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Title: The Grizzly's Xenos, Mechs and Pointy ears !
Post by: Grizzlykin on March 16, 2015, 02:41:28 PM
Well hello everyone.  I guess that if you read the tittle you have a good idea of what's going to be seen in this topic.

Yep exactly I am starting a project log... it's kinda like a learning topic for me as I do not have the pretention to be a good painter so that's not what this topic is meant for. Therefore please give me you guidance.

I have nothing to fancy to show right know so let me say you guy's are going to see my army take shape :)

I plan to paint everything before i buy anythign new i can't stand anymore to have an amry where half is painted and not in the good color on the table. yeah i did that once or twice already and now it's stop!

So without further delay let's get a look at the grizzly's army in his cave.

full pick


...  yeah it's pittyfull i know.

then you have the only dude i fully painted and that will nearly not change for a while ...  took me around 8hour of work for that guy...  yeah i was on skype at the same time yeah i'm not the fastest painter but well 8 hours way too long ><



Then you have the only two guardian that are painted ...  the left one is how i'm gonna paint them from now on and the right one is how i was gonna paint them until I started to paint the Autarch. It was lacking in impact so i took the daemonette hide out for black, on the weapon, i'm leaving it on the helmet.



Their you have a pick of the wraithlord it's pretty old model and the weapon aren't in the good color either yet but it should be change soon enought.



Well there you go, this is where i will stop if you want some extra pick regarding my other army you can find it http://s172.photobucket.com/user/Grizzlykin/embed/slideshow/Warhammer%2040k%20Eldar%20Army"></iframe>]here (http://<iframe width="480" height="360" src="[url=http://s172.photobucket.com/user/Grizzlykin/embed/slideshow/Warhammer%2040k%20Eldar%20Army"></iframe>) but nothing is painted so >< not worth it i think^^

The idea behind this project is to motivate me in painting my minis, if I have a weekly update to do i think i will be more motivated to paint those guy's.

Hope you enjoyed ... even just a lit bit ^^


UPDATE: ok so all the picks are going wrong.. will have to check that out, first time i'm posting image so...
can't do it right now have to go but should be fixed in the evening if i can. sorry about that

Update 2 : there you go every thing should be working now ^^

EDIT: Eldar are not the only thing on this Project blog anymore, You will find tau getting mixed in strating from page 7 this is an edit at the time I'm actually the first few words about tau over there. Feel free to jump straight there if that's what you came for :D
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Grand Master Lomandalis on March 16, 2015, 02:54:36 PM
There are some problems with your pictures.  When using photobucket, if you want to link the images in a post, click on the image from your album.  There should be a list of URL's in a box on the right side, if you click on Direct Link it will copy the url automatically.  Then you just need to put that link in between the IMG tags on the forum and it will properly display the images for you. 

I tried to edit them, but the links you have don't link to the picture themselves.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Irisado on March 16, 2015, 06:13:54 PM
For further help with getting the links sorted, there are a couple of topics which may be of use:

How To Use Bullentin Board Coding (BBC) [how to post an image, and more] (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=93854.0)
How to post Pictures within this section. (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=197028.0)
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: vonny on March 16, 2015, 06:35:56 PM
ye, your picture links aren't perfect. Having said that, I could somehow find the pictures anyway!

I see you have a few vehicles that look like mine... I'd almost find it a pity that you'll be painting them over! haha, just kidding, it would be great to see your army in your colors.
I think the two guardians and the wraithlords would be fine, if you base them. Basing your minis makes a huge difference, and your autarch shows it!

In any case, keep up the good work. Even if you paint 1 mini in 8 hours, you can still do it. (in comparison, I take 4 months for a tactical marine squad. If I'm fast)
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Grizzlykin on March 16, 2015, 07:04:05 PM
OK So everything should be fixed now :)

@Tangi : ty for the tips regarding the direct link this where i had made a mistake.

@Irisado : as stated above my mistake was the direct link. Otherwise I followed the method in your second link that's  why i was not understanding where was my mistake. Because of lack of time and laziness reason I will had the url link later on. Ty anyway.

@Vonny : well I'm super happy to read you. You are a pretty good painter so it's  a pleasure to have you here :) Everything should be fixed you won't  have to take obscure path to find the link anymore^^. Well once i will be done with the color change on the weapon that's  when i will base them and i agree they are far better once based. I have a moonstyle base with some texture paint from gws and a dry paint of pale grey. Regarding the paint, it's because out of the autarch one squad of guardian, the fire prism and the warp spyder  everything is second hand goods. The razorwing, which I'm going to use as a crimson hunter, the falcon and one of the viper were in the same ebay package. Well i do like the ianden paint a fair bit and they are pretty decently painted but I really want to have that cohesive look in my army so I'm gonna stick with my color ;)

If anyone got anything to say go ahead I'm opened to all criticism.

Hope you enjoyed  it a bit ^^
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: vonny on March 17, 2015, 05:33:43 AM
yes, the links work a lot nicer now :)

By no means did I mean you should keep them in the iyanden scheme - a cohesive scheme across an army is far more impressive than one or two well-painted models. Also, I'm personally always proud to say I've painted an army, not that I got it painted from e-bay.

I wasn't sure at first, but now with the pics being a bit easier to see all in line, I agree with you that the purple on the weapons isn't doing them much good. The color balance on your autarch looks much, much better. Keep up the good work!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Dread on March 17, 2015, 06:41:21 AM
Well they look nice. You have that certain Eldar trait working for you in the colors. I will suggest to add some black or white on the guns maybe on the rib to break up the purple a bit. Keep 'em coming!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Cavalier on March 17, 2015, 07:18:01 AM
Nice! I like your color choices really unique. My advice on taking these guys up to the next level would be to try some washes to get some nice shading effects going. Also a bright accent color for the eyes/gems would be great too. I think a bright yellow would like nice for the gems and eyes and a simple nuln oil wash applied lightly around the gems and grooved elements of the armor would give these guys depth.

Thanks for sharing Grizz looking forward to following this!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Grizzlykin on March 17, 2015, 07:15:20 PM
Well they look nice. You have that certain Eldar trait working for you in the colors. I will suggest to add some black or white on the guns maybe on the rib to break up the purple a bit. Keep 'em coming!

Ty about that ^^ i tried my best to get something eldarish going, the orange came from yme-lock color theme but i switch it's place with the grzy and changed the grey for dark red.
As I said in the guardian text, the purple is going to disappear in the color theme, exept for the helmet part, and be replaced by black. It should really give some more punch to the over all army. The only moment i'm gonna use it now is for all the bone like things. I mean things like runik armor on seer, banshee's armor, well you get the idea.

Nice! I like your color choices really unique. My advice on taking these guys up to the next level would be to try some washes to get some nice shading effects going. Also a bright accent color for the eyes/gems would be great too. I think a bright yellow would like nice for the gems and eyes and a simple nuln oil wash applied lightly around the gems and grooved elements of the armor would give these guys depth.

Thanks for sharing Grizz looking forward to following this!

Well i don't think i nneedto say how much I value your opinion, so ty for the kind word. I did try my best to have something flashy that have a unique yet eldarish feeling to it. My background for the army is soon to come aswell :)
 Regarding the wash, i did one... but with a blaze color so it's  not working much. It does give a nice color to the orange but no shadow. Should i use the nul'oil solo or with the earlier said blaze, in a mix to keep the shadow red like. If not, do I need to diluted the nul'oil or straight on it's fine? Should i use some on the autarch and the black aswell? I don't think it would show on the black.
Yeo yellow i thought so, if you look closely the autarch does have some slight yellow hint on the chainsword and his legs :)

Well ty all for stoping by and taking the time to answer. Your advice and comments are precious to me. Wishing to see you all soon again :D
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Cavalier on March 18, 2015, 06:57:05 AM
Just straight Nuln-Oil will do. Agrax Earthshade is also an option if you want a more a more blended shading effect on the orange but straight Nuln-Oil was give you some crisp shading an enhance the lines of the model.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Grizzlykin on April 19, 2015, 03:58:39 PM
Well hello everyone ...  i was hoping to get some battle report in today... but while writing it i noticed that there was few mistake done during the game so I'm just posting the photo of it.

basicly it was a  1285 + 350 ally games in a 2v2  set up. we played eldar 1285 (me) + necron 350 points (my buddy Traqueurs Stellaires) VS dark angel 1285 (a kid that played his first game with marines) + eldars 350 points ( with 3  players that played one after the other).

here are the pic


end of my first movement phase


End of turn one here


this is just after the marines turn 5, all the ennemy eldar are dead at this point, only azrael is alive in the marines and the termy are still in reserve they missed there deepstrike and rolled 5 so back to reserve.

The game ended with our side tabling the other and with the termi still in reserve.

Well the other troublesome things is that ater turn 3  my oppponents got bored so he was not playing much anymore, some other guy's took his place. To his defence he was a kid and at the end of turn 3 he add lost half his army when we barely had lost one vyper, and the fire prism and 1 guardian so i can understand why he god so disheartened.

