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Author Topic: 1000 chapters (done)  (Read 138024 times)

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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #480 on: November 14, 2008, 12:32:51 AM »
Grimravens Chapter
Chapter Symbol:  Raven
Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists
Founding Date:  Sometime after the 13th Black Crusade. 
Leader:  THE Grimraven, his men know his real name to be Halvard Jhorvin.

Appearance:  The Grim Ravens' armour, as a whole, are completely black, with a bright red raven on one shoulder pad, red unit markings on the other, and other important details picked out in bright red as well.

History:  The Grim Ravens Space Marine chapter was founded from the Imperial Fist chapter.  The original members of this Chapter were once a platoon within the 5th Company of the Imperial Fists.  The platoon's leader, was known to the ranks as simply "Grimraven" and he and his men were known for their tenacity and stoicism in the field, even beyond the standards of the Imperial Fists. 

The platoon was, in a defensive maneuver on the world of Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade.  The Imperial line was hit by a massive counter-attack by traitor forces, and the force of the offensive forced the Imperials back, all but Grimraven's platoon.  The platoon held out against the encircling enemy forces for 53 hours, until relief appeared in the form of an armoured push by the tanks of the Imperial Guard, supported by the other Imperial Fists. 

Due to their heroic bravery, the men of Grimraven's platoon became known collectively as the Grim Ravens.    These men felt no fear, and put their fates in the hands of the Emperor, knowing they would all one day die, they fought on regardless of losses.  After the conclusion of the 13th Crusade, the Imperial Fists saw the need for another chapter to be founded, it's base of operations being Cadia and the surrounding systems.  The Grim Ravens were picked for this, due to their heroic defense on Cadia, and their wide-spread renown amongst the Cadian population, at least of that region. 

The Grim Ravens chapter is recruited almost completely of men from Cadia, those screened by the Cadian Guard recruitment operations who were seen as exemplary.  These men were, and are still today, screened again by the Grim Ravens and put through many of the same trials that Imperial Fist recruits are put through.  The gene seeds of the original Grim Ravens served as a basis for the growing of more gene-seeds and so, all of the space marines of the Grim Ravens have that same innate stuborness, an grim determination so characteristic of their forebears. 

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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #481 on: November 22, 2008, 12:33:31 AM »
K. I officially changed the chapter name to the Knights of Russ. Fluff to arrive soon. Check back in a few days (to this post) if you're interested.

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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #482 on: December 15, 2008, 03:14:11 PM »
shadow fists (nice twist, eh?)
chapter symbol: crimson fist's symbol (Horus heresy confusion)
founding chapter: imperial fists
date: second founding
chapter master: commander Dimitri Bacara
homeworld: fleet
fleet organisation:

flagship: space hulk divine justice
battle barges: nebekenezer, emporer's blade, storm crusader, bastion of grace, silent hammer, indefatigable
strike cruisers: 27
thunderhawk gunships: 183 following assault flight 2213
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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #483 on: December 18, 2008, 11:28:39 PM »
Komodo Knights
Homeworld: Spacebound
Armour: Brown with left right shoulder pad white for vets, black helmets and backpacks. Captains have two white shoulder pads, chapter masters have white hands as well.
Location: Unknown
Second founding of the Salamander's: one of the lost chapters, finally emerging from the Eye of Terror to aid Salamanders at Armageddon.
Fluff: Have adopted a more agile approach to the Salamander's tactics.
Current playing strength: 1000 points.
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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #484 on: January 12, 2009, 04:18:22 PM »
[Apologises if this one as been done or taken, but it is one i've personal created and in the process of making for table-top - mainly play as these on DoW games]

Name: Guardian Angels
Homeworld: Celestrial, An Ice World. Asteroid Belt surrounds the Planet - Due to GA's Fortress monastary positioned on one of the larger Asteroids, and Defence platforms around the asteroids belt protecting the planet. the Asteriod belt is dubbed 'Heaven's Gate'. The Captial City is Called Eden, is located in the Northern Hemisphere, and is the only [Large] patch of Green on the Planet as the Rest is Ice.

