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[reserve] Deff Koptaz

Submitted By: Date: April 20, 2006, 04:00:17 AM Views: 2678
Summary: all the image links are broken




One Vyper

One Land Speeder

One Ork torso, arms and head

I cut away the front part of the Vyper, and glued pieces of paperclips in there : this is the front air-intake.

The cut was made where you see the green line on this picture:


The paperclips are the metal parts you can see inside the nose

From the pointy bits I had leftover from this cutting process I made the skids later on.

I cut off the Vypers’ wings in one piece, just behind the cockpit. I turned these upside down to glue them back on (with loads of putty to create a decent bonding-surface). So now the wings are pointing upwards.

The cut was made where you see the green line on this picture:


Then I took the rear of the Speeder I had lying around from a previous conversion and started trying to fit that to the rear of the Vyper.
After a bit of blue-tacking various possibilities I decided to turn the Speeder part upside-down. The details are ruder and bigger here than on the top so they look way more Orky.

Now came the tricky cutting part where I wanted parts of the Speeder covering over the wings of the Vyper etc. Kind of like a slot where the wings slide in.

Loads of exacto-action, swearing, mumbling and ciggies later I got a nice fit (why oh why doesn't anyone in my family ever listen when I whine that I want a Dremel for my Birthday/X-Mas?)

Now I still had quite a gap between the Vypers' cockpit and the Speeders' rear end (where the shooty platform of tghe Vyper was supposed to be).

This gap was caused by the wings; all nice, sleek, hi-tech, good looking, in short, not Orky. So I started digging in da good ole bitsbox again and came up with 2 armour plates from the Ork Buggie sprues. i used these to fill in the gaps.

These plates are circled in yellow in this picture:


Now there were still 2 huge gaps on the landspeeder (where it's front is supposed to be) so I did the same as for the front air-intake : paperclips

The rotors are looted from some Tamiya kit I bought at a garage sale.

Now it was all a question of adding some plasticard plates here and there representing repair jobs and to create some bullet impacts.

For the impacts, I just drilled some holes, and then cut small triangles out of the sides of the holes.

For the rivets I just cut up a Fantasy spear-shaft.

For the teeth in the front of the Vyper, I drew them on some really thin plasticard, cut out all the details and glued those in place.

The Twin-linked Big Shoota under the Kopta was made with some Ork Shootas to which I added 3 Dark elven Spear shafts each. these were then drilled out.

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