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Title: White Dwarf Issue 453 (April 2020)
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White Dwarf Issue 453 content

Total Page count = 162

MISCELLANEOUS: 7.5 pages, 4.63%

1 page of meet the team

1 page of editorial

2 pages detailing the contents

2.5 pages of letters submitted by readers of White Dwarf.

1 page of adverts

WARHAMMER 40K: 24 pages 14.81%

40k Section Introduction: 2 pages to introduce the 40K section of the magazine. One painting, spread across two adjacent pages, of the Space Wolves and Orks battling in a cityscape.

Worlds of Warhammer: 4 pages of forty 40k facts presented by Phil Kelly.

Apocrypha Indomitus – The Indomitus Crusade: 6 pages of secrets and strange phenomena that occurred during the Era Indomitus.

New Rules-Deathwatch 6 pages of new rules and stratagems to bring your Deathwatch army in line the abilities found in the new Codex: Space Marines.

The White Dwarf Chapter: 6 pages of the White Dwarf team writing about the creating their own Space Marine Chapter.

AGE OF SIGMAR 12 pages 7 .41%

AOS Section Introduction: 2 pages to introduce the AOS section of the magazine. One photo, spread across two adjacent pages, of an Ossiarch Bonereapers army.

The Tome Celestial Vokmortian’s Tithe Legion: 8 pages detailing background information for the Tithe Legion of Vokmortian .

New Rules-Warscroll Battalions 2 pages of three new Warscrolls that enable you to field unique formations of Ossiarch Bonereapers. Vomormortian’s Tithe Legion, Vokmaortian’s Dread Retinue and Harvester Scythe-corps are the names of the Warscrolls.

MIDDLE-EARTH: 14 pages 8.64%

Battle Report – Rohan Shall Burn- 14 pages of a battle between the forces of Rohan and Uruk-hai.

SPECIALIST GAMES: 34 pages 20.99%

Campaign: The War For Hallost- 10 pages of background and rules that enable you to play a campaign in the region of Hallost.

Warcry - A Tale of Four Warbands: 10 pages of a Four Warlords style article, but this time with the theme of a Warcry campaign.

Glory Points - Beastgrave: 4 pages of Dave Sanders writing about the three year evolution of Beastgrave.

New Rules - Blackstone Fortress: Xenos Hunter: 4 pages of new rules that enable you to use a Deathwatch Watch Master in your games of Blackstone Fortress.

New Rules – Necromunda: Back From the Dead: 6 pages detailing eight Resurrection Packages for use in your Necromunda games.

PAINTING AND MODELLING: 32.5 pages 20.06%

Reader’s Models: 3.5 pages of models painted by readers of White Dwarf.

Paint Splatter – Mortis Praetorians: 4 pages of an Ossiarch Bonereapers painting guide.

Golden Demon – Golden Aspiration 6 pages of how Neil Hollis created his entry for Golden Demon USA 2020.

Realms of Chaos – The Realm of Khorne: 10 pages detailing how to paint your models with a Khorne theme.

Realms of Chaos – Basing Your Armies: 2 pages detailing how to build and paint your bases with a Khorne theme.

Paint Splatter – Frenzied Painting: 4 pages of Khorne based painting advice.

Inside the Studio: 3 pages detailing what the Design Studio team are currently painting and playing.

OTHER: 38 pages 23.46%

Rules of Engagement: 4 pages – Jervis Johnson writes about the iterative game design process.

Echoes From the Warp: 4 pages of Robin Cruddace and the Warhammer 40,000 rules writers describing their experience of playing in a team tournament.

Fiction – Skyward: 4 pages of two short stories written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden centred about the Great Rift.

Designers’ Notes – Creating a Monster: 8 pages of miniature designer Maxime Pastourel and ‘Eavy Metal painter Max Faleij describing the reinvention process of Ghazghkull Thraka.

Fiction – The Great Cycle:  4 pages of Wurmspat short story written by Phil Kelly.

Fiction – Faith & Fire :  14 pages of the serialisation of the Black Library novel Faith & Fire.