Armor: White with Royal Blue Shoulder Guards, Aquila and Belt Royal Blue.
Symbol: Sword and Wings (White)
Founded: Dark Founding, Believed to be founded from the Dark Angels as they carry the same Symbol.

Flagship: Heaven's Wrath
Battle Barges: Bibilcus Tacticus, Mercy, Divinus (to name afew)
Chapter Master: Commander Zadok Teioh
Fluff: a Rise of Necrons from the Ancient Ice, forced the GAs to fight for their adopted homeworld bringing them also in contact with Eldar. Though they shun the reports of friendly activity with the Eldar Race - there is Rumor that an Eldar group and the GAs are actually friendly and exchange information.

GAs often overcompensate in defenses, as they remember the trouble and trama that the Rise of Necrons caused to their Homeworld, since the Rise, the GAs have adopted more protectors...

The Guardsmen of Celestrial are called the 'Celestrial Silverwings', they are situated on the planet itself, unlike the GAs. Imperial HQ is found in Eden.

Native Orks on Celestrial have never come into contact with the Orks the rest of the Imperium all know and hate. they have the same nature as Normal Orks, however rather than trying to better the Space Marines, they see them as 'Greyt Waaarghriors' and are inspired by them. GAs took the chance to "tame" and train the Orks - as another force to Protect Celestrial, especially should anymore Necrons remain to rise once more...
The Ork are known as Celetrial's 'Snowz Angulz'.

The Imperium See this as 'Risky' and watch extremely close, and if they have befriended Orks they probably have befriended the Race of the Eldar too...


Guardian Angel Beliefs:
They strongly Believe in the Emperor as a Mighty Warrior and Leader, however they do not believe he is a deity to be Worshipped. Rather it is right to respect and learn from such a great man.
In Contemplating as a Chapter, they have seen that the Emperor was a very wise man indeed, and infact probably had insights and contacts with Xenos.
Therefore Not all Xenos are enemies in the eyes of the GAs. Yes they are in contact with an Eldar Group known as Kip'axx who helped them fight the Necrons and bring victory. prior to this, GAs were against all Xenos [The catastrophic event - made them rethink] and it why they have formed allies with their native Orks instead of purging them.
They believe in Organisation, and Forfitying positions is their stong point.
Guardian Angels focus on solid Defenses, very Protective.


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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #485 on: February 5, 2009, 05:21:52 PM »
Howdy folks

I know the list is done, but I couldn't resist the chance to add in my own Chapter.

Emperor's Blade:

These fellows are dark angels green with brass/gold accents.  They come from a group of low technology worlds that are rife with superstition.  They are masters of assault, and always work to come to grips with the enemy as soon as possible.  Their symbol is a sword placed behind a fanged skull (I happened to have a bunch of space wolves decals around, and so I chopped them up and painted swords in).

I'll put up a picture eventually, they are in the process of being repainted into their shiny new green and gold uniforms.

Oh, this is also my first post.  This list got me so excited I had to go and sign up.

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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #486 on: July 23, 2009, 03:23:26 AM »
i have started several chapters, which all ended with frustration. im horrible at paintting and designing symbols, ecspecially for shoulder pads, until it dawned on me...

Name: Sigma Marines
Primarch: Jump Master Pheonix Marcellus
Symbol: Capital Sigma Letter
Colours: on the models right side is bone white and on the left is cadian green
Founding Chapter: Ultramarines
Founding Time Line: The tyrannic Wars(Hive Fleet Behemoth)
Home Planet: Prandium VI
Favourite Taunt: "Show me what passes as fury amongst your misbegotten kind!"

 With the Ultramarines fighting the tyranids on their home planet of Macragge, little details of scouting parties tend to be forgoten.

