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Author Topic: Eldar Vs. Blood Angels @ 1500  (Read 1105 times)

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Eldar Vs. Blood Angels @ 1500
« on: November 7, 2010, 07:38:14 PM »
At first I thought I'd post this in batrep, then I was intimidated by the fact that I didn't have any photos and didn't take notes as I went.  Then I went to post this in Eldar tactics, but after typing this I thought I had enough detail it might still fit better in batrep.  Please move it if you think it this thread warrants it.  Otherwise, please comment on my (and my opponent's) tactics.  We're both nearing the end of our first year of play.

We played at 1500 points, terrain was set up with cover-generating forests/craters at the corners, and a horizontal line of hills/walls in the center with about 6" gaps between them.  That's the terrain set-up I usually try to force on my opponent during the battlefield generation phase, but I realized too late this time that it would help him more than it would help me.  Deployment was pitched battle, two-objective game, I won the roll and decided to go second.

His list:
SS Term Librarian in a 5-man+cyclone termie squad.
Reclusiarch in 10 man assault double-flamer squad (combat squadded, seperating the flamers from the CC specs)
5 Honor guard with 3xmelta
5 honor guard with champion/banner/fist
10 man assault double-melta squad (combat squadded)

37 marines in all, no vehicles, all deployed into reserves.  He placed his objective touching his long edge, right in the middle.

My list:
Doom/fortune seer with 9 vanilla banshees in S.Can serpent
10 bladestorming avengers in S.Can serpent
Holo-Falcon [I know, I know, but I bought the model when I thought the rules were cool (and I like the turret) and was giving it one last chance to redeem itself] with a guideseer in it
3 Scatter warwalkers
BL/EML wraithlord
10 Guardians+scatter+leadership warlock
10 Guardians+scatter+leadership warlock

As I deployed second, saw the flamer/melta potential of his army, plus the re-rolling, low-scattering, entire deep-strikingness of it all, I saw two options:

Reserve everything.  Even if I come in piece-meal I get 6' of my long edge to decide where I come in, which should allow me some time to consolidate my reserves and protect my guardians.


Castle the corner.  Guardians in the middle on top of my objective, next to walkers, surrounded by tanks.  No back arcs presented and no room for deep strikers.

I chose the latter, set up my castle, declared my skimmer's moving fast and fortune on my war walkers, and told my opponent it was the beginning of turn 2, roll for reserves.

Top of Turn 2
He rolled for the terminators first, saying that since they were the only one without Descent of Angels, they would determine if he would hold back or engage his army this turn.  They made it in, so he tried to throw everything at me.  Everyone made it down except for the triple-melta honor guard.

He placed the half of the flamer squad with the flamers on my northern border, hoping to flame through my tank and catch my guardians in the forest.  Scattered them into my tank and rolled a 1 on the mishap table (apparently my War Walkers managed to do some anti-air...)

He drops a single 5-man/no upgrade/scoring combat squad on his objective.

Everyone else came in on the western flank of my castle just far enough away to get some melta pot-shots out at a wave-serpent of mine, doing nothing.  He throws a pair of frag missiles and a fear spell at my guardians, they go to ground, lose a man, and my runes or warding land a wound on the librarian.

Bottom of turn 2
My psychic phase got nerfed by his hood 3 times.  Guess it is only fair.  Banshees disembark from a serpent and make a b-line for his squads, farseer stays aboard.  Avengers disembark and line up on a squad, slight shuffling of my guys, and wraithlord runs from northern fringe to the western fringe, where all his troops are.

War walkers pummel the honor guard on the table, leaving just the chapter banner alive.  His FNP bubble that I had completely forgotten about collapses, then my tanks begin softening up his squads, downing a couple of more marines.  My avengers elect not to bladestorm and hit the 5-man combat squadded unit with some meltas in it, and fail to remove any special weapons (but removed the other guys from it).