You might have noticed, i have a falcon partially painted in here, once it's finished totally i will give you some extra pic of it. I just need to do the details and the spirit stone and it should be ready to go :)

Some unit that created a place in my hearth for them: Vyper they were beast and i like the way they can move around fast to get in a good position to fire and still be placed nice for cover (even if i did not use much cover this game). Next is crimson hunter exarch, on the turn it came in i fired everyhting at the serpent, wich had only one hull point left and had shield up, i needed to take him out and i roll 3 2's to hit...  i was so glad i had payed for the exarch upgrade, I will never ever take a non-exarch hunter unless i field more than one. And the falcon was beast this game too SO i'm defenetly having again in my game to come (should work pretty nice with the upcoming dex judging from the rumors).
Other unti that should see a lot of play are the reapers, they did a wonder in this game, i payed for the starshot missile but never had to use them, so that's a drow back but i will surely need them at some point so i'm gonna keep paying for them. They were beast to take out the marine but more importantly the bikes, preventing them from having jinx save was really good. So I'm keeping them in aswell.
Spyder where pretty underwhelming, they sure can move but they did little dammage and got destroyed in a CC that was some lucky role on the enemy side and bad luck on mine but still they disapointed me by quite a lot i have to say. Will need to see in the new dex but judging from the fact i have a lot of them i will probably keep playing them for a while. and I don't think my target priority with those was good either. I have a lot of room for improvements. In every field that's for sure, can't do much with the mistake this game, so once i get some games without mistake in, I will be sure to tell you everythign so that you can help me improve :) if you don't mind to do so of course.

For the other things that are coming up there is, a guardian squad, actually getting painted, the farseer (one day maybe) and the aspect warrior, as I am currently in the process of creating the color scheme, banshee are nearly finished and same goes for the hawk. I'm curently thinking about the spyder and the dark reaper but I think I found :) So you will see this soon (hopefully). And should follow the nightwing painted (reminder i use it as a crimson hunter).

And sorry again for the lack of content over the last month:/

Stay tuned even if it's not really intresting ;)

please forgive me for the bad pictures quality.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Cavalier on April 19, 2015, 04:31:54 PM
Awesome stuff Grizz. Sounds like you guys were having a great time so don't worry about mistakes.  I don't think i've played a game where there were not a few mistakes on both sides. Sounds like you had a very cool mix of units which is nice to see. When you combine all the different elements of the army you don't really need to spam all the power units, theres a tool for every situation.

Also looks like you've done a lot of work on your army. Everything is basically the same color which is cool. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Grizzlykin on April 19, 2015, 06:14:58 PM
Well for the color it's mostly thanks to an orange spray i had but ty for this cavalier. It's always appreciated.

Ilike going with non meta unit as the meta style unit always seems to work bad for me compare to non meta things. I was always an odd ball like this no matter the game >< so i beilieve my list will stay somethings similar to the one I had on the table at that moment^^ btw for those that are intrested it was:

1 farseer, singing spear
1 autarch fusion gun, mandiblaster, warp jump generator, scorpion chainsword.

Two unit of 10 guardians with scatter lazer plateform

1 unit of 2 vyper starcanon/shurican for each.
1 unit of 7 spyder with one being an exarch with no upgrade.
1 crimson hunter exarch with bright lance (i defenetly Love that unit will field more than one some day i think it's really strong).

1 unit of 3 reapers with starshot
1 falcon with pulse lazer starcannon and holofield.
1 fire prism with holofield.

Don't go too far new things to come this week :)
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: vonny on April 21, 2015, 05:31:47 AM
psh, grizzly, you should be a bit kinder to the new kids :P

I agree with Cav though: I don't remember a game played where we didn't do at least some mistakes. Most notably are us forgetting mysterious objectives (We've forgotten them so many times we've now houseruled to just not use them), but other stuff comes in too. So don't worry too much about that, and keep writing up battle reports :)
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Grizzlykin on May 3, 2015, 06:55:00 PM
Hey there yeah new post, i took out the previous one because it was not really suited to be here and put it in the battle report section.

So i bring some painting today everything is still work in progress but enjoy the small update.

First we go, Falcooooooooooooon Punch!! ...  ... no ?  ok well never again then.
The spirit stone are to be done on this one but out of this nearly everything is done maybe the lower canopy need some repaint. the said canopy is fully painted btw because it was already painted when i bought it and I had to paint over it to keep the global feeling of my tank.



And there some aspect, the swooping hawk need some color change, i'm thinking about putting the wing in white. that should make for a more lively model. The sword need to be repainted on the banshee. Détails and highlight need to be done on both.  and maybe a clearer paint on the armor plate for the banshee. Remember that these are all WIP and experiment.



Some guide line i set myself for the aspect. to keep an sens of unity in the whole army, i will always have some orange on the helmet of the aspect. To make the weapon from the aspect stand out a bit they will all, no mater the aspect be painted with base color of Mephiston red. Those are my personnal limitation on those for the colors.

Next time I should bring you these aspect finished, and the other aspect, or my farseer, and the finished falcon. But i don't know when that will be as i should be quite busy for some time.

Well then, see you later.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: vonny on May 4, 2015, 03:08:46 AM
That is some smooth looking orange on that falcon. Well painted!

I also like the balance of colors on the model. Enough of everything to balance out every part of the model.

I also really like your ideas to tie all the aspects together - that should keep a cohesive army. Also, I'd say go for the white on the wings!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Grizzlykin on May 4, 2015, 06:51:52 PM
That is some smooth looking orange on that falcon. Well painted!

I also like the balance of colors on the model. Enough of everything to balance out every part of the model.

I also really like your ideas to tie all the aspects together - that should keep a cohesive army. Also, I'd say go for the white on the wings!

Ty vonny for the compliment but regarding the color i'm sorry to say that the lighting does make for a really good paint when it actually isn't really that good >< Thk regarding the color i was woried when i tried to do it but after put the gun part it happened to do just fine :D

Quick update for the hawk^^  there you go with the finished model


Next should be falcon and guardians, or the finished banshee. See you soon :D
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: vonny on May 5, 2015, 03:36:44 AM
yes, the white wings work perfectly!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Cavalier on May 5, 2015, 06:36:27 AM
Looking good Grizz! You know your paint scheme really reminds me of the scheme used on the cover of the 2nd Edition Guardian boxed set... which is very similar to Forge World's scheme for their Corsairs.

BTW what Craftworld do you play? Is it one of your own making or is it Lugganath?
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar
Post by: Grizzlykin on May 5, 2015, 02:03:30 PM
Well that is a pretty intresting quesiton there cavalier it's true I didn't took the time to devellop the fluff part of my army.

Well then let us get into it.

My craftworld is a personnal and original craftworld. I rescently watched an Anime called Aldnoah.Zero, a step away from the master piece if you ask me. And there is a sentence in there that catch my ears and heart. " Let justice be done throught the heaven's fall. " I kept the heaven fall part and translated the name into Tel'Quessir, I don't really know what it is but well. I like the sound of heaven in Tel'Quessir, wich is Arvandor. So there you go this is my Craftworld Names, Arvandor, the Justice of heaven. that sound a bit pumporous like this now that i think aobut it. On things I wanted to do when i started to play was to be able to say Make it Rain, like rain of bullet i mean. So that's going to be my guide line for this craftworld.

I have a few guide line i would like to use from the list choice perspective. I will go into them as we go through my Craftworld story.
From a geographic point of view, if i may say, My craftworld is lockated somewhere in between Baal and Honorum , not too far from the Perdian Gap. They are often facing against Blood angels and Chaos spacemarine, because they are right in between those two.

If I were to discribe my eldars, I would say they are a bunch of eldar that learned to fight and to use every resources at there disposal to stay alive. Faced with immense foes, such as Blood angles and Chaos army, pretty often they understood that they did not stand a chance when it came to fight in CC compared to bring down you foes before he reaches you. They develloped the Alpha strike and repositioning tactics, and learned to exploit them in every type of battlefield, be it human city or waste land of deserted world. That why the Dark reapers and Vyper are often core to the army. They can fire the opponnent before it get to close and in vyper case reposition on the other side of the fight if need be. When faced with unbelivable threath, the Avatar in the craftworld is woken up and send to fight with the banshee, if you can't gun them down, you just have to face them head on in a fight, after all you are not going to let them kill you just because they reached you.

There is also one things they came to understand. Air support Can be key. Their Autarch, the untouchable Ereden Ohta, is one of the Few autarch to have walked the path of the Crimson Hunter. As long as he is fielded, the Army must field at least one Flyers. Yet even if he walked the path of the crimson hunter, Ereden did not stop there and found himself with the warp spyder. He stayed very close to the temple he visited. Therefore if fielded, Ereden must join with a unit of warp Spyder.

