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12th Sentosa Strike Regiment

Submitted By: Date: December 10, 2006, 08:00:00 PM Views: 3545

Unit Designation: 12th Sentosa Strike Regiment “Coiled Serpents” (Sally's Serpents)

Homeworld: Sentosa Prime

Background: Formed alongside eleven other such regiments in 996.M41, the 712th Sentosa was mustered and assigned to the Imperial Corvette His Divine Light of Deliverance as a fast response unit serving on the eastern fringes of Imperial Space.

The basic trooper of the 712th is a highly disciplined soldier who places his trust in the Emperor, his officers, his squad and his lasgun. Coming from the hive-world of Sentosa Prime, he is highly trained in close-quarter battles and each knows his place when working as a cohesive unit.

As a rapid response unit, the Regiment has a very limited supply of armor, mostly relying on other units to provide armored support. Instead, each infantry company is supported by an elite corp. of Komando, specializing in infiltration, covert insertion and long-range recon patrol.

These Komando units utilize light assault tanks and sentinels to ensure rapidity of deployment, while the main backbone of the Regiment forms a light field firebase to base these operations from. Because of his special status and concessions however, the Komando is a proud soldier, often bordering on arrogance. Komando officers look upon regular line officers dismissively, preferring to look to their own for leadership.

The 712th has most recently been active on the Jungle world of Sebodoh IV, where a significant Xenos incursion is taking place. Distress calls from this mineral rich world were picked up by His Divine Light of Deliverance and a course was set. Upon arrival in system, no vessels were found to be in orbit, and the colonists were no longer responding. Forward elements from the 712th were sent down to investigate and entrench while waiting for further orders. That night, the Eldar attacked from out of nowhere. For many of the 712th, this would be their first major encounter, but despite their inexperience in battle, they held the line.

By the time the twin suns rose over the horizon, the Eldar had withdrawn and the 712th had established their foothold - but not without cost. The regimental command shuttle had been shot down en-route to the besieged base, taking with it the most senior officers of the regiment. After the chaos of battle had subsided, it was determined that Colonel Alfonse Sally, who had led the defense of the beachhead, was now the ranking officer of the regiment.

After months of running battles with the enigmatic Eldar force, the troops of the 712th finally managed to target and eliminate what is thought to be the commander of these vile aliens- a bittersweet revenge for the men and women of the 712th. With casualties mounting and no reinforcements due, however, it is to be seen if the regiment will come out of this campaign with sufficient strength to remain an effective fighting force.

Command HQ - Major Beng, D Company:

Platoon Command - Lt East, Platoon 1:

Squad Alpha, Platoon 1:

Komando Element Sakti:

Attack Hellhound 'Pendekar':

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