 Sgt. Marcellus along with the rest of his assualt marine squad was finishing their patrol of the small peaceful planet which was made to do nothing but farm. freak snow storms would plague the world for a period of up to 2-6 months in a row and due to the lack of technology to this planet, warp travel never happened besides resource frigates carring agriculture cargo, until one day.

 finishing the patrol was all pheonix wanted to do. although this was his home planet he realized why he had left. fields of crop as far as the eye can see. no excitment.

 So at a young age the boy payed to travel to Macragge where he had jobs just to survive. he would fight to survive in the undercities which was noticed by a certain figure watching him. one day the man saw pheonix faught three other men for a piece of bread. although only in his teens he was fit as his diet could let him.

 the man that would watch him was no other then the Captain of the 8th company of the space marines. 8th company was in charge of holding and training the melee specialists, the assualt marines.

 soon after intiation and rite of passage into the ranks of the ultramarines he was a assualt marine. he now had a purpose in his life, to protect the emperor and his children. and he would do him  and his chapter proud.

 With countless battles facing ork and chaos alike, he never lost the feeling as his power sword slashed and gutted his foes, often shouting threats and taunts. he rose through the ranks until he was offered a postion as a veteran seargent on 1st Company. Many thought Pheonix Marcellus was stupid, for he declined the offer to stay with his original company. declining this offer would have saved his life and his home planet.

 while finishing his patrol on Prandium VI, he noticed a blotch in the sky. it quickly fanned out to cover the sun and cloak the planet in tinted darkness.

 A small Splinter force came forth of the warp ready to ravage Macragge. to the hive minds confusion, the small splinter force was mis-routed to a small green lush fields of agriculture millions call a home. taking adavantage of this was their first priority, to help reproduce lost bio-matter was key to win the battle for Macragge.

 genestealer squads were sent as scouts to the planet to see where the most bio-matter can be accumulated bio-pod landed almost right on pheonix and his squad. the Sigma Chapter book recalls the fierce battle at seeing the xenos atent on prandium. the assualt marines tore through the surprised genestealers, the thought little to no resistance was to happen. that was their first and last mistake.

 a year of fighting turned a small peaceful planet into a battlefield, were warriors rose out of farmers who manned the front lines and were rarely bested in hand-to-hand combat. the only way to win the war was to recruit more men. some were handed whatever they had, picks, axes or if they were lucky, a projectile weapon. Few were more exceptional than others, and were giving the gene-seed of Marcellus. the apothacary knew this was the only way to recruit tough soldiers. soon a ragtag Assualt company was made consisting of warriors whos intiation into the marines was fighting the tyrannid horde.

 after the war was won by attrition by the Unknown Sigma marines, the surviving hive mind ship fled orbit into the warp to replenish its starvation. everything started to go back to normal for the farmers except for one third of their planet was now barren of life.

  Marcellus never returned to the ultramarines for reasons unknown, but instead started to recruiting more and replenish his ranks. although the planet has no fortress, eveyones home was a Sigma's home. people from the entire planet praised the Emporer, thanking him for sending his Angel to guide and to protect their planet.

 To this day, Marcellus and his Sigma Marines fight the chaos and xenos alike to protect the Emporers children.
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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #487 on: September 11, 2009, 05:36:16 PM »
I play a homebrew Chapter, Iron Javelins. subconsciously based them on Iron Man. What happened was I had just watched Iron Man (Awesome movie, BTW), then I grabbed my freshly primed marines and two colors (red and yellow) and started painting. I later added blue accents and bits of other colors, and they turned out OK.
Not sure if I'm going to do fluff
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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #488 on: September 15, 2009, 09:43:06 PM »
I too play a home brew chapter:

The Crimson Sons (hope it hasn't been taken :P )
Symbol: an orange sun with only the left half of the inside filled in
Colours:Dark red, secondary dark navy blue
Founding Chapter: Blood Angels
Home planet: Xathaxis IV (Halo stars)
Fluff: Originally sent out to scout the halo stars and hopefully purge any 'taints' that lie within them. The fleet came into contact with a tyranid hive fleet, one ship managed to escape and crashed on a moon of a planet later named Xathaxis. Exposure to the radiation emitted from the sun of the system mutated them slightly, and ended up curing them of the Black Rage and the Red Thirst. The chapter is now a collection of various chapters (including the Iron Knights, the Blood Swords, the Star Dragons, the White Consuls, and the Salamanders) that have lost small detachments in the Halo Stars, so it is common to see many different symbols and insignias within the chapter. As the Crimson Sons are aware of it's traditional violation, their chapter numbers over 2,500 marines. They take all that wish to follow them in their conquest that they were originally sent out to do.
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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #489 on: November 28, 2009, 04:09:03 PM »
Storm Templars Marines
My own creation :) (finished my Land Raider tonight, yay)

*the image isn't coming through :S
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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #490 on: March 6, 2010, 10:44:00 PM »
Well i decided to do my own Chapter also. Still a major WiP

Name: Aurora Chapter
Primarch: Nercosi Terrasium
Colours: Deep Military OD green, Silver, and Bronze
Founding Chapter: Ultramarines
Founding Time Line:
Home Planet:
Favourite Taunt: There is no shelter from the steel rain.

More to come

But they are a primary Heavy assault unit with a primary role as an Armoured company. Think Dev squads with Preds, Raiders,Dreds, and a tact squad thrown in.
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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #491 on: April 11, 2010, 07:08:01 AM »
thought i might as well add my 2 pennies worth  :)

name: the Spartans
Primarch: Sanguinius
Symbol: greek style sheild decorated with winged blood drop in centre
Colours:black and red with some white and purple for contrast
Founding chapter: blood angels
Founding: second (secret)
homeworld: Sparta  :D a small planet on the eastern rim.
favorite taunt: n/a
background: After sanguinius' death at the hands of Horus, the blood angels split into several smaller chapters.
amongst these were the well known sucessors like the fleshtearers and the Angels Sanguine, but there was also another, the Spartans were origionaly members of the Blood Angels 14th company when they were still at legion strength but they became a totaly different chapter folowing the Herasy. Situated well away from the main galaxy, they took no part in the fighing against chaos. this was because, unbeknownst to the Imperium, a tyranind Hive Fleet was invading the galaxy for the first time.
unable to contact the Imperium through the warp, the Spartans, with aid from nearby Imperial Guard regiments and planetary defence forces, iniciated a long campain against their xenos foes. due to the tactical briliance of their commander - Captain Julius Sparticus, the single company of marines managed to destroy the Tyranid fleet, although it cost them the better part of their fighting strength to do so.
however, it seemed all in vain when a massive warp storm appeared on the edge of their system and two three of the five planets were sucked way, taking most of the Guard with them.
when the Imperium finaly redescovered the planets, they found only near barren deathworlds and a few hundered space marines in orbital bases arround the planets.
in reward for their heroic actions, the company was given its own Fortress Monestry by the blood angels and officially reckognised as their successor. however, their name was struck from the reckords later by the inquisiion, and now all that is known about them is only known by the High Lords of  Terra, the Inquisitors of the Ordo Xenos and the Spartans themselves...
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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #492 on: May 13, 2010, 03:04:37 PM »
Are you adding player-made chapters to the list as well as GW chapters? Just a questoin, maybe thinking of posting our (Shalken and my) chapter and its fluff.

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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #493 on: May 13, 2010, 03:07:10 PM »
Are you adding player-made chapters to the list as well as GW chapters? Just a questoin, maybe thinking of posting our (Shalken and my) chapter and its fluff.

How many of these are made up? ;)

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Delta Legion
« Reply #494 on: May 20, 2010, 04:41:56 PM »
Over a decade ago I put online an Imperial Guard and a Space Marine 2nd edition codex with a few choice changes. It was called Codex Forces of Delterre, sadly gone as of this year. It details the Delta legions, how they came to be a fusion of the Ultramarine, Dark Angel and Blood Angel geneseeds after members of these chapters were stranded together after drop-podding onto a world on the other side of the Eye of Terror. They were abandonned and only recently refound by the Imperium. On having missed the events of the Horus Heresy and only recently being told of the proscription on large space marine legions, they have simply split into 4 chapters. This is all as per fluff on my original website.