There is one things to know, Ereden did not choose the Path of command, he was made into following it. Most eldar chose a path to keep there mind from wandering. But Ereden did not. He could not follow the righteous path of the eldar, and left the craftworld as an outcast, becoming a ranger. He saw countless battlefield and discovered contless beauty in the star. But one day he got take in by khaine grip. He had been touched by Khaine. As Khaine grip was getting tighter he nearly killed one of the member of his ranger crew. To save his friends and himmself he went back to the craftworld. When he arrived, on the dock was a farseer. Sulrista Arrno was a young farseer at the time he had just started walking on the path of the seer and still had some training to do. But as he was letting his mind wander in the infinity of space he had percieved the pain of Ereden's mind. While the ranger was traveling back from space the young farseer explored the future and while he was looking find that if Ereden followed the path of the Command he would be able to save an important number of craftworlder in an upcoming war (we are speaking about a few century away in the future there), rahter tahn taking the risk of letting this future disapear the young farseer chose to go and talk to the ranger, nearly getting himself killed in the process. The ranger's burst of anger at the eldar that was pretending to be able to tell him what to do, when he had chosen to leave the craftworld, nearly sent the said eldar straigh in space. Well in the end it did not happened by some kind of fortunately transport passing by, or was it really fortunately? Once calmed down Ereden listen to what Sulrista had to say and followed him to a warp spyder shrine. Left at the door with all his things and nowhere to go he had no choice but to step in. Here began his commander path. As predicted buy the young seer, soon after ascending to the autarch position, with the help of Sulrista, that had become a full fledged seer during that time, he defeated a space marine army that would have destroyed a enormous part of the craftwolrd if left untouched. There had begun the Jumping storming duo of Ederen Ohta and Sulrista Arrno.

And that should be ok for some background.  I will had some more later on as  things come in :) what do you guy's think? I'm no good with story righting/ story telling, so forgive me on this.

Edit : just noticed it was more of a character explanation rather than a background for the craftworld. i'm going to rectify this soon  :) just let me put all my idea together^^ Btw you already met Ereden, and Sulrista is getting painted :)
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Cavalier on May 6, 2015, 07:35:44 AM
Thats really cool Grizz. I think that is an awesome story. I love the tale of the Autarch it really sets the tone of for your army. The consideration you gave to your Craftworlds position is also really cool too. Thats a big thing for my Corsairs as well. Man being caught between the Blood Angels and Chaos Space Marines is SERIOUS business. I love how it necessitates a dependence on Dark Reapers it makes total sense. Very cool stuff Grizz can't wait to see more!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on May 6, 2015, 08:12:49 AM
You know man reading that from you put a huge smile on my face :D I know how much your armies is thougt fluff oriented and that's i want to follow if possible. That's why i looked at the model i like and oriented my fluff in a way i would be able to field them. I love my avatar and the banshee model but i think that if they were not played together they would not be very efficient. However, if there is an avatar running with a blob of banshee my opponents will likely try to kill the avatar while the banshee will arrive untouched or if he decide to attack the banshee the avatar and the other most important unit will run over him.
I have 6 dark reaper one of them i need to convert as an exarch, last time i had them i they did wonder with only 3 of them so i think they are going to be awesome as a unit of 6. Maybe i will split them in two squad to have better coverage of the battlefield, i have yet to finish building up/painting  my army. So with this kind of guide line I have a way i want to go. The reapers model are also old one so i can kind of justifies they're apparence by the long tradition in reaper shrine at the craftworld.
Spyder are present aswell because mobility is key against strong cc opponents, if you can out-distance them you can survive.

In battle i will try to emphatise the trust relation between the autarch and the farseer by having them trusting each others back and using of there experience in there respective field to guide the army to victory. Farseer leading the guardians (do we see the premise of a guardian host here?), and the autarch leading the aspect warrior in the mist of battle (do i ear aspect host here? Some fishy things going on out there).

I'm hoping to get the autarch/farseer duo +flyers + reapers to be my armies signature point. In lower point game this will not happen but in 1850/2000 points game, wich is the format i'm looking to achieve at some point, it should be just fine, hopefully.

Well things are of course subject to change if my opponents and i decide to set conditon for exemple no flyer, we will then come up with a fluffy reason not to do so ^^

I will not be at home for a few days so i will not be able to advance any painting. Therefore i might do some more fluff post.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Dread on May 7, 2015, 03:28:50 AM
Now go and post it on Your Eldar Army on the elder section for all to see. (I'd make the link but don't know how)

grumble grumble, now I'm gonna have to come up with my fluff story.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on May 7, 2015, 04:41:46 AM
Heheh I'm sorry dread it's good to see you want to had some fluffy things to your craftworld, your medusa or i don't remember what, really had a few cool color and the back ground seems inyresting so that be great if you could had some :)

I want to had a few things before posting it to the "your eldar army" thread. So not for now :D btw shouldn't i post it in your craftworld background thread more than the "your eldar army" thread?

Should i do this through a link or should i do it by packing all the background post i will make in one whole post?
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Cavalier on May 7, 2015, 06:50:00 AM
Thats all very cool stuff Grizz. BTW I think Banshees can be played very easily without the benefit of the Avatar. Even against toughness 4 models on the charge you will get enough kills to win combat (if not wipeout) and Banshees are now great against units of say 10 Imperial Guardsmen or Tau as well since they are very cheap (same cost as an Avenger).

However if you REALLY want to rock them alongside the Avatar I'd recommend watching some of Scorpion82's videos on youtube. He's a master of using the Avatar (and Wraithlords too). He has the movement phase completley figured out with him and is the master of holding him back till about turn 3 and then moving out and claiming mid-field objectives. If you run him in concert with the Banshees you'll own big chunks of the mid-field. Check him out his channel is a real jaw dropper.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Dread on May 7, 2015, 01:10:58 PM
pics for your army section and fluff in the background section and links would be great too.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Rx8Speed on May 7, 2015, 03:36:04 PM
looking good!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on May 8, 2015, 08:54:29 AM
Well hello guy's as i said more fluff this week :D

I've come up with some Fluffy justification for a few things ^^  so let's get started.

In a Eldar armi, all the unit must work together for them to be able to outclass there opponents, that precision strike and use of the perfect unit for the perfect situation are descision taken by the autarch. The autarch must be respected enought by all the shrine exarch to be able to make them move the way he wants to. In Arvandor Autarch where not like. Neither where they numerous, 2 of them so to say. Ereden who was still training and his predessor, Alrinua. Alrinua was a brillant strategist but never was a fierced combatant compare to an average autarch, his fighting ability was much lower, he had followed the path of command because of his brillant mind but he was nearly traped in this path by the chess game he was playing with the enemy unit and his unit. He had no power and no appeal to the different exarch who never fully trusted him. But that was not the only one they would not trust. The different aspect where fighting and rivalising with each other. Even if paired they would never trust each other's back, and would compete to know wich one was better, going berserk and quitting formation for the sake of foolish pride and war achivement. When Ereden came back to the craftworld and started training, he was alreday sharp with how pepole interact with each other. Ranger have to cooperate as a team while being vastly different in personallity and everyone must do his part for things to work out properly, wich make it easy to have conflict and tension. In the immensity of sapce this is not allowed so you must find a way to get everyone settled. He had become a real master at this. When ever there was a problem in the ship, it was him that the other would come get. So when he came back, the tension in between each aspect was clear for him. When he informed his newly made Friend the Farseer Sulrista, that one only answerd that unifying the army was his job to do as a commander not the one of a farseer.
Left in a pinch and faced with this problem, he had no choice but to overcome it and find a solution to it. There was no way he could rely on Alrinua for this as it was clearly not his field of expertise. So he decided to see everythings from the inside, and then take a decision. He had spoke with Sulrista again and this one had informed him that no war was too come to them before he could finish his training with each aspect. The training was hard and he more than once did not understood very well what he was doing. Yet things went and on the day with was entrusted with the position of autarch he decided to make the step that would lead his craftworld to unity. He convocted every Exarch on the craftworld.  None of them was whilling to do it but a summon from a just ascended autharch is not something you have the right to be doing in eldar society. Ereden waited for all the Autarch to be here before making his entrance getting himself quite a few annoyed glare. He Explained them that this kind of behaviour would no longuer be tolerate and that they will have to follow his order starting this points. not a single one of the exrach expect for his former spyder teacher agreed to this. Getting all exited and yeiling in the room. Slamming his scorpion sword against the wall with the teeth grinding against it, Ereden got himself the silence again. He Explain them he was expecting such an uproar so he had designed a way to settle things. He would challenge every single one of the temple to a duel with there best warrior. If he was to defeat the student the Exarch would have to aknowledge him and follow his instruction. However if he lost, the Exarch would be able to do anything. He wanted during a war. His squad would be free and could pick any target and any fight however they wanted on the battlefield. This was accepted everyone. And There began his fight for unification. Every day he would challenge a new temple, and any day he would perfect his hown technique defeating every single one of the student he faced. He had learn the art of khaine from everyone, he was the closest an eldar could be from what khaine was in combat. After 3 full month of combat, he had deafed every student. In human time this is a pretty long time, but in eldar this was a super short period. He once again convoked every Exarch. There in front of the Avatar room He gave his first Order, competion where to be stopped in the crafworld. Every temple to a bone singer and change there color. Every one from that day should arbour the same Blood Red color on there ritual weapon. This would show that even if they are not used the same way they still are build for the same purpose, bringing death to the craftworld foes. In the next war the Fury and strenght of Arvandor army roared and destroyed there enemy. This marked the start of the legend of the burning blade of Arvandor, lead by the Autarch Ereden Ohta.

