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225th Sebastian Infantry

Submitted By: Date: November 24, 2006, 08:28:51 AM Views: 2211

Unit Designation: 225th Sebastian Infantry

Homeworld: Sebastian

Background: Recruited in 998.M41, the 225th was formed into the 55th Sebastian Expeditionary Force (EXFOR) together with four "sister" infantry regiments, as well as the 31st Armoured regiment and the 90th Artillery regiment.

Originally, the 55th was shipped to Agrippinaa where it was to join up with other reinforcements to fight at the Cadian Gate. However, at Agrippinaa the 55th was commandeered by Sector Command and diverted to the lost world of Calydon.

Sector Command had recently uncovered a distress call from the XIX Mauritian army, which had been dispatched to Calydon some seven centuries earlier. Lost in an administratum error, the message seemed to be the final piece in the puzzle behind Ork piracy in the Willsburg sub-sector. The 55th thus travelled to Calydon, expecting to find the planet overrun by Orks and turned into a pirate base. With limited naval assets and little hope of reinforcement due to the pressures of Abaddon's Black Crusade now in full swing, the EXFOR hoped to at least be able to establish a forward base and disrupt the pirates. As the 55th's transports were joined by their cruiser escort, general Ulysses was pleased to find that the Mars-class Storm Avenger had an organic infantry complement in the form of the 517th Navy Planetfall Squadron: Drop troopers and air cavalry, roughly equivalent in size to a full regiment of Imperial Guard.

Upon arrival, the situation on Calydon was nothing like expected. Of the single pangean landmass, the southern subcontinent was still inhabited by the native human population of Calydon - they had managed to fortify themselves behind the narrow isthmus that joined their subcontinent, the Vlakland, to the greater landmass known as the Highlands. In the Ork-infested Highlands, however, a secondary human population was found - feral warrior tribes, scattered throughout the rugged mountain ranges and barren steps, as busy fighting each other as they were fending off Ork slavers and raiding isolated mining facilities operated by the Vlaklanders' Manufactorum Guild.

Even in these drastically different conditions, Castor and the 55th set about carrying out their mission. After bartering for support of the noble Houses of the Vlakland, a forward base - dubbed "Camp Daisy" by the troops - was established in the Highlands and repair works begun on Calydon's starport, which had been in disuse for centuries. Until the starport is operational again, all heavy equipment and vehicles can only be transported in regular shuttles, which means they need to be disassembled, packed into crates, and reassembled once on the ground - a time consuming process which has led to the bulk of the infantry being deployed first. As the 55th is being shuttled down piece by piece, the operations around Camp Daisy are gradually growing from perimeter security to company-sized aggressive patrols aimed at keeping the Orks at bay, letting the feral Wilders know who's boss, and probing for abandoned facilities that might be re-activated to give the Sebastians something to trade for Vlaklander support other than their limited surplus of weapons and ammunition.

The 225th was the third regiment to shuttle down. The 223rd had been deployed first, its grenadier company providing perimiter security at the starport during the earliest stages of the operation. The 223rd's rifle battalions were the first to enter the Highlands, protecting the Munitorum engineers as they constructed Camp Daisy and a provisional highway back to the Vlakland. The 226th was deployed next to relieve the exhausted 223rd. With Camp Daisy secured and a ring of firebases established, the 225th was then transported to the surface to develop combat operations in the surrounding area.

Currently, elements of the 31st Armoured are engaged in patroling the provisional highway with mechanized infantry, while those tanks which have been transported to the surface are being used in close support of the 225th. The 90th Artillery has established batteries at Camp Daisy and the surrounding firebases. The 517th Navy Planetfall conducts air-inserted deep recon patrols with its two gravchute batallions, while its Air Cavalry batallion has thus far deployed one company to Camp Daisy to act as a rapid reaction force. On the whole, the 55th's formidable air power (most notably the Storm Avenger's complement of CAS fighters and bombers) is being used with extreme caution, as the Orks' anti-air capabilities are as yet unpredictable, but presumed high, and the 55th has no way of replacing losses to its aircraft.

D "Dog" Company HQ:

Commissar Grimm:

1st Platoon:

"Phobos" and "Deimos" of the 225th Reconaissance Company:

"Happy", of the 31st Sebastian Armoured, B "Baker" Company:

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