I'm intrigued to see a Delta Legion on your list of 1000 and wonder who else had the idea also/if my website was known about much.

Their symbol is a bold black captial greek delta symbol: a hollow eqilateral triangle pointing up. The first Delta Legion is commanded by Cerberus.

(1st) Delta Legion, Commander: Cerberus, homeworld: Delterre, Colour Scheme:
(2nd) II Delta Legion, homeworld: Septarion (hive/forge world)
(3rd) III Delta Legion, homeworld: Epsilon V (jungle world)
(4th) IV Delta Legion, homeworld: Sehel (desert world)
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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #495 on: October 16, 2010, 10:21:09 PM »
I'd like to add the following chapter if I still can:

Name: Battle Dragons
Primarch: Lord Draco
Symbol: Dragon Head
Colours: Blue and Green
Founding Chapter: Salamanders 
Home Planet: Casadrago (Dragon's Home)
Background: Left on the world of Casadrago to secure the world for its rich biological and mineral resources, the librarian Draco lead a
select group of space marines to purge the world of an Ork band.  As dangerous as the Orks where, the native dragon like creatures that inhabited the world
were fierce and able killers, claiming the lives of several battle brothers.  Draco, seeing the raw power of these amazing creatures, looked to bring them into
the service of the marines.  Soon, several dragons had been trained to take riders into battle as a ferocious calvary able to bust through the toughest enemy
lines.  The rough, canyon strewn terrain of Casadrago forced the Battle Dragons to rely on jumppacks and their dragon calvary to lead quick strikes and
pursue enemies rather than the standard armored transports.  Still, as a force going into battle, they rely on the tactics handed down from the
Salamanders--fire, melta, and hammer. 

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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #496 on: January 13, 2011, 11:10:13 AM »
Omega Shadows Chapter (Codes Astartes)

Heraldry : Black Power Armor, White Shoulder Trim, White Aquila, highly divergent power armor MK patterns are commonplace.

Chapter Symbol : a white Omega (inverted Ultramarines)

Primarch / Gene-Seed : Roboute Guilliman

2nd company Capt. Antar Octavis

A chapter whose ritual and ancient rites are shrouded in secrecy for reasons unknown, the Omega Shadows are a fleet-based chapter.  Last known major and still ongoing engagement was assisting in the Eye of Terror containment. The entirety of the 2nd company alongside Terminator-Armored veterans of the 1st company have been involved in several major strikes and desperate defenses against the Demonic incursions in and around the Eye of Terror.  Ultimately loyal to their battle-brothers, they have come to the aid of the Ultramarines on several occasions, though their name has been mysteriously absent from that chapter's legendary history.  Much of the Omega Shadows' Armory Battle Company has been battling the upstart Tau Empire as part of the multi-chapter deployment in response to incursions upon the eastern fringe.
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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #497 on: February 9, 2012, 04:30:30 PM »
im working on my own chapter at the moment

Angels of Ultra

Symbol is the Ultramarines U with a Blood Drop in the centre

Its still a work in progress. Its a Mash of Blood angels and Ultramarines ( kinda obvious i know -_- )

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Re: 1000 chapters (done)
« Reply #498 on: November 14, 2012, 12:41:49 PM »
Sorry if late ...

But I was looking through the list and a memory popped back into my brain ... from YEARS ago
A name of a Chapter I created when going through a phase of joining words together ...
... aged 19/20'ish

Anyway ... was done mainly to annoy mate of mine; Tom
(My nipple still sore from one of his nipple-pinchers ... lol)

Anyway ... I don't know where the name came from
But I came up with the chapter of ...

Even though he hated it when ever I brought it up ... I forget why exactly
He did paint one up ... I shall see if he can dig it out when next round his :P
If I recall the colour scheme was blue and white quaters
(Like the Howling Griffins ... if my knowledgeof marine chapters is working properly)

Which is weirdly very similar to previous post here off Atrenox
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