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Deathwatch Kill Team Configuration

Submitted By: Date: May 30, 2006, 01:30:45 PM Views: 3749

So, you see the rules for these guys, and see all the options they can take. You also see how expensive these guys are. However, if you read the Battle Report in White Dwarf 305 (which coincidentally also contains the rules for Deathwatch Kill Teams) you see these guys are worth it. If you know what army your facing, you should take gear that will work all around. Here, I will tell you what to take for each army.

Anti-Eldar Kill Team
The first thing you will want to take is a Librarian. His Psychic Hood will be invaluable. I would suggest taking Kraken Bolts, as these will tear through Guardian and most Aspect Warrior armor alike. A Heavy Bolter with Hellfire Ammo is  helpful against Wraithlords, and can still penetrate most Eldar Armor.
-Size 5-7

Anti-Ork Kill Team
Okay, so we are against tough greenskins. I would take Inferno Bolts for the re-roll, and Bolters with M.40 Targeters for the extra shots and the ever useful pinning tests.
-Size 5-7

Anti-Dark Eldar Kill Team
Alright, this team can kill all troops who are rushing at them, but need to work with Heavy Weapons. Have your Heavy Weapons kill the Raiders, and equip your Kill Team with Metal Storm Ammunition. Because of their proximity and low Armor Save, you will be killing them very rapidly. If you want a team to stop an Archon, then take Lightning Claws and give the Captain a Power Sword.
-Size 5-9

Anti-Necron Kill Team
Inferno Bolts are the way to go. With the re-roll, you will be able to take more Necrons down. If you want to take Special Weapons, take Plasma Guns. Heavy Bolters with Hellfire Rounds will help here to.
-Size 6-8

Anti-Chaos Marine/ Marine Kill Team/ Daemonhunters/Witch Hunters
I would take a Librarian just in case of Psychic attacks, and once again, Inferno Bolts, Plasma Guns, and Heavy Bolters with Hellfire Rounds will help.
-Size 6-8

Anti-Imperial Guard/LATD Kill Team
Kraken Bolts will be your friend here. Being able to shoot Guardsmen while keeping out of range of 40+ Lasguns is never a bad thing.Bolters with M.40 Targeters will also help Assault units get into range. I also suggest taking a Librarian with Fury of the Ancients power to do more damage too.
-Size 7-10

Anti-Tyranid Kill Team
Metal Storm Ammunition and Heavy Bolters are the way to go. A Librarian will help protect you from powers such as Warp Blast, so you should take the upgrade.
-Size 5-8

General Assault Kill Team
Alright, take 7-10 Kill Team members, along with a Captain. Upgrade 2-4 as Veterans and give them except one Power Fists. Give the last Veteran and the Captain Lightning Claws. I know it is expensive, but this squad can deliver some pain.

General Shooting Kill Team
I would take Heavy Bolters and give the rest of the squad Kraken Bolts. This squad has a longer range then most units, and can damage many units.
-Size 5-8

Well, there you have it. Hope this helps, and remember, even though they are tough, they aren't invincible. Use cover wisely.

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