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Title: Interstellar Genestealer Cults?
Post by: Sir_Godspeed on February 16, 2019, 06:25:21 PM
So, the Genestealers are getting a new Codex and miniature range, and aside from looking absolutely awesome in my opinion, it has made me rethink something from ages ago.

The way I remember Genestealer cults being described in the Tyranid codex - and maybe from other sources, I don't know - is essentially that they are these unwitting stooges for the Tyranid Hive Fleet. Their goal is entirely to infect a planet, destabilize it and make it unable to protect itself, and then when the Hive Fleet arrives, they will all be absorbed and recycled as with all the other bio-matter on the world.

To me, this somewhat put me off them, since I couldn't quite make myself root too much for a group that was essentially bamboozled, and were all essentially one-off goons destined to die. You could kind of say the same for Chaos Cults, of course - most of whom will probably perish - but there is always the opportunity for daemonic ascension or simply to continue as servants there. In other words, it feels like there's some cointinuation, some endgame going on.

However, with the new stuff that's come out, at least based on the unit descriptions in the shop, it seems like they're now more open to "interstellar cults", ie. cults that spread from world to world and continue their mission. Is this a correct interpretation?

Are there now special, unique character associated with this? Are they destined to be turned into goop? How aware of their actual fate are they? Completely manipulated and ignorant, or aware but still onboard?
Title: Re: Interstellar Genestealer Cults?
Post by: Sir_Godspeed on March 7, 2019, 08:23:26 AM
Well, after some more reading on the subject, there does now seem to be a number of interstellar Genestealer cults, such as the Pauper Kings, the Innerworm, and so on.