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38th Port Maw Navy Marine Corps

Submitted By: Date: November 24, 2006, 08:34:13 AM Views: 2509

Unit Designation: 38th Port Maw Navy Marine Corps

Homeworld: Port Maw

Background:The 38th Port Maw Navy Marine Corps was founded in 148.M41 during the Gothic war as one of a number of Naval Marine Regiments raised in response to growing numbers of Pirate attacks on Imperial shipping in the Gothic sector.  The initial 8 companies were detached to various Navy cruisers and Battleships to bulk up numbers of troops onboard, giving these vessels an important edge in boarding actions.  After the battle at Gethsemane, when the significance of the Blackstone fortresses became apparent, the regiment was transferred in full to garrison Blackstone V.

At the outset of the 13th black crusade, the regiment was split again, several companies being sent as part of Battlefleet Gothic to Cadia onboard the Cruiser Imperious.  During the desperate early stages of the war, the regiment was deployed via Navy drop ship from Imperious and used stand in drop troops when Space Marines could not be mustered.  The regiment was involved in several major naval engagements and suffered massive casualties.  The survivors became well drilled close quarter experts and played an important role in the destruction of several ships in the Chaos fleet.

Regular Trooper and Junior Officier:

Heavy Weapons Teams:

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