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Author Topic: Tourney Summary @ Game-Well  (Read 795 times)

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Tourney Summary @ Game-Well
« on: October 24, 2010, 01:36:54 PM »
Hey all - hit up another tourney at game well saturday this isn't a complete battle report as I didn't have a camera and with the time limit couldn't really take notes but we played at 1.5k heres my list:

Tri-Falcon list of Doom!!!
Farseer: fortune/doom/stones/RoWard
4 Warlocks: enhance/embolden
Prince Yriel
GaurdiansX20: shucannon
GaurdiansX19: shucannon
BansheesX6 w/mirrorswords Exarch
Falcon: hfield/SS/Dualshucannons/VE/SE (HQ)
Falcon: hfield/SS/Dualshucannons
Falcon: hfield/SS/Dualshucannons

Game 1 was against a daemons player that doesn't play much - I expected an easy win with my mech list.  I won the roll for turn 1 and opted for him to go first and as daemons deep strike in I reserved everything.  He had fateweaver surrounded by 3 daemon princes, 4ish fiends or seekers, 2 large units of pink horrors, and I think thats it.  I pretty much focus fired on fateweaver most of the game but he only ever lost 1 wound because of 3+reroll, he advanced on me and late in the game got a KP on my gaurdians with his fiends/seekers whatever they are but last turn he sent his daemon princes at my falcons to score some KP's which meant they were out of fateweavers 'reroll bubble'.  Falcons were saved by Holo-fields and their cargo was unleashed.  Fire dragons and a buncha firepower dropped one prince, while the seercouncil with yriel dropped the other.  2KP's to 1.   Very close game.

Game 2 is against a Mech Chaos player with 2 rhinos full of guys one has mark of khorne a big shooty tank with str10 front armor 13, a Defiler, 3 oblits, some noise marines, and 2 lash princes.  It was dawn of war KP's so only your hq and 2 troops could be deployed - he was going first and plopped the daemon prince a rhino and the noise marines in the middle of the board with everything else coming in round 1.  I reserved everything and brought out the falcons/cargo out in round 1 but tried to hide the gaurdians in reserve for as long as I could.  The falcons killed the vehicles with ramming/shooting, Yriel bombed a unit MoK marines and managed to save against the powerfist while the council one-rounded a prince - next round the joined back again and took out the other prince.  Dragons popped another rhino and the banshees charged in but kinda bounced(forgot my rule that 6woman banshee squads NEED doom) still at the end of the game the exarch stood defiantly refusing to give up a kill point.  The eldar won by a significant amount of KP's this game.

Game 3 was against a tau player with some suits, a broadside, 1 hammerhead with railgun, 1 hammerhead with ion cannon, a unit of mech tau troops, and 2 units of 27 kroot yikes!!!  We were playing 4 objectives so I had 2 on the middle of my deployment zone(didn't want kroot outflanking onto them) and he had 2 on opposite ends of his deployment.  I go first and blast my falcons towards him, he gets terrible luck his turn and misses most of his railgun shots.  Next turn the council kills a broadside while the banshees charge and HQ suit unit, gaurdians start coming in from reserves to grab my objectives.  His bad luck continued with a unit of fusion blaster suits mishapping on my falcon and disappearing - my dragons blew up his ionhead and one survived the reprisal shooting and hopped back in his falcon.  When his transport troops came in the lone dragon popped out and shot down their vehicle - he did NOT survive the reprisal this time!!!  A unit of Kroot outflanked towards my home base objectives but they were 'doomed' and 40ish gaurdians and 5 remaining banshees shot/charged finishing them off before they could cause too many problems.  His other unit of kroot went for one of his objectives but the council falcon contested that one and the 'late' dragons falcon contested his other objective while I held my two.  Game ended and I scored my 3rd tourney win at Game-well which makes me the Warhammer 40k grand champion of Michigan's beautiful upper peninsula!!!  Scored a $33 dollar store credit which I think I'll either grab another box of scorpions or HE dragon princes with.

Such fun..!!  Next tourney is in December.

I love my falcons - not a single one went down even when faced by Daemonprinces/obliterators/railguns/plasma/Bolts of Tzeentch/etc.  I still can't see why everyone on the internet says 'they suck, and should only ever carry dire avengers'.
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