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Author Topic: KoN Campaign Week 3 Orks vs Space Marines 2000 pts Secure the Tablet  (Read 1925 times)

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Ooossee Boss I thinks we foundz it....   The Green Baron says as he passes by the center of the baron waste land.  It's be in the middlez round up the boyz...  we gots some armered ummies a foot and they brought some vehicles that would work great for lootin....

So I got to play another round against Janner.  This time he shelfed the Tau in an effort to try out one of his space marine lists he has been working with / perfecting.  He chose the points level to be 2000 points which meant I had to beef up my list a bit.  Not sure what he would be bringing and telling him the objective of the game I tried to be as best prepared as I could be for anything.

My list (orks):

Mad Dok (w/ard boyz)
Big Mek (w/ KFF, PF, eavy armor, cybork) (w/slugga boyz)

10x Lootas
11x Kommandos (w/ 2 burnas and Snikrot)

30x Slugga boyz (w/ Nob BP/PK)
24x Ard Boyz (w/ Nob BP/ PK)
30x Shoota Boyz (w/ Nob BP/ PK, 3 Big Shootas)
Deff Dread (w/ skorcha, Big Shoota, grot riggas)

Warbuggy w/ twin rokkits
Warbuggy w/ Twin rokkits
Deff Kopta w/ twin rokkits, cybork, buzzsaw

3x Killa kans w/ Rokkits
3x Killa Kans w/ grotzooka
Deff Dread (w/ skorcha, Big Shoota, grot riggas)

Janner's List (space marines) as best i can recall...

Librarian (fury of ancients and...???) w/ 5x veterns w/ two pw's in razorback w/ twin Lascannons

7x Vanguard (w/ 3 pw's, 2 plasma pistols and jumppacks) (deep strike reserve)
Dreadnought w/ plasma cannon DCCW
5x Terminators w/ cyclone launcher, sgt w/ pw (deep strike reserve)

10x tac squad w/ flamer / lascannon, sgt w/ pf in a rhino
10x tac squad w/ melta, multimelta sgt w/ pw in rhino

attack bike w/ multimelta

predator w/ twin lascannons, HB sponsors
Predator w/ twin lascannons, HB sponsors

KoN Campaign Week 3 Bonus mission:  Secure the Tablet. 
Objective:  a tablet is placed in the middle of the table.  Any infantry unit can take the objective and it stays with them til they are destroyed.  Whoever has the tablet at the end of the game wins.  If neither team has it then it is a draw.

Deployment: Spearhead

Orks win roll off and decided to go first.  Space marines fail to seize the initiative.

Ork Deployment

Space Marine Deployment

Turn 1
Shooting results in a big "0" a typical ork shooting.  many of my units run toward the objective.  Goal here is to get the objective with the slugga boyz as they have the KFF mek and can utilize the dreads/ kans as blockers to intercept whatever comes at them.  My deff kopta shoots at a rhino and assaults it doing absolutely nothing.

Marine's turn
shooting sees a slugga boy go down, 3 ard boyz bite it to a plasma cannon shot, my monster trukk buggie bites it.  little movement on behalf of my opponent.

Sorry pics for turn  1 were taken as i started moving stuff in turn 2 and remembered to take pics.

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Re: KoN Campaign Week 3 Orks vs Space Marines 2000 pts Secure the Tablet
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2010, 09:59:09 PM »
pics from turn 1 (partial start of turn 2)
ork side

marine side

Turn 2
As my spoiler picture kinda shows Snikrot and Kommandos come in from reserve.  I decide to use them to put the pressure on the whirlwind and multi assault the razorback in the process.
The slugga boyz / big mek capture the objective.  Deff kopta shoots at rhino and whiffs and then assaults it getting a can't shoot result (deff kopta 0-2)  The multi-charge from Snikrot and kommandos wrecks the whirlwind and gets a weapon destroyed result on the razorback taking away it's lascannon

Space Marine
Termies and Vanguard both come in...   Termies try to get behind the slugga boyz with the objective.  The vanguard tries to make a righteous charge???  into my shoota boyz.  The termies scatter off quite a bit and land near the lootas.  Termies shoot at the lootas killing 2.  my 2nd buggie gets a stunned result, rokkit kans get shot at loosing a DCCW, and the grot kans get shot up loosing a DCCW).  I also lose one kommando to shooting. 

