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Tactica Orks: HQ Section [Broken HTML]

Submitted By: Date: September 23, 2005, 04:22:01 PM Views: 2735
Summary: <p class="heading">The Warboss<br /></p> <p class="body">The Warboss is your biggest killing machine, bar none. You do not need to pile wargear on him to make him effective, just two to four pieces of wargear will usually be fine. However it is strongly suggested that you decide between two basic strategies before choosing wargear and weapons when it comes to using the Warboss effectively; your choices are either 'Fast and Furious' or 'Lumbering and Powerful.' In order to do this you need to weigh your entire army out before deciding this. If the majority of your force is fast, (Stormboyz, Trukk Boyz, Warbikes, etc.) you can afford for the Warboss to be a little bit slower. If most of your troops are on foot or you army contains a predominance of Heavy Support it may be wiser for him to be a little bit quicker. <br /><br />

The first Warboss tactic (Lumbering Tactic) involves the use of Mega Armor on your Warboss. However this tactic like others has a few drawbacks. When choosing Mega Armor you have to remember that he will always strike last as a Power Claw is one of the two weapons unchangeable and included when you buy the Mega Armor. This means the choices of weapons when using the 'Lumbering Tactic' are chosen for you, so there is no need to discuss weapon options, other than if you want to make the Shoota, a Kombi-Shoota and/or give it a Kustom Job.

Another slight problem to look out for is that a Warboss in Mega Armor might fail to charge the enemy because of Mega Armor always moves 'as if in difficult terrain.' This problem can be slightly alleviated by giving him a Mega Boosta (which allows the re-rolling of the D6 when taking a difficult terrain test) and/or by leaving him as an Independent Character (Pg 50 of the 40K rulebook - They have the Move Through Cover ability).  This however doesn't mean that Mega Armor should not be chosen.

There are certainly benefits to having the Mega Armor. A 2+ save ain't too shabby for an Ork. His strength will be 10 and he will get 4 attacks (5 on successful charge). This means he is quite capable of tearing down even the largest creatures in the 40K universe single-handedly, in one turn for a measly sum of points. Because he strikes last in close combat, it is highly recommended that a Warboss in Mega Armor be given a Cybork Body as the 5+ invulnerable save may just save his hide from those who strike before him and ignore armor saves.

Mega Armor however wastes one of the Warboss's best qualities, his Initiative (Fast and Furious Tactic). A Warboss' basic initiative is 4. When doubled on a successful Power of the Waaagh! test [Note: In order to use the Power of the Waaagh! you require the Warboss to be accompanied by a Retinue or another Ork mob], it comes to 8; faster than almost anything on the field. With 6 attacks (4 basic from the profile + two close combat weapons + charge), each at S5 and WS 5, and if armed with a Choppa (Any save above 4+, is reduced to 4+), he is a monster that even the most stubborn Dark Angel veteran would make sweat. The weapons chosen for the 'Fast and Furious Tactic,' play a pivotal part in how effective the Warboss is.

The basic 'Fast and Furious Tactic' Warboss is armed with very little in the way of Wargear or Weapons.  A Slugga and Choppa combination with Eavy Armor, Retinue and a Trukk will get this Warboss stuck in where he needs to be.  He's armed very lightly so he is only going to be a troop killer.


<p class="body">
Other 'Fast and Furious Tactic' Weapon and Wargear options are:

1) Warboss with Choppa, Rokkit Launcha, Eavy Armor, Bionic Arm, and 3 Ammo Runts. This Warboss is a support character.  He can take down tanks (or Space Marines) and he can still beat the snot out of enemy infantry.

2) Warboss with Choppa, Big shoota, Eavy Armor, Bionic Arm. Another shooty type character, this one is made to march with the boys and bust out shots at a distance, before closing in a creaming the enemy.

3) Warboss with Choppa, Power Claw, Eavy Armor. This combination allows the player to kill both basic infantry and tough multi-wound models with easy. Unfortunately you can only use either the Choppa or Power Claw per assault phase. It is however more costly, but the option of being able to utilize two different weapons makes it worth the points.

These fast Warboss are made to be cheap and fast.  Don't be scared to drop them in with a unit of Trukk Boys so you don't have to buy a Retinue and Transport for him.

If you want to apply more Wargear on your Warboss always remember that the following three pieces of Wargear are useful additions; Cybork Body, Bionic Bounce (only for those Warboss’ not in Mega Armor), and Big Horns/Iron Gob. All are relatively cheap and extremely useful.

There are things however to avoid when using any of the tactics and combinations of weapons and wargear:

<li>Avoid anything the Warboss' unmodified Strength of 5 can't hurt. i.e. Tanks. A Warboss with a Power Claw doesn't have to fear this though.</li>
<li>Enemy HQ's. Typically they will be better equipped and to tough for the Warboss alone.</li>
<li>Avoid like the plague Dreadnoughts and Wraithlords. You can't hurt then with a Strength of 5, and when using a Power Claw you strike last, they don't! And a Krak Stikkbomb/Tankbusta Bomb will only hit a Dreadnought on a roll of 6.</li>
<li>Keep out of base to base with Power Fists armed models. They strike last and so do you, the likely event is they will kill you at the same time you kill them. Cybork Body may save you, but if it doesn't you are more likely to suffer Instant Death.</li>
<p class="heading">The Retinue
<p class="body">The bodyguard is something that you have to take very seriously. In a 2000 point game your Boss and retinue can make up a good quarter of your points. Some things to remember:

Always Always Always ride in a Trukk or a Battlewagon, and always always always give any vehicle that carries boyz grot riggers. 2 points will allow you a 50% chance of remobilizing a trukk. (No more worries about charging through that forest to get to the soft 'oomies on the other side) The trukk will allow you to get stuck in (which is where you want to be) first (which is when you want to be in it). Mobility is the key to charging and charging is the key to victory. A trukk will limit the size of your retinue, so a Waaagh! banner is suggested.

Mad docs are nice but they tend to get killed first. The retinue draws A LOT of fire, including lascannons, meltaguns and krak missiles. When you are forced to choose who gets "doubled out" with a S8, attack there is a powerful urge to let the non-Nob take it. (After all he only has one wound, two attacks and a S3.) If you are close enough to get into hand to hand in the next round then go ahead and take him out. If you still have a few orderlies left, keep him in and let him try to help one of the Nobs after the shooting phase. In a wartrukk I would only recommend one Mad Dok. He is useful for fixing boyz when their trukk blows up (it will). Give him at least one orderly or he is not worth the points. (If he is not in a trukk give him as many as you can afford.)

A mekboy with the kustom force field is useful if you want your trukk to survive turn two. Note to cheesy, min-maxing, power players: Don't take 5 mekboys in your army with force fields because you can. And remember that these count as two-handed weapons, NOT wargear. You cannot have a Field, a burna and a power claw.) Give all of your mekboys tools though. What's a mekboy without mek's toolz?

The Nob Mob should compliment your Boss as much as possible. They should make up for his weaknesses (Yeah... like Bosses have weaknesses!) If your boss is fast, equip some of them with mega armor. If your boss is a lumbering hulk, give some of them choppas and sluggas. Remember that they charge with Initiative 6 too. 'Eavy armor at least, is a must. A mix of 'eavy and mega is great. Half half is even better; you get the bonus of letting the mega's take the bolter fire while the 'eavies get to charge with full effect of the Waaagh!

Leadership is huge now.  If you are using a small HQ squad, make sure you take bighorns/irongob as you don't want to lose and fall back and then lose your huge HQ.  While 9 is a good leadership, 10 is better.

<p class="subheader">Basic Ork Rule of Thumb</p>
<p class="body">As a rule you should not equip any Ork extravagantly with wargear.</p>

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