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[reserve][duplicate][reedit][suspect]The True Story of Why The Emperor is on The Golden Throne.

Submitted By: Date: October 29, 2005, 06:38:29 PM Views: 10557

 <p class="body">Our story begins with the mighty Emperor of mankind (not) confronting his fallen son horus on his battle barge. A mighty fight ensues with no clear possible winner... until, the Emperor, blessed be his corny name, shouts out; "hey look over there, its that sexy saalneshi deamonette!" Horus swiftly turned around and fixed his hair, but realised his folly only too late, he had been tricked. The mighty God-Emperor, benefactor of mankind swung his hefty power sword and decapacitated horus in a single sweep. </p>

<p class="body">Then the traitor legions ran off cryin' to the eye of terror, yadda yadda yadda...</p>

<p class="body">...There was a massive feast which lasted for 3 weeks, and all of the loyal soldiers of the Imperium were invited, our most beneficient Emperor ate the most, besting even Leman Russ himself inthe amount he could scoff down his most holy of gullets. After the feast was over, the emperor most righteous and almighty personnage felt the need to answer natures call, climbing up onto his incerdible, lavatory, the "golden throne" he sat there and is still sitting there now, tryin' very desperatley to do his most holy of amphetamine parrakeets. such is his mighty effort that he requires psyckers life energy to maintain his most beneficient of pushes, and we all look to the most holy of days when he will again be satisfied and ready to continue his crusade- and invent lax-ol -.</p>

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