@Dread : I will post everything in dew time, as i'm not done yet with the army painting so I think i will post a pick once all the army is painted. Regarding the Fluff i shall post it rather soon but once everything is said here i guess :D

@Cavalier : Well i Know that's not a must but... I kinda want to have them both at the same time, anyway banshee should see some plays in my game at some point :D I like the modeland they are viable again after all :D so i will have field them that's for sure ^^ Next is Stricking scorpion 82 ... I love what that guy is doing. His vidéo are really good and very intresting to watch no matter what army you play that i will have to agree. But He really annoy me with his scorpion + bullamphetamine parrot youtube chain. He already put publicity all over the place in his video, there was no need for him to make people to see the full content of his video. I mean come on i Hardly have enought money to buy minis or paint, if i need to pay to see his eldar battle report that's just too much. I mean come one i watch a bit what he posted on his scorpion + and there is like more than 70 % of his video in there. all the eldar battle report since the codex uptade have been posted ther it's like he is telling the people that watch him for the eldar video to pay him to have them... and that annoy me. even more when i count the number of commercial in his 1h video. Long story short i would like to watch what he does but because he make me pay for it i won't watch it that's as simple as that. I would not care the ammount of commercial if his video were free of fee. There you have my thought. I am thinking the same about Miniwargaming, but to a lesser degree. They have equal ammount of content on the free side of there video at least and, they also have extra super intresting content in there paying video wich justify it in my opionion.

@Rx8 Speed : hey thank you for dropping by, the comments, even if short, are really apreciated.

Next time wich might actually be today, I will come back with the reason the different temple have those color in there armor. That's one of the things i thought when building up there color theme. So i think telling you guy's about this should a good thing :) and might interest a few.

Thank you all for stoping by,  and please come again.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Cavalier on May 10, 2015, 08:04:34 AM
Hey Grizz. Awesome stuff... love the dedication you put into your armies background. Autarchs4Life!

About Scorp82. First off I had no idea there were commercials in his videos. I use Adblock on my web browser so I never see advertisements on youtube (or any other site). Secondly while I understand a pay-site on youtube could rub people the wrong way, as someone whose done a lot video editing I can tell you its VERY lengthy, tedious and frustrating process. Just waiting for the HD video to render (meaning prepping it for editing) can take hours, never mind the hours of actual editing, and filming and the cost of equipment.

Also about the Scorpion82+ channel I guess as an older player whose got the cash for less than $10 a month I think its great value. My brother and I plug the laptop into the TV and watch the bat-reps likes its a movie. I think the quality, enjoyments and hobby inspiration it gives me far surpasses 95% of 40k internet content I find on the internet and the way they stay within the spirit of the game is a great example for everybody of how fun the game can be.

I'm a big time supporter of my favorite youtubers and podcasters (outside of 40k especially) who put out far better content than what you see on TV and in the theaters and without a little fan support the time and cost to produce such great content can make it impossible to continue to produce content. I've seen so many great youtubers, and podcasters burn out and fade away and if they had just gotten a little financial support from all their fans I know they could have continued. But hey if you don't have the money I totally understand your frustration as I'd be dying not knowing what cool videos he's got hidden away! :)
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: murgel on May 10, 2015, 01:18:12 PM
I to loved scorp82's channel.
The work he does is really unique in the field of battle reports with beautiful terrain and excellent editing. However I am saddened to say that his new channel is not available where I live.
Still I always look forward to his free content and feel back stories are great.
His tables are exemplary IMO.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on May 14, 2015, 12:27:16 PM
Hello there people of the internet how are you doing? I'mdoing great, pretty annoy by a few irl things but out of this I am slowly getting my army painted :D

So for today have a look at my newly finish banshee, this will be my color theme for the first squad of this aspect.


So to go along this. I've come with a piece of fluff for you.

Let's begin with the hawk, I guess you all (reader of this post) have seen the hawk I posted a few days ago. This guy's have the color theme of the Blast Approach temple. This swooping hawks have a tradition of attacking thought the dust generated by the explosion created by their fellow eldar allies. The opponnents they faith only see white wing and metal flash before getting completly anihilated in a rain of lazer shot. The temple was created by a young eldar that wanted to make the swooping hawk approach more efficient, he tried incoporating the steath of the striking scoprion into his flight and came up with this approach. That temple have since then always been at the point of attack of Arvandor's strike force, fighting in the midlle of the enemy line before taking flight and reatreating once there obejctive have been accomplished.

The second temple I'm going to lay out before you is the Demon Cry from the Howling banshee aspect. This temple was the first temple created after the eyes of the terror appeared. The crafworld had been facing hordes of daemons for 100 years or so when the temple was created. An howling banshee that find herself being trapped in the path chose to create a temple that would bear the color of the eldar swoarn enemy puppets, Slaanesh daemonets. She thought that she could more easily hide among them and make it harder for them to notice wich was their friends and wich was there foes. Not that it actually worked to the perfection but what is sure is that they were at laest as fearse as their opponents. The Cry of those banshee reasoning on the battlefield was usually sign of dangerous foes coming to the eldar. This temple tactics were based onto the best defence is offence and so they were either running ahead of the pack to kill incoming foes or staying just near the pack so that they could take on the few rushing foes that were coming for close combat fight. They are one of the temple that like the presence of the Avatar of Khaine, with this they become more of the daemons they look up to by there color. Even if they are foes, the daemonette are a good inspiration when it comes to fighting. The Arvandor eldar learned the hard way that their surviving was hard for them. So they decided that everythings they could learn from would be used to learn, even if that mean sometimes becoming a demon on the battlefield.

there you go hope you enjoyed what do you guy's think. Next fluff things should be either my reaper color either my spyder color, or may be the story of the craftworld around the fall, wich i did not tell you yet.

Thank's for reading. And see you later :)
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Post by: Dread on May 16, 2015, 10:28:01 AM
So far so good. Glad you're enjoying this so much, you remind me of me years back, so I live thru ya'lls little stories and try to paint. Been hard with working all the time now. Hopefully I will have some up to show soon. Well done my friend.
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Post by: Cavalier on May 16, 2015, 01:52:15 PM
Hey Griz love the new hobby progress. The paint scheme is very unique and looking pretty dang clean.  Love your dedication to the Banshees as well. Hope you do some more bat-reps when you get a chance... looking forward to your play experiences. I've got no Eldar buddies in my area so I'm always on the hunt for the experience from the frontlines with units I don't use. Keep it up!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 18, 2015, 06:30:59 PM
Hey guy's, what's up? I'm doing fine.

Today it's hobby time :D. I wanted to do this on Sunday but could not finish in time :)

So first i was hoping to bring you my falcon finished but i beslubbered up in the painting of the spirit stone... was my first try and i went totally of track ><. Well once i resolved this i will show you :)

So for now you guys will have to get satisfied with my dark reaper ^^. That's probably the aspect the closest to the original color. I went for black for the armor, grey for the underlying part, purple for some piece and the fabrics. Of course red for the weapon and some orange on the helmet. I just hate doing hightlight on black and i'm not satisfied with mine. If you guys have any tips i would gladly take them. I used white scar and then i washed it with null oil to darken it a bit. Do you think it's just my skill that are lacking.



Please take note for further development that this is a repear from the metal skull temple.

Oh! And there you have a pic with all 3 aspect warrior painted so far.


That will be all for the hobby tonight :D. Stay tuned, update should come in during the week.

@dread thank's friend, your kind words really go to the heart. Well i hope you were enjoying yourself as much as i do because i'm having a great time. Do you like my lil' story cause I was wondering what people thought about it. I'm going to had some more ;) stay tuned.

@Cavalier Thanks buddy :D Speaking about clean them i have all painted/partly painted army sitting on my desk and the other day i was looking at it and i was thinking m: "beslubber yeah this looks fantastic as a whole i defenetly like my choice" ... btw it's far from being slick, the crappy pictures quality helps making it look like so but i'm not satisfied. Eldar buddy... Well I feel less solo in this situation as i don't have any eldar player in my gaming group either, but that's probably because i don't know much people :) So of course I will do batrep when i can but to do this I need to play games wich is difficult to handle with my studies at the same time. I don't think i will be playing banshee any time soon, as i intend to play them in larger points game (than what i'm doing right now), where i can field an avatar without it being too much a point sink, so for now you will have to satisfy yourself with spyder and vyper comments, sorry bro... or not... i just thought a list with banshee... I will need to investigate my ideas. So yep as soon as i get some game in i will be sure to let you know.

Thank again you all for following the adventures of such a crappy painter as myself^^.
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Post by: Dread on May 18, 2015, 11:26:49 PM
Your story has a really nice edge to it. Keeping true to Eldar ways in my eyes. It also has an air to it on how to stop segregation among an immense society.

I've had some bad health issues thru this year but getting stronger and hope to get to painting again soon. I do enjoy it but for some strange reason my once steady hands have begun to shake. Age has a lot to do with it I think. I have been doing some work on my Harli's and conversions on my wild riders, adding in the scat las's and shur cannons. Hope to get more paint done soon.