At this point I make a horrible mistake.  My banshees have an even choice of the terminators+librarian squad to the north, the chapter banner bearer to the west, and the 2 melta marines to the south.  I waiver for a moment, trying to decide the correct attack, then, forgetting that doom is what makes banshees awesome, they charge the terminators.  He casts his close-combat psychic power (i didn't realize he could cast fear on his turn and a CC power on my turn with a standard librarian), and proceeds to kill ALL of my banshees.  I manage to kill a single terminator.

Top of turn 3
My opponent, who thought he had lost the game after seeing the results of his deepstrike, rallies.  His second Honor Guard drops and re-establishes the FNP bubble.  He then moves the bulk of his forces towards my line of tanks, destroys an empty waveserpent, guns down my dire avengers, and cant charge because his shooting cleared out the nearest targets.

Bottom of turn 3

My wraithlord and warwalkers step up into the gap that the wave-serpent explosion created.  My guardians huddle and take pot-shots.  My serpent with doom/fortune seer dooms a squad and slides around behind his approching forces.  My guideseer guides my walkers.

I pump every shot I have into that second honor-guard squad, but in the wrong order.  The walkers kill everyone but the acolyte and another trooper.  Then I fire my falcon into it, but forget to NOT fire my scatter laser and shuriken catapults.  The pulse-laser gives me two insta-jibs, but the three other wounds means he allocates the deadliest ones to the mook in the squad and just needs to roll two 3+ fnp (i.e. terminator) saves on the acolyte.  Makes them.  My guardians fire their Scatter Lasers, to no effect, my wraithlord fires his guns, rolling double-ones on the to-hit.

My opponent cackles.

However, what I didn't mention earlier, is that this turn the guideseer disembarks from the falcon, moves, runs and charges the two-melta remnant and locks them in melee.

Top of turn 4
My opponent looks at his remaining forces.  A sanguinary acolyte, a pair of melta troopers locked in combat with the guideseer, a reclusiarch with 5 marines that had been at the back of his deployment and were untouched, a chapter banner bearer, 4 terminators with a librarian, and the 5 men sitting on his objective.  He ponders his plan for a few monements, and decides, "It is time to finish these xenos!  For the Emperor!"

His reclusiarch joins his termies, they knock a weapon off of a war walker, and combicharge the walkers and the wraithlord.  His sanguinary acolyte decides the safest place to be is in melee with the farseer, and joins that combat.  The troopers that were with the reclusiarch jump over the wall to the north and assault one of my guardian squads in the forest.  The chapter banner bearer just chills and watches the combats.

The combat in the forest:  Guardians slaughtered.  One or two marines killed.
The combat with the seer: Sanquinary acolyte killed, other two marines broken and fleeing.
The combat with the walkers: some shaking, a walker destroyed, a terminator cut down, and the wraithlord obliterated by the one remaining power-fist.

Bottom of turn 4
My serpent with the doom/fortune seer flees to the north, ready to contest his objective in the coming turns.  The guideseer charges the chapter banner bearer, and stays close enough to the fleeing marines to keep them fleeing on my opponent's turn.  The falcon fires at the jump-squad that slipped through my lines, which is followed up by my second guardian squad perferating them with shurikens, removing that squad.

Librarian kills himself with my runes of warding.  Walkers finish off the rest of the power-fists, and only lose another weapon due to glancing.  Opponent loses a wound due to fearlessness.

Top of turn 5
Fleeing troops flee, objective marines shoot and charge serpent, doing nothing.

Guideseer cuts down chapter banner bearer.

The rest of the termies are downed, and the reclusiarch has only one wound left.

Bottom of turn five

My farseer and serpent move over my opponent's objective, and the farseer disembarks.  The serpent kills a marine.  My falcon manuevers to a lane and the pulse laser kills another marine.  Guardians gather around the objective.

Reclusiarch is killed by the walkers.

Game does not end.

Top of turn six
Marines charge the farseer.  Only do a single un-fortune-saved wound, farseer kills one of them.  Objective still contested.

Opponent concedes.


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