Assault sees the vanguard assaulting the shootas resulting in 7 boyz going down and 3 vanguard including one with a PW going down.  I loose another boy as a result of the fearless test but pass 3 others.  The veterns and librarian assault my kommandos killing 6.  They loose 2 veterns and the librarian looses a wound in return they drop 6 kommandos.  The kommandos break and get rundown.

ork side

space marine side

Turn 3
Orks move to try to intercept several different treats. 
Ork shooting sees deff kopta blasting the lascannon off the predator, lootas drop one terminator.
Assault sees:
rokkit kans vs rhino which only result in stunning it
deff kopta vs predator, deff kopta explodes the predator taking a wound itself (deff kopta 1-3)
deff dread vs rhino which again results in a stun :(
shoota boyz and grot kans vs Vanguard results in 3 boyz going down and the remaining 4 vanguard going down.

Marines turn
Attack bike shoots at the deff kopta dropping it
3 ard boyz get killed by plasma cannon dread
termies charge the slugga boyz killing 3 boyz.   I loose 3 more to fearless saves. 

Ork side

marine side

The amount of resistance is wanning as the ard boyz / rokkit kans close in on the remaining infantry, and the librarian/ veterns being so far away. 

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Re: KoN Campaign Week 3 Orks vs Space Marines 2000 pts Secure the Tablet
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2010, 09:59:39 PM »
Turn 4
Ork turn
lootas shoot at the far rhino which is causing the dok to chase after it.  Lootas wreck the rhino.  The warbuggy shoots the side of the other rhino getting an explodes result.  The explosion also kills 4 marines that were inside.  Grot kans target the now exposed marines killing another 2.

Assault sees:
Deff dread, sluggas, and shoota boyz vs the 4 terminators who assaulted the sluggas resulting in 1 boy going down and 3 termies dropping, last termie sticks around though vastly outnumbered.
Rokkit kans and ard boyz w/ mad dok charge the tac squad resulting in lossing one ard boy, and getting a shaken result on a rokkit kan in return all 10 tac marines go down.

Without much infantry my opponent sees this game not really going anywhere in his favor.  (not to mention I kinda pissed my gf off earlier by missing our lunch date so she sent me some nasty messages) Janner then decides to finish out the turn and see how it looks after that as everything is so far away and his forces are so thinned.

Marine turn 4
multi metla bike blasts the warbuggy taking off it's rokkits
-remaining members of the tac squad charge the dread but only result in loosing 2 of their own.
-remaining termie wrecks the deff dread but dies in return.

At this point my opponent concedes.  His army is too infantry thin and too far away to have an impact on the game.

ork side top of turn 4

marine side top of turn 4

the mosh pit :::: one termie vs....  deff dread, shootas , sluggas

the tac marines last stand vs deff dread

The ard boyz still hungry from eating the tac squad... those scouts look nice :)

pile o boyz left after the dread gets popped and the last termie goes down

space marine side o the battle field at end of game

Orks win.

After game thoughts....
I really wasn't sure what to expect as I am used to my opponent playing Tau and never played his space marines.  There were some upsides in this game as you who have been following my games might notice...   my other dread and kans now have arms (finished magnatizing them all last night)  I remembered my camera...  and the ard boyz are finally all finished being converted (now i just gotta give them and the kans / dreads some paint)

Well i can honestly say I was truly dissappointed in my deff kopta...  up until he popped that predator in turn 3...  he did nothing with shooting or assaulting.  A huge surprise as he was only assaulting and shooting at a rhino the first two turns....  a rhino!!!!!!

The DCCW's of my kans and dreads also did crap in my turn 3 assaults again against 2 rhinos i could only manage to stun them both.... WTF are those rhinos made out of ... maybe the fact that they were camoflauged made my dread / kans miss them?

My opponent's shooting really didn't help him.  Though I might have played it a bit different.  I think i would have moved both rhinos up to try to rapid fire the sluggas.  Then dedicated both the termies and vanguard into the sluggas... between the shooting and the hard hitting of both squads it should have hurt them. 

With only one objective I felt you have to go all in....  but then again I just came back from vegas so high stakes really didn't concern me........  GO ALL IN!!!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed and good luck in your games.
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Re: KoN Campaign Week 3 Orks vs Space Marines 2000 pts Secure the Tablet
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2010, 07:26:00 AM »
Good game and thanks for sharing the pictures and commentary.

I was surprised that your opponent stood so close to the edges with Snikrot available from Reserves (that was a serious mistake).

I was not surprised at your in-ability to pop a mear Rhino. In fact when I face Marines I often find the lowly Rhino is as resilient as most Landraiders (I have trouble vs both).

I love the way you used your mob to snatch and hold the Objective, well done, and aside form paint issues your mob looks pretty decent. Like I said, Thanks for sharing.

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Re: KoN Campaign Week 3 Orks vs Space Marines 2000 pts Secure the Tablet
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2010, 08:45:28 PM »
Great report, a good read and the pictures were good. When they get painted it will an intimidating army 8)
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