BTW, you're not a crappy painter. With experience and trial and error you will be able to achieve great things, just look forward, not back.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 19, 2015, 04:56:10 AM
Thank's dread sadly i can't find anything but that's some really kind word you say there. Doesn't this give you a déjà vu feeling?

I kneew you weren't doing to hot this year so i really hope you can get better soon. You are one the person i talk the more when i started on this forum so you are an really important fellow eldar player to me :D
Are you that old that age is getting your hand unsteady?  If that can ease your pain, I'm still young and my hand are far from being steady. May be a lack of technique on my end but i was never the most efficient with my hand to begin with ><

I am still a crappy painter, my level and speed are far from being that of people with as much hobby behind them as me. Well we have to aknowledge the fact that for me it's because i'm more intrested in playing than painting. Even if that's not as much the case this day, posting here and having things to discuss helping in the process, I'm more intrested in the playing part of the game, putting my army and out play my opponents that's where i enjoy myself the most. Please take note that so far I am really not good at this >< too much tunnel vision, but when it works, it feels sooooooo good ! Can't stop liking it. So I'm gonna try and try again more and more to achieve this. But that will be for when all my dude are painted >< wich is far from being the case right now. Seems like the painted one perform better than the non painted one. Well this is not the debat here. To get back to the crappynes. I don't hink of me as a good painter that's why I say things the way I say them. I don't look to much at the past , neither am I looking at the future so to say. What i'm sure is that since i'm enjoying having cool mini's i'm enjoying a lot painting them and taking the time to paint them compare to when i once started the hobby four years back. Well back in the day I didn't know what color i wanted them to be so that does not help does it >< Now things are different^^ So I'm enjoying improving and trying new things on the minis. Only one aspect left and all my color will be figured out, wich will make for some faster paintin starting this moment as it will be industrial painting as I like to call it.

Stay tunned people ;)
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Post by: The Reborn on May 19, 2015, 06:05:29 AM
Hey Grizz,

they are coming along nicely mate. :)

You are not a crappy painter, just have a bit of confidence in yourself and keep plugging away.  Practice makes perfect as the saying goes...

My advice would be to thin your paint down a little perhaps, just be patient and build-up in layers rather than using thicker paint for definition.  Also, try to spray the undercoat in several thin layers, rather than in one go or two goes.  When you paint on jewells, go for a contrasting colour.

Looking good though, keep it up man.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Cavalier on May 19, 2015, 06:48:23 AM
Yeah definitely not a crappy painter. Everybody needs to start somewhere. Trust me you should see of the armies at my store... its not pretty! But even armies that aren't all super-slick looking when they are fully painted, with nice clean application and consistent color choices it makes for a very good looking army and thats all that matters.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grand Master Lomandalis on May 19, 2015, 02:13:41 PM
Grizz, you're being too hard on yourself.  As the others have said, everyone had to start somewhere.  You've seen my recent paint jobs, but you would probably be surprised to find out earlier works were worse than yours... much worse.  I mean, they were beslubbering terrible.  I have nightmares still lol.

Don't worry about painting quickly, that is a skill that comes later and is definitely not one that is needed.  I know guys that spend 10 to 12 hours painting a single model because they want to nail every detail, but those are the guys that are painting for commission or competition.

As Reborn suggested, try thinning down your paints.  The way I recommend doing it is a wet palette.  What you do for that is take a shallow plastic container, a kitchen sponge, and some parchment paper.  Fill the container with enough water that it only reaches half way up the sponge after it has absorbed as much water as it can.  Then cut the parchment paper to fit the sponge and put it on top.  Transfer some paint from the pot to the paper and add a drop or two of water to the paint.  The water will thin it down and the wet palette will prevent the paint from drying out for quite a while.

You may also want to try layering your paints to give some depth and transition to the colours.  You can kind of see it in these (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=228738.msg2747669#msg2747669) pictures, particularly the second picture where it is showing the black side of the Starweavers.  You can see it best on the one on the right how there are distinct lines, each a slightly brighter shade than the last.  I do that with every model I paint, even on a small armour plate.  If you scroll up from there and look at any of the shoulder or knee pads on my Troupes, the blue is done with a 4 colour process.  You can't really tell from the pictures as they don't do the models justice, but the point is the work is there.

I just hate doing hightlight on black and i'm not satisfied with mine. If you guys have any tips i would gladly take them. I used white scar and then i washed it with null oil to darken it a bit. Do you think it's just my skill that are lacking.
Not your skill, just your knowledge on what works.  One way to highlight black is to go with the simple edge highlighting.  Instead of using white, I would say use Eshin Grey.  Personally, I have found that the best way to paint black is to paint it grey instead.  If you go back to the picture I linked, it shows what I am talking about. 

The thing with painting black is that if you just leave it as black it looks very flat.  But light can still make black look different depending on the shading.  The way I do black is to pick an area that will remain black, then I mix in some Eshin Grey to raise the shade a bit and apply that around the area.  I keep following that process until I am painting straight Eshin as the final highlight.  It still looks black on the table, but it shows the definition and curves on the model.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 20, 2015, 05:57:52 PM
... Thank you all for the kind word i beleive i'm because i'm not as good as i would like to be but I know that there is better reference than myself for crappyness. Well looking at my guy's compared to what i was painting 4 years back i surely have improved ^^ I'm just not the guy with monstruous self confidence therefore unless i achieve really good level i will never see myself as good enought.
And I just got the aspect warrior tittle so that boost my confidence a bit aswell :). Thank you all for the support in this thread as it surely helped in the PoC decision, to have you guy's commenting in there :)

So, let's stop here with the thanks and get down to business.

@The Reborn: yep i know contrasting color... don't have one right now, i will need to buy some paint^^ the best i can do for now is yellow but i just though a way to do something blue with the paint I have right know, will do it and tell you how it came out as soon as i can^^. Thining seems to be gold but on ly orange it did nlt work well as the arange was not coveri g anythingtl begi  with and it got worst while diluted. Yet with other maint k shall remember it, tried that on the black a bit bellow it worked nicely. Do you have any tims to hlw thin should a paint be?

@Cavalier I will be sure to make a groum shot once one of my unit of guardian is painted :D I really think that this army color theme work best when together^^

@GML: All hail GML!  ...  what did you expect ;) ok for the wet palette i have a way to do it without the sponge but i was to lazy to do it, seeing how tempeture is riskng fast here in south france, I will surely be more diligent with this starting now :) ok for the thin paint will try it, but do you have a way for me to tell if a paint is thin enought. I shall test that grey things ylu just mentioned but i don't have any dark grey, do you think mixing one up starting with black and adding celestia grey or white scar would do?

Coming in hot just out of paint and because of the excitement from the PoC title here is my wraithlord, did the base and repainted the daemonette hide of the weapon into black to match the changed color theme from what I was thinking to do in the beginning. Please note that spirit stone haven't been painted yet and they shall be soon, once it's done i will post it in the painting challenge and mut a link to it in my next post.



Well since there is a tyranide head lying on the floor in blood i think i will make tbis guy an auto include in my game vs tyranide. Btw i plan to make him a blade on the back of his hand, kinda like in game the monk type weapon, but with no green stuff it will have to wait. My weapon load out will surely change the moment I field him, surely going for starcanon and scatter or starcanon and shurican or the cheaper shurican scatter, plus ghost sword of course but that's not yet decided so I will just wait and see later on what i do :)

For the fluf of this guy, it's power by an ancient autarch that died a few centuries ago, that was named Shalec Sismotu. He had spend most of his time in compagny of dark reaper and stricking scorpion making him as good of a fighter from a far than from up close. He was summoned back from the infinity circuit shortly after his death because he had been recognised as one of the pilar of the eldar force of Arvandor, his battle insight against swarming enemy was second to none in the craftworld. Such a precious eldar was therefore nessecary to the craftworld in therme of strategic opinion and fighting power.

For the Dark Reapers i showed you a few days ago, there temple embodie perfectly the saying : Death comes to what the reaper see. There temple metal mask is here to mimik the avatars one. They think that they are the eyes of khaine. Where khaine stop his glare, only ashes and death remain.

... While redaing again what i just wrote i just thought i had wreaten quite a cool sentence to finish my dark reaper color review ><

Well that will be all for today :) Hope you enjoyed, btw i really loved painting this base and the tyranide head on it (wich was lightning fast to do i was really surprise looking at how good it came out), I think once i'm done with eldar (wich is not before long) I might switch to tyranide.

Stay tuned for the spirit stone rain coming in soon ;)
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grand Master Lomandalis on May 20, 2015, 06:18:14 PM
It's hard to describe how you know when the paint is thinned enough.  I took some pictures to see if it helps describe what I am talking about.

After getting the paint on the pallet, I tend to have it bunch in a little blob like the red on the right (ignore the stuff on the left).

Two drops of water from a paintbrush later, and the paint is more fluid.  You can see that there is less surface tension.  A way to tell if it is enough is if you run your brush through the paint and it forms a little channel behind, it is probably still a bit too thick.  Also, if you get some paint on your brush and lift up, it should not form a little peak where the tip of the brush was.

