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24th Turan & 3rd Turan Capital Militia Regiment

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Unit Designation: 24th Turan & 3rd Turan Capital Militia Regiment

Homeworld: Turan, Segmentum Solar

Background: The mines within the forests covering at least 3/4 of the surface of Turan's main continent are one of the main sources of different metals and crystal formations that the neighbouring world of Ryza needs for building Plasma reactors. After the Ork's attempted to invade Ryza 358 years ago and apparently unplanned Eldar pirate raids, the Departmento Munitorium ordered the Governors of all worlds within a 15 light year radius of Ryza to reinforce their PDFs manpower, equipment and improve upon levels of training. In accordance with this twenty new regiments (five standing regiments and fifteen PDF regiments) were recruited, mainly in the "Outlands" around the capital where the valuable mines are located. One of these regiments was the 24th, mainly recruited from local miners and Grox farmers. The level of education is low, with a 3.2% literacy rate, while an ecclesiarchial delegation rated their belief in the imperial cult as "highly satisfying".

Since then, this regiment commanded by Col.Trost and his staff has fought various skirmishes on different planets, like the famous bloodbath at Hayabusa Village, some manoeuvres with Space Marines of the glorious chapter of the Dark Angels and even encountered chaotic forces in the jungles of Armageddon. Soon after returning to their homeworld, the Turan high command received order to rally all expendable armed formations to gather with a mighty force of various Imperial armies at the Cadian Gate for an unspecified reason. The men of the 24th, four other outland regiments, a Catachan detachment which was on Turan for exchange of woodland/junglefighting tactics and two of the elite and elitist Capital regiments, one of them being the 3rd, were gathered and sent to their destination Cadia.

Due to communication problems and misunderstandings with the Departmento Munitorium and warp anomalies, the transporters "Searing Light", "His Judgement" and "Answin's Fall" of the Turan homefleet arrived 3 years late for the huge battles against the chaotic forces of Abbadon’s 13th Black Crusade. As a result, Oberst Trost, the commander of the Turan armies, received an admonition from High Commander-Commissar Brusilov.

With the next battle however, the 24th washed this stain from their honour after defeating a demonic horde led by a Greater Demon of Khorne and a Demon Prince (see regimental scriptorium reference "Bob, the Khornite Demon Prince") with minor assistance of an xenos detachment. ( +++ Insert: Special mention of Rifleman Ruprecht who caused the Bloodthirster a serious wound +++ )

The 3rd Capital Militia Regiment was able to receive special training and equipment from various other regiments from all over the Imperium while the Outlands Regiments were able to capture a respectable number of mutants ( +++ See regimental scriptorium entry "Homo sapiens Variatus - Beastmen") for further use as slave labourers in the Turan mines.

A Command Section:

Leman Russ:

A portion of the armies of Turan:

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