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Author Topic: H: Space Marines, Eldar, Dark Eldar, OOP Harlequins W: $$$ (US only)  (Read 1368 times)

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Prices do not include shipping. Buyer pays before shipping. Prices are negotiable, and the more you want the better the deal I'll be willing to cut.

- Dreadnought w/ TL Lascannons & Missile Launcher - Sold

- Terminator characters (I used the one on the left as a Chaplain, the one in the middle as a Captain and the one on the right as a Sergeant.) - $4 each or $10 for the lot.

- Dark Vengeance Terminators (with some icons shaved off) - $20

- Lightning Claw Assault Terminators with Cyclone Launcher (which could be removed fairly easily) - $25

- Thunder Hammer Assault Terminators with Cyclone Launcher (which could be removed fairly easily) - $25

- Terminator Squad w/ Plasma Cannon (I could probably provide a Storm Bolter arm to replace the Plasma Cannon) - $25

- OOP Dark Eldar Beastmaster w/ Warp Beast, 2x OOP Dark Eldar Wyches with Assault Weapons (1 Shredder, 1 Blaster), 2x OOP Dark Eldar Wyches with Shredders - $5 each or $15 for the lot.

Pics for the rest at the bottom:

- OOP 2nd Ed Eldar Guardian Arms and Eldar Weapons sprues, WYSIWYG - Sold

- 13 OOP RT Era Metal Eldar Harlequins, some missing weapons or arms, etc - WYSIWYG - $30

- 5 OOP metal Eldar Guardian bodies, WYSIWYG - Sold

- OOP Metal Jain Zar Phoenix Lord, all parts include - $10

- OOP Metal Maugan Ra Pheonix Lord, converted to Harlequin Death Jester with Shrieker Cannon - could be an interesting Dark Reaper Exarch? - $5

- OOP Metal Dire Avenger Exarch - $5

- 6 plastic Eldar Guardians w/ no arms - $Free if you want them and buy anything else. :)

- OOP metal Baharroth Phenoix Lord - Sold

- 6 OOP metal Swooping Hawks (only 1 pair of SH Wings, but I'll include 10 OOP Metal Dark Eldar Scourge Wings. - $5

- 2x Eldar Vypers in disrepair and with only 1 gun platform (magnetized to hold one of three guns), but I'll include a pile of metal guns to help bring them up to par. Use them as Vypers, Venoms, Starweavers, who knows? - $10 for the pair.


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