Like I said, hard to describe.  The best thing is to play around and get a feel for it.  Like I said, a few drops of water can make the difference, but it all depends on how much paint you have transferred.

On an unrelated note, a reason I recommend the wet palette with the sponge (or any other way you can think to do it, which I am curious to hear), is shown in those pictures with the red that is on the left side.  I mixed that for my bikes and then had to grab a bite to eat.  I left the paint sitting there for about an hour and it hasn't dried out.  Hell, if I wanted to I could use it right now to keep painting.

As for the grey, you can add white to the black, though a light grey shade would be better as you still get the tone.
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Post by: vonny on June 1, 2015, 04:55:29 AM
ooh, old school wraithlord. Looks nice!

I also like your dark reaper idea. It sounds ominous, and just like that little bit of extra detail that can make you attached to a unit.

Also: Don't be mean to tyranids. They're awfully nice cuddly creatures, and all you should do is pet them. And if they bite your arm off, just use your other hand to pet them...
No I don't see how this has anything to do with me having over 3k points of tyranids painted up...

Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on June 4, 2015, 02:55:19 PM
Ty for the kind words, and thank for the tips :D

I'm getting in now just a small update.

I had my first victory with eldar ! I mean the first victory where i was alone ! Not back up by anyone wich is super cool !

I played a footdar list vs some imperial Guard. It was 500 points game. I ahd a pretty nice and pretty good opponents, i shall give you a full battle report soon.


Ok onto the main subject. What i wanted to bring was a sneak pic at first guardian squad fully painted, things are getting in nicely, nothings is finished (expect for the 2 in the back that you've already seen once ;)) but I wanted to share it with you.


I will come back in the next update with the squad finished and the battle report :D I also have a top secret project to bring you when it's ready. See you soon !
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Post by: Rx8Speed on June 4, 2015, 03:14:53 PM
You color scheme is reall interesting, it's like your entire craftworld wants to be a fire dragon! Not the worst aspiration to have really. The guardians are coming along nicely, I'm just starting a squad myself. I think some thin line highlights of evil suns on the red and some thin line highlights on the orange of yriel yellow will really bring out the color and depth in a nice way. If you feel like putting in the work you could do:
base(you've done that already) > dark wash in recesses > clean up with base color leaving wash in recesses > line highlight.

looking good keep up the good work and congrats on the win!

P.S. do you plan on doing the gems at all? If so what color? The grey gems that cavalier does would look good I think. So would a light blue gems
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on June 4, 2015, 03:40:30 PM
Thanks, things are getting more and more intresting for me as i'm seing my army getting closer to completion (Even when this wil be finished, I will not have painted a quarter of it).

Humm for the gems i'm thinking about yellow or clear blue, but i have yet to figures that out. It should be changing from one guy to the other, to give them more individual personality, but i'm not too sure about that yet. You are right about the grey I did not though about it but that could indeed be good (Cavalier...  may i ask you for a tuto for your gems ;)). I need contrast with the color I already have that's something I'm sure of. For now the problem is the limit of paint i have at my disposition, will need to by some other at some point (wich should be soon).

I intend to put the amount of time nessecary to make them look good. I need to test out a few wash (need to buy them in order to do that >< ). and a few way to do higlight aswell.
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Post by: vonny on June 5, 2015, 09:28:17 AM
I'd do the gems blue. They're a nice contrasting color to the orange and red you have so far, and would really pop out because of that. If you want to paint them up but not draw attention, you could do them yellow too.
Every bit of progress on a painted army is another little bit. I remember back when I had no fully painted army yet, it was murder getting to that point. But soooo satisfying when you can finally play games with your fully painted army. So just keep at it, you'er doing great!
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Post by: Cavalier on June 6, 2015, 07:36:50 AM
Way to go Grizz. Your army is really coming along! Show us some pics of your standard list when you get a chance so we can see how much you've got finished. Keep it up!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 10, 2015, 04:41:45 PM
OK guy's i got some great new for today :D  I finally put the time to finish my falcon like defenetly i mean may be some retouch right and left at some point when i feel like it but now its fully painted and ready to kick some ass ! So here you go ^^


Sry for the ... kinda bad quality of pictures :D  but there you go.

I'm writing up the battle report about the IG vs Eldar game I did, sooo that should be up shortly.  Let me tell you i won with a 135 point deficit or so ...  he played waaaayyyy over the limit >< and i still won. God bless maelstrom and... and you shall see eveything soon ;) teasing teasing ><

@Vonny : There you go blue Gem ^^  i think it work really well they stand out a lot but not too much either. I used a bit of a weird technique for those. Let me explain the step by step while i'm at it :D

1.Paint the gem black nothing particular here
2.Paint the Lower part of the Gem with skink blue (yes it's a dry paint :D )
2.5. If the gem is big, wash with drakenhof nightshade, and repeat step 2 in a smaller area over the wash. If small gem continu to step 3.
3. Apply a small white dot on the upper part of the gem.
4. enjoy your work ><

The coolest things with this technique is that i's pretty damn fast (did all the tank gem in about 1hour and when i say all it's really ALL the gem), and can probably be extended to any color as long as you have a good wash and a nice dry paint to go along. I'm thinking about refining the process later on will keep you updated of my various try :)

@Cavalier : Your request have been recieved i will be sure to do that ... once I finished my guardian squad ;) Wich is likely to be this week :)

@Everyone : Stay tuned for more update :D

Ps : Yes i totally copied Cavalier way of posting ;) Is there a copyright on the method ?  :P
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Post by: Dread on June 11, 2015, 03:00:25 AM
I love the suability of colors, makes for a really nice effect. Keep it up.
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Post by: Cavalier on June 11, 2015, 07:18:07 AM
That came out super Nice grizz. Ultra smooth and real unique color balance. The gems look boss too- I really like it!
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Post by: Rx8Speed on June 11, 2015, 02:16:42 PM
wow looks real nice!
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Post by: vonny on June 11, 2015, 06:18:39 PM
yay, blue gems! To be fair though, I do think they look really nice, I think you did a good job on it!

it looks ace!

I'm also quite interested in your battle report, so I'll look forward to that!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 15, 2015, 10:48:06 PM
Hey guy's! Today it's battle report time :)

@Ty vonny I appreciate the words. Well for the battle report there you go ;)

@Rx8speed ty man i appreciate the drop by :D

@Dread glad you like it ^^ and thank you too for the words^^

@Cavalier : man to me it's hoght praise coming out of you because color balance wise your army is top notch i think. I hope it's unique, that's the point of designing you own color theme ;)

Ok so let's get to business.
First a few disclaimer: quite a few mistake were made but well that's part of the game. The guy I was playing was new to imperial guard sooooo he did quite few stupid things in my opinion and played quite a huge amount of things not correctly and by this i mean regarding his codex rules. I did my share of mistake aswell. Please excuse the beginner doing stupid things.

Ok so for the game we had set the point limit to 500 pts we both made mistake regarding the point cost ><.
This was happening 3 weeks ago around the time we qtarted the list building competition, so, inspired by the theme i went with a footdar list. Btw i was expecting to play vs marines so that might explain some of my choice.

My list was :

1 farseer singing spear*.

Troop were two 10 man gguardian defender squad, i have no other troop yet so i'm bound to use them as troop choice until I get something else.

For fast attack, I had a 6 man hawk squad with an exarch among them, naked. I wanted the precise deep strike things i tend to scatter way too far with them everytime ><

And for heavy support I had one 3man squad of dark reaper all with starshot.

The total was 505pts with the spear*.

* - I didn't paid for it but durring the game i used it, spure of the moment because the model had it, so that's why it's in there.
My farseer had guide fortune executioner and mind war if i recall correctly

My opponents  went for some real different scale of over points situation. I think it was not intentional but well that still the case. His list was :

1 infantry platoon with
---1 platoon commander in a 5 man guard squad (warlord)
   5 unit of 6 guardsmen 3 of them with sergent in.

That's one first mistake but so far only the squad size are no good.

He then had two leman russ.

One executioner with lascanon and plasma turret.
One punisher with lascanon.

He played the lascanon as a pulse lazer two str8 ap2 shot that was one of the mistake he did.

That was his list the point cost for this without counting the various upgrades in the guards squad i can't remember, was 630 pts. That mean i started the game with 125 point deficit... yep that was gonna be hard. We rolled for game and ended up with mission 4 of maelström, can't remember what  it his, we deployed on the short end of the table since it was  24/48inch table. I won the roll for deployment but decided to let him start. I wanted  to try to play reacting to his positioning rather than the opposite.

Here is the deployment or rather the beginning of his movement turn. Didn't managed to steel back the initiative.
He had everything on table tables and i had my hawk in reserve, i wanted to sky leap them at first but with the absence of good cover or line of sight blocking terrain i prefered to keep them in reserve.

only his tank moved forward at this point.

Ig turn one.
He move his tank and all his army expect for a squad that was sitting in the tower, coming closer to me. In my opinion he never should have advanced with the tank. If you have leman russ you don't move you just shoot. Well that was good for me because that was limiting his fire power. He could only fire with his main weapon and the executioner fired toward my left guardian and the other one fired toward the right guardian. He did nearly no damage on the left thanks to terrain but killed quite a few on the right (only 3 left) they passed moral he got 3 points from various objective cards. All his guard squad except the one in the tower runs towards me.

