Anaheim, California recommendations?

Started by magenb, August 30, 2023, 12:53:05 AM

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sooo, going to be having a short trip through Anaheim next month, beside all the theme parks in the area, anyone got some recommendations on interesting stuff to with the family? Places to eat, etc.

More importantly where's the best place to get 40k and Marvel Champions (card game) stuff ;)


Anaheim is part of the greater LA area, where I used to live, and a couple cuisine highlights I quite liked:

- "street style" tacos - this kind of Mexican taco is a very simple: a corn tortilla with meat, onions and cilantro. no cheese, tomatoes or lettuce, or at most a limited amount of cheese. You can find these at various places in LA. If you rarely come to the southwest USA, this might be a chance to try this taco, which is the progenitor of many styles of taco that have spread throughout the world. spicy sauce on the side here usually.

- Korean Barbeque - KBBQ is a big hit in California, and has its origins in LA, when Korean immigrants combined their eastern ingredients and recipes with western cuts of meat and beef availability. There's a particular style of short rib, "LA Galbi" that is famous and originated here, known for its rich, sweet soy sauce flavor. You will find many KBBQ places in Anaheim, some of which are all you can eat style, and some are not. Some of these places have you sit directly at a grill, and they put the meat on the grill for you - you may be expected to turn it over with tongs and serve yourself! spicy sauce and side dishes are on the side usually

I lived in another part of LA, but these two cuisines were ones I found everywhere I went in LA and I'm sure Anaheim has both of them, and they were unique and approachable experiences for me I liked a lot.


The one time I was down in the Anaheim region, I went to Huntington Beach, which isn't too far away. It's a good tourist attraction, even if you don't go in the water. There's a pier, a couple of museums, and some very interesting people-watching to do on the beach and downtown Huntington Beach
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It's been many years since I've been in the LA area, but if I'm picking a beach to go to, it's Manhattan Beach, which is way less touristy (or at least was).

If you're an art fan or you just want to go to a place that *looks* like Avengers HQ, check out the Getty Center, which is a suuuuper cool art museum up on top of a big hill which has architecture right out of a Marvel movie.

Also: no matter what anyone tells you, SKIP In-n-Out Burger. It just isn't that great and the lines are stupid long, especially in touristy areas. Way better burgers to be had.


Seconded on skipping in n out burger - it's a solid fast food burger but that's it. If I'm going to eat a fast food burger, it's a good choice, but "good for a fast food burger" still isn't good, especially compared to your other options in LA.
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