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You're so welcome my friend?
The Discussion Board / Re: How's Brexit been treating you?
« Last post by Blazinghand on Yesterday at 10:37:26 PM »
No big impact on me here in the States, but I've been organizing a Secret Santa in a community I'm in and we had to make UK a separate loop (we usually have north america as one loop, and europe+UK as another - we had to split EU from UK due to customs issues)
Background / Re: Let's talk about the Emperor...?
« Last post by Sir_Godspeed on Yesterday at 09:39:05 PM »
Yeah, it used to be that the Astronomican was located in the Himalayas, but the earliest mentions of the Imperial Throne implied it lay where GW headquarters is (Nottingham? I forget). I think later the Astronomican and Imperial Throne were sorta conflated, just going off memory. But at least the the HH novels explicitly described the palace complex and it's in the Himalayas.

While I'm not a huge fan of the HH novels, there are some neat tidbits about pre-Unification Terra, with various dystopian, post-apocalyptic empires that the Emperor eventually conquered. Not much, but the kind of stuff I like to spin off from.

As for the newest lore, I'm overall pretty okay with it. Expanding the Eye of Terror was a ballsy move, and one that I think has been pretty fruitful. The rest is... fine, I think? I'm not crazy about them trying to justify the Primaris marines lore-wise, but hey, I can't really force myself to get too worked up about it either.
Welcome back, Dog of War, good to see you back after such a while ;D.

Don't really know much about craftworlds yet to help out though  :-[.
That's a great point Dread. For some reason I read that rule, but it didn't translate in my head that it would allow them to move and fire. Guess my mind was still stuck in a few editions ago.

In that case, I'll be dropping a wraithlord and a wind rider to make room for a unit of 4 + exarch of dark reapers, with the exarch having rapid shot. I love my wrathlords dearly, but those reapers are great against these 2 and 3 wound marines.

Thanks for the heads up Dread!
General 40k / Re: 40k Artists?
« Last post by Kage2020 on October 14, 2021, 10:24:02 PM »
So you have to find an artist that has not signed their NDA, and you'll have to ask for something far more generic like "space elves" rather than "Eldar".
I've seen this with respect to "publication" or "manufacture" of materials covered by their IP--things like 3d printing (quotation marks for haziness of the application of those terms). Scrolling through the 3d printverse shows terrible name changes for what is all-but direct application.

It seems odd using this as the rubric for line art that could be used for painting designs, e.g. the ones that I've seen for Space Marines.

Heck, if it comes own to it I can always just 3d scan, clean up, and go from there. Then just digitally assemble it for my own virtual modification and personal artwork from there to do things like fix proportions, alter the styling of things like Aspect Warriors etc.

Either way, nay worries. Thanks, all.
Background / Re: Let's talk about the Emperor...?
« Last post by Kage2020 on October 14, 2021, 10:08:41 PM »
Well, that was an easy answer. So, no more conspiracy theories?

Also we have definite confirmation that the Imperial Palace lies in the Himalayas, and not in the UK like the old lore.
Oh, this is new? That used to be the home of the... errr... Adeptus Astronomicon, right? I guess it would make sense for them--kinda, sorta--in the same location. (Though one has to wonder about the impact of the Sacrifice, but hey-ho. Their universe.)

No idea if any of this is new to you, just throwing it out there due to the lack of any development in the 41st millennium.
There are some new tidbits. Even reading that Gav Thorpe novel has provided some interesting tidbits where they seem like they're trying to fix some loopholes in the background.

It's all good for me. I must admit that with the whole Ynnead thing that they might have done something interesting with the Emperor, too. The Guilliman thing and Indomitas... Heh. I just need to take of my tinfoil hat! ;)
Projects Blog / Re: Dog of War's Multiple Army Project (Ork, Nurgle, Eldar, Dark Eldar)
« Last post by Dread on October 14, 2021, 09:48:21 PM »
Just a quick point, reapers dont suffer from moving and shooting. Always hit on 3 no matter what modifiers.
Hope it`s okay that I`m posting on my plog after almost two years, but in the spirit of Halloween, hopefully some thread necromancy will be tolerated.

Unfortunately, as with a lot of us, Covid changed all the rules and my hobby had to be shelved for a while. I work retail in Ontario, Canada and the lockdowns and subsequent lay offs and overall changes in how we did business took priority over everything. I`ve finally now been double vaccinated and gathered up enough courage to have my first game of 40k in about two years and I can tell you I`ve got the bug again. Since that game last week I`ve dug out and dusted off those pesky eldar and dropped about $150 CAD on some new second hand models. I know, I know, you`re all saying why didn`t I start back up with my orks, especially since they got a new codex and all sorts of shiny new gubbins and that`s exactly why I didn`t. I never really liked playing the hot, new army and always preferred the underdog. Since eldar or aeldari, as they are now called, are about the oldest codex out there, I thought it would be a good place to start.

The game I had last week was with my eldar, and while I`m not going to post a batrep or the list I played with, I will post the list that I built in response to that game. The reason was that I made a ton of mistakes, as it was the first 9th edition game and to be honest I didn`t have the foresight to actual record what was happening. Regardless I learned a ton (much thanks to my opponent) and tweaked what I had, which initiated a lot of those eBay purchases I alluded to earlier.

So here`s the list I`ve come up with. Comments are most eagerly anticipated.

Custom Craftworld - Expert Crafters, Masterful Shots

Farseer with witchblade (Warlord) - Faolchu`s Wing (Fateful Divergence, Guide, Fortune) Seer of the Shifting Vector

Farseer Skyrunner with witchblade - (Smite, Doom, Executioner)


3 units Dire Avengers - 9 DA, + DA Exarch with dual catapults and bladestorm

Toyed with taking shredding fire, but tried to do the mathhammer on it and with my goal of getting more AP -3 shots, the extra generation of hits from bladestorm seemed to win out.

1 unit 5 man Rangers

Toyed with running a larger windrider unit below, but with me wanting to eventually get into some tournaments in the near future, I thought having a fourth troop choice would be beneficial.

3 units of 5 striking scorpions + exarch with scorpion`s claw and scorpion`s sting

Getting those mortal wounds every fight phase on a 5+ versus a 6+ was huge in my first game and I wanted to continue with that success.

Fast Attack
2 units of 9 warp spiders + exarch with dual deathspinners and power blades and web of deceit

The web of deceit was fantastic the first game allowing great redeploy after their initial deepstrike.

1 unit of windriders 3 normal and 1 with a shuriken cannon.

My first game I had swooping hawks instead of the jetbikes. They were ho-hum that game and with the addition of a farseer skyrunner to this list, it seemed a natural replacement.

Heavy Support

2 Wraithlords with dual brightlances and twin shuriken catapults

1 unit of 3 war walkers each with dual Starcannons.

I had a unit of dark reapers instead of the war walkers in the first game and they were a priority target for my opponent and as I couldn`t move and fire them well with them being heavy and not a monster or vehicle they ended up being sitting ducks. Hopefully I can fire and fade the war walkers effectively and they would be a good candidate for guide.
The Space Tavern / Re: Leaving the Forum
« Last post by Myen'Tal on October 14, 2021, 10:19:06 AM »
Ah! I see. I dont come here often. Kinda stay to the perts for me. Unfortunately my beloved Eldar just dont have much going on as seen by the tumbleweeds rolling there. The blogs is where my feet are planted firmly, i love seeing what everyone is up too as well as reading your stories, havent said much lately but read it all the time. Enjoying it so not much to say.

Glad you decided to stay. I would go nuts. 8)

No worries, Dread, thank you for all the support you've given over these years  8).

I'm glad that I am staying too ;D ;).
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