Eldar turn 1.

For my turn one the objective was get into cover ! And try to kill something ! My left guardian squad enter the batiments court yard wich we decided to count as ruins for the game, and the right squad reposition around the objective and piece of terrain they were hiding behind. The farseer who had joined the reaper cast guide onto the guardian in front of them and fortune on the reaper unit. At this point i was thinking that my reaper were gonna be the enemy focus. I run the guardian further in the ruins and unleash my full wrath at his guard that were just in range. That brought down the unit i was aiming at !  first blood for the eldar. I had no douable card this turn i think or one that was giving me a point for an objective. this made everything a 3 to 1.


IG turn 2 :

He once again move his tank close to me, trying to bear all there fire power in my face. but he should have stayed were he was i think. He shuffle his guard squad a bit but nothing out standing. For the shooting phase, concidering the right guardian squad of no threat he ignored them, only shooting with one guard squad who had nothing else to do. But that did not work, ty cover save. the other guardian squad was not so lucky. Few of them were killed they failed moral and ran of the table. Nothing more to be noticed, he score a few points making it to 5

middle of his movement phase.

Eldar turn 2

Card draw were outstanding. I had one card saying kill the warlord in the eldar type, ofering me D3 victory point if i achieved that. Hawks comes out from reserve thank to the exarch they don't scatter and land in the back field. behind him, negating the cover save he would have gotten from the scattered aegis line we used as terrain.  The farseer and the reaper move in the courtyard casting fortune and guide on themselves. During the movement phase i drop the blast of the hawk onto his commander squad not scatterring and killing all the unit in one swift strike :D  Roll for victory points, 3 ! + the Warlord i Just tied the score! I use the fact that the previous unit i fired at during the movement phase was destroy to fire at another guard squad negaiting it to only one guy, it passed moral. I use my run move to hide behing the tower to avoid the retaliation fire from the tank. The reaper fire at one more guard squad that does not pass moral and flee of the table. He just lost 3 guard squad (nearly) that does not look too good for him. but he still got the 2 russ.

end of turn 2

IG turn 3.

He understood the reaper /farseer where goig to pose him trouble so he fire all the tank wepaon at them without moving. that should have hurted but the executioner blow up 2 of his plasma canon inflinting himself 2 hull point and not firing both weapon, the cover save from the ruins prevented me from losing all my reaper squad.
The other tank firing bring the reaper number to only one and my farseer survive it. He goes down from the tower with his squad and charge my hawk. He did good there because if he did not he would have had his full army wiped by the hawks, insted they will be locked in combat for 2 turn. He had the lone guard join in aswell.

Eldar Turn 3

That's where the fun begin for me. I thought to myself hawk won't do anything for a while so better man up and go for an offensive play ! I take the farseer and last reaper out of the ruins, and move them to get side view of the already hurted russ, if i don't blow him up he will blow me up, was what i was thinking. I tryed to cast fortune but got it denied and failed to get guide of >< that's when i though to myself...  amphetamine parrot amphetamine parrot amphetamine parrot >< and i was right. The reaper fail his shot, and aif it was not for the spear i had not payed for i would not have been able to wreck that russ. Combat continu, with the hawk, no progress still locked in there.

huuu just saying this here the hwk in the back of the picture are dead one, did not noticed they were there before i took the pic ^^.

IG turn 4

That's where things get really tense for me. He moves his last tank to get view of my reaper and farseer (kill them both in the shooting phase) but the price for this kill was that he immobilised himself in the process, combat continu behind the tower, and he does nothing with his last squad.

Eldar turn 4

Well the hawk finally kill there opponent or make them run so to say ( they passed 3 of those or four yeah they were imperial guard i still don't know how they did it ><...),  I use the consolidation move to get behind the tower. To garantee the survivable of the guardian i move them in the terrain the things that comes from a blowed up missile i can't recall the english name sry. My idea was get in the range of the objectives, because i needed it for one card. At this point, we are tied 8 to 8  in point the next turn was gonna be rought !

the hawk not standing on the righ is dead i forgot to take him out as causality ><

IG turn 5 :
Well with nothing more to do he fired every things to my guardians, well that did not killed them, I went to ground and got my 2+ save from the terrain... and i passed like 12 or so of those for only  2  miss ! Wich make one sole guardian standing there or on the ground to be precise >< he passed moral

Eldar Turn 5 : 
That's when you notice that since last turn you have been holding objective 4 when that was your card all along...  and you draw one that say point if a unit is fully destroyed in shooting. You take your hawk and you send them after the lone guardian squad and fire everyhting you can at them. That kill them oyu get on victory point you leave the tank, there is nothing you can do to it you are too far anyways. And then you take that objective 4 points and that gives You the win.


Last turn board :D  alive : 1 guardians, 3 hawk (1being the exarch) and one punisher.

My opponent rolled to see if we were going to turn 6 but he rolled a 2 ending everything on the score of 10 / 8  for the eldar :D  I came home with the victory, I had great fun and my opponents too  so that was overall a great match. 

Unit of the game? the Hawks that's for sure just with the drop in turn 2 they maid it worth, it's possible you will see plenty of hawks, even more since It's possible I'm going to play tyranid soon with a friend of mine that should be joining or have just joined the forum :D  we will be sure to bring you intresintg games when we got time for this and if we can set up a nice match. It hink you guy's will  love the visual of it since is army is pretty cool looking, color wise, but that's all for tonight I shall not reveal more he will do it himself ^^

Special mention to the farseer reaper combo... so deadly and survivable. (with fortune)

Guardian were really really not good, I seriously need to find a pair of new troops to include in my army, because guardian are no good if you don't battle host them or serpent them. since i don't have serpent yet, and not walker/vaulth support battery yet either...

Well hope you enjoyed

See you guy's soon with my guardian unit (there are only to left and i'm done with the first squad of them).
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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 18, 2015, 09:26:54 AM
Hey guy's small update since the last time :) there you have my guardian squad finished :D I don't know yet what will be next, either some more guy's on foot like hawk or spyder maybe, or my farseer... I have yet to deside what i'm doing next.
please enjoy :D


Will provide you with complete army pick soon not at home so I can't do it just yet ><
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Post by: Cavalier on June 18, 2015, 02:03:07 PM
There ya go Grizz. Looking good, I really like the color balance. Are you just trying to get these guys tabletop standard? Cause it looks like you could run a wash over their legs and highlight there, but it may just be the photo. Either way they look good. Keep it up!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 18, 2015, 03:54:44 PM
@Cavalier thank for dropping by and leaving this kind words. so about that wash, you don't see it very much because the pictures pretty bad but, I did various wash test so there is wash in there it's more vible on some than the other but i did it for all of them. The last were done in fuegan orange, it gives a nice color just a bit darker than the orange of the guy. So it's really a stealthy one if I may say.

I don't especially aim for tabletop standard for the army but guardian is one of the unit I concider stopping using once the full army is painted. That's why i invest a bit less time in those and to tell you the truth i was getting quite fed up with those guy's seeing how i was not making fast enought progress to my liking. That's why I haven't done any highlight on those guy's as well. So the idea is to paint as many things as possible for some time and then come back to the things is skipped on to make for some better quality, I don't intend to keep this level of quality for the aspect warrior just on the guardians for the time being.

Here is some fully paintedness while i'm at it.

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Post by: vonny on June 22, 2015, 03:50:28 AM
I really like your color choices, it balances out really well I think. I also really like those eyes on the guardians, they pop!

And I think it's a good idea to paint an army ready for tabletop, and then going back over to improve their looks little by little. It gives you a playable army fast and then an even better painted one over time!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 22, 2015, 01:37:43 PM
Thanks vonny and i agree with you the yellow eyes really look beast! I kinda tried it at random and it was like... mother of god this is soooooo good!

Ok enough with sending myself flowers, let's get to business small input for today. Before i bring you a full army pick I want to finish these two guys so that you know where I'm heading with 

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Post by: Grizzlykin on July 6, 2015, 07:57:57 AM
Hello guy's coming in hot with some update and question. There was not much I did rescently so it's really all WIP, but I seek some help.

First here have my just started Razorwing, count as crimson hunter.
That's really a begining there is plenty to do but i just wanted to show it.

Here, have some of my spyder and farseer. I haven't done much on them, was lacking paint for the farseer and the spyder is a problem right know.

So, As I was saying, I have a problem with the spyder.  I'm totally not happy with it. I mean I can't find a color to do them as. I would normally have painted themp with red but with the red weapon it will be too much so right now, I'm in a position where I don't know where to go and it's been a week. I can't find anithing that I really like so it's frustrating... Do you guy's have an idea for this?
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Post by: Mr.Peanut (Turtleproof) on July 6, 2015, 09:14:12 AM
I respect any painter that makes bold color choices and you're improving quite a bit.  The Falcon is my favorite of your work so far.
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Post by: vonny on July 7, 2015, 09:58:35 AM
What is it you don't like about the spyder? Is it just the blue that's not looking good to you? Is it something else?
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Post by: Grizzlykin on July 7, 2015, 10:28:13 AM
@Mr.Peanuts : Thank you very much :D the falcon's also my favorite so far ^^

@Vonny : Huu i would say the color seems totally off, compared to the rest of my army :/  I don't feel it's good, the blue would be better on the fire dragon i think (not full blue btw). To me the blue was going to be my "warp color" but it really doesn't fit. Perhaps i should try them with purple, ( darker than the banshee thought ) or yellow perhaps, i don't know anymore ><
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Post by: vonny on July 7, 2015, 12:56:03 PM
how about grey?
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Post by: Rx8Speed on July 7, 2015, 01:39:41 PM
Nice conversion work on the crimson hunter! What are you going to use for a pulse laser?
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Post by: Grizzlykin on July 7, 2015, 05:25:41 PM
That's not a conversion Rx8Speed  sorry to disappoint. It's straight out model. But indeed i need to find something for the pulse lazer.

@vonny i here you vonny. I thought that aswell. I lack grey choice in my paint that might be why i did not venture furher onto that path. What so you think would be best then a light grey or a dark grey? I would rather go light grey i think. I have celestia grey in here, it should do the job quite nice. With some shadow with nul oil it could be great i will give it a try.
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Post by: vonny on July 7, 2015, 05:49:47 PM
I did think light grey too. Would be able to work well with the red too.
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Post by: Cavalier on July 7, 2015, 09:32:06 PM
Nice work as always Grizz. I'm really liking what I'm seeing. I'd go with Vonny's suugestion as well... if I ever get a chance to do some real Warp Spiders I'm going with a ghostly celstra grey Spiders as well. The descripiton in the 2nd ed. Eldar dex of the tiny wraith spiders crawling about the Infinity Circuit always impressed upon me a more ghostly pallet for them. The bright red color scheme, classic as it is, never made sense to me. I'd go with Vonny's suggestion all the way!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on September 7, 2015, 09:54:53 AM
Wait is that finally an update for the Grizzly's eldar?  yes it is and it's small but packed !

Let me tell you i've done a lot of game during this vacation i come back with a 4 win and  1 lost game. 4 win being over 2000 pt and the lost being on a 1250 game, i'm going to try to make short be efficient battle report for you guy's.

here are some preview of the game picture :


Next is I haven't plainted much for a long time and i just rescently got back to it so you will have some updated for it.

For now here is what i have done new ^^

I also bought a few dude to had to my collection so expect even more painting :D
Oh and one more thing regarding the painting, i decided to go for some really really fast painting now and to come back later for the retouche later on, i really want to have the full army on the same page for color. Therefore don't expect massive apint skill for a long time

I have a question regarding modeling thought, I intend to magnetise the wraithlord, because that guy is sure the be switch around with weapon quite a few times, therefore i would like to ask you guy's do you know a way to take out the glue and paint without destroying the plastic kit?
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Post by: dog_of_war on September 7, 2015, 10:23:28 AM
I've found Simple Green dissolves a lot of plastic glues I've used in the past. Even models I've built over twenty years ago came apart after soaking them in an pure strength solution for a few days up to a week.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on September 7, 2015, 10:27:58 AM
And the plastic takes no dammage ? and where can i find that btw ><
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: dog_of_war on September 7, 2015, 11:28:37 AM
Save to use on metal, plastic, and resins. Strips paint very well. In Canada I get it at Home Depot, but any hardware store should carry it.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on September 7, 2015, 12:41:55 PM
is it the super green cleaner or the super green laundry things, i'm in france i don't belive it's imported, so i think i will have to try out some things.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: dog_of_war on September 7, 2015, 05:20:36 PM
Bummer because this stuff is worth its weight in gold.

Buy Simple Green - Simple Green® Ready-To-Use All-Purpose Cleaner (http://buy.simplegreen.com/all-purpose-cleaner-rtu-32-oz)

Not sure if they ship to France, but even with a 32oz bottle I striped the paint and glue from about 2000 points worth of orks that were more than twenty years old. If they do ship, the shipping costs should be well worth the cost.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on September 7, 2015, 05:34:24 PM
Thank you about that, i have a wraith knight waiting to be magnetised and to achieve that it must first be broken to pieces.
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Post by: Cavalier on September 7, 2015, 05:47:28 PM
Hey there Grizz looking good! Those Vypers look excellent. Your paint scheme looks awesome on the Eldar vehicles. The Falcon should look nice alongside those Vypers. Congrats on the wins, always nice to add a few to your record.

Yes I vouch for Simple Green as well. I've used it on EVERYTHING including Forgeworld. I've heard of "Purple Power" in Europe as well but don't quote me on that. If you can get Simple Green even off of Amazon or Ebay I'd highly recommend it. I've left stuff in there for years and its perfectly fine.

Anyway keep it up man and keep painting its so rewarding when you get your force tabletop ready.
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Post by: vonny on September 9, 2015, 12:16:17 PM
nice to see those battle pictures. Lots of grey plastic still, but that happens.

Also very nice to see some more xenos armies there. Nids, orks, eldar and Blood Angels isn't a bad score at all!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on September 23, 2015, 04:00:30 PM
Thanks as always for your comments, and looking forward to some updates to your own projects!

Now you've done it !  so there you go small bat report :  2000 pts games vs ork.

Let's start, my friend was playing a pretty uncommon ork list because most of his things was coming out from various blackreach box bought on the internet,

He was having something like a stompa (is that things called a stompa?), a mek with shokatagun (i believe it was that or the things that throw snotling at the enmey throught the warp basicly), i belive it was  5 squad of 20 boys with few upgrade i don't remember, and 3 squad of 6 nobs.

I was playing a weird list of mine, like always I would say, even if now it's starting to get somewhere.
1 autarch with warps jump, scorpionsword and mandiblaster, 1 farseer with singing spear and stone. For the troop i had two guardian squad, with bright lance I believe, joined buy a warlock in each squad, for fast attack i had a sqaud of 6 hawks and a crimson hunter ( exarch or not i can't remember), for heavy suppport i had a fire prism and a falcon with scatter lazer, shurican and holofield for both, had a wraithlord dual bright lance +sword. I had an avatar as lord of war and warlord. I also had a aspect host formation with 2 warp spyder squad with twinlinked death spinneron exarch, and one squad of 2 reaper and exarch with tempest launcher.



The table was rather small in so we had to ake a bit a of Cranked deployment i would say.
he had deployment so he did deploy first, as shwn in the picture above, I deployed accordingly to this on the other side trying to utilise cover save for the farseer + reaper he had joined. the tank where in the midle to try survive the bigg stompa and i was trying to have them not too clost to each other to avoid getting all of them out in one big blast of the big dude. I placed my avatar facing the stompa and with the wraithlord as support i was hoping he could do somthing aobut that big ass walker. Fun fact i stole the initiative, he actually is the borther of the blood angels player i often play, an i stole the initiative in 3 out of 4 games i played versus the either of them ><.

Eldar turn one, the basic is move everything forward i don't like hugging the back field so there was no way i wouldn't do this. i move my avatar up to hug terrain aswell. My reaper and various tank put a huge dent in the his troop downing one of his troops enought for a leader ship test, wich he fails and they run of the table (well technicly they ran of during his turn but the ending is the same). out of this a few hull point on his big dude, one i believe. Ah and things to note durning the psychic phase i try to cast the apoc blast of the farseer on his troops wich would have been huge but even with the use of 6 dice and the stone i don't cast it... that was a huge annoyement for me as i could have basicly wipe half his army in one turn.

end of turn one for eldar

Ork turn one, well nothing much to note few guardians died, few leader ship test where done and succeded. Ah no i forgot to mention THE beslubberING WIPE of my farseer and reaper by the stompa in one and only damn shot ! We had a good laught with this btw even if i was like completly destroyed by it. and his mek completly wifed wich brought more laught as it seems this dude always either scatter miles and have hgt strenght or don't scatter and have a 3- strenght ><, ok vs eldar it's still dealling dammage but seriouly concidering it's 2d6 str it's a shame.
He charged my avatar with his big dude, and i delt more dammage to him than he did, i saved all the wound he did until the pour 2 stomp wound got throught, while I did 3 or 4 hp of dammage while forgetting i had extra dice for penetration.

Damn i posted that without finishing >< well the end to follow twomorrow then ><
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Post by: Grizzlykin on August 1, 2017, 11:12:15 AM
Hello hello hello hello hello hello helloooooooooooo everyone!

It certainly been a while since I last posted anything in the forum and even longer in this blog. Well this might be concidered necromanci but I do intent to revitalise this thread and get back to you with some juicy painting... ... ... ...  Well, IF the weather allows it! I'm living in the south of France and righ know the average hotness of the Day is rougly 30degree celcius, wich is not a healthy tempeture for painting.

That said I hereby here in exclusivity (not for cav though hé already knew it :P) announce that I AM BACK! No more calm, no more dead eldar post, the tornado incarnated, the storm of the forum, the spammer hiding it behind somewhat correct question, the one and only Grizzlykin is back!

Oