D

Thanks for the feed back that really unstuck me that one.

Sneak Peak of the next color scheme devellopement... 🔨
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Excellent color choice. They look great. The dark blue is the creme on these cookies. Keep at it.
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Here we are again, I've been on a roll lately, just painting 3/4h every evening and it's been really satisfying and it's been even better to share it with you guy's. When I first considered buying 40k, I was wavering between tau's and Eldars. I went with eldars at the time because I found an army that was on sale at my local game shop. And circle back to today. I do feel a real enjoyment with painting tau unit, a lot more than with eldars. less color scheme to think about maybe?  or maybe just the grey I'm using as the main color is so easy to paint compared to my main eldar color... God damn troll slayer orange... xD

Ok so coming today, My second crisis in the style of the first one. Note the different head color just to mark out sha'sui vs sha'vre. I did not want to lose the bright spot on the head so I only kept it to the antennas. But I feel like it is enough.

And also as promised earlier, first steps in the approach of 1 of the 3 hammer head in my collection. This one won't, but I do intend to have one of them painted bright blue on the commander hatch to signify Longstrike.

And for the fun please enjoy a picture of my assistant earlier this afternoon, which found nothing better to do just before I started writting this update, than to play with, and bite into one of my hammerhead's reactor.

Well hopefully for the next update I either keep moving forward with Commander assembly, I finish painting this hammerhead, or I paint a few extra fire warriors/stealth suit to complete these units which certainly need some men to fill in the numbers :D

Enjoy and see you again later :D



I really have to start making less updates, and for more meaningfull ones don't I ?
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Everything is coming together nicely Grizzly. I like the concept of changing head colours to denote the rank of the T'au pilot. Your colour scheme works nicely too.

Keep it up; I'm looking forward to seeing how this project progresses.
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Awesome hammerhead, looks really smooth.

I'm loving the T'au Federation color scheme's presentation in full detail  ;D, looks so good!

Keep it up!
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Heyo peoples it's update time again :D

Thanks you guy's for the support, the more it goes the more I feel confident with the paint schemes of the Taus!

Ok, so first of all, as much as I'm focused on mostly Tau at the moment, because I want to have a 1500 pts army battle ready painted if possible for when I play my friend soon-ish, don't you dare worry about me not doing anything for my beloved first army, the eldars :D As such, let me present you one of the main things I did last week...

BEHOLD THE WRAITHKNIGHT ( Disclaimer: I'm showcasing the current state of things, do not worry in the slightest that I would leave it in the current state, it's like most things on this blog, a work in progress :D ) Also please excuse the mess in the bedroom xD.

So yeah don't worry I did not forget them :D Of course, this is still very early level for the paint job. I basically just slapped some paints onto this model I finished gluing back up together. As you guy's might remember, my main color for the body of my eldar is TROLL SLAYER ORANGE... The devil paint when it comes to covering anything. So the orange of the legs and soon the arms is basically me slapping a millions of very very veryyyyyyyyy very thin coats of it with a flat base brush from gw (it's old I don't know if they still make that one).
Quote from: Myen'Tal on April 24, 2022, 08:31:13 PM
Awesome hammerhead, looks really smooth.
That's how I did for the Hammerhead as well, but with prince august 990 grey which is a much better paint:D.

Speaking of the hammer head, one extra thing I did as well in the last 2 weeks since I posted is Some Tau painting :D (Of course I did).

As I said, I'm really digging that paint schemes and with some experimentation I'm going to use darkenhof nightshade on the guns, because the full on dark blue gun are better than the grey I used before.
The only question I have in mind would be the blue highlight band on the top of the guns. I'm not sure if I'm going to leave it. I feel the rifles stand out too much like this, and it's cool and all, but it just absorbs the other point of interest from the model and in the end make them a bit duller to look at. To much electric blue just make the blob of fire warriors that much harder to distinguish between each other.

Okay enough of that, here you go. This last 2 weeks was basically finishing the one FireWarrior Squad I had started a long time ago, and getting some undercoat on the next part of the Tau Project :D

In agreement with my 1500points list I was talking about, my next painting steps are going to be one unit of breachers, one unit of kroot, plus the lone crisis left as well as all these stealth suits. Stay tuned for that.

Brick & brock final part xD
Small random anecdote, I've been an idiot all this time. I've had a bunch of fire warriors with pulse carbines, AND  I FOOLISHLY THOUGH these guy's were pathfinders. Shock and horror the other day when I understood my mistake --' ebay listing betraying and trolling me! As a punishment for mocking me, or rather because they desperately need it, I have prepared a bath for these foolish fire warriors.
Well I mean technically the bath is not there yet, but the bath tub is ready for sure xD. Enjoy some soon to glanzerised old fire warriors, as well as some DIYS of fixing gw terrible ruler design. Also here is the preview of the next step on the building list. i have to build enough for a 2000 points army soon, otherwise, I'm gonna be short on power to fight against the BA/IK soup my friend will no doubt put in front of me later this year.

I hope you all enjoyed the update. It's be a lot of fun to just paint things recently.

I've been idling a bit unemployed for a bit, with rejection on rejection when applying for work, and, I have derived a small sens of accomplishment in getting some of these guy's painted. It helped me cope, with the feeling of not doing anything for a while.

Thanks for the read I hope to see you again later once we come back with proper finishing touch on some of these models and we start to experiment with the balance of color on the breachers. I have a few ideas in mind that should work just fine :D


Grizzly out
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The forum member so nice that even when he is MIA he still gets two votes for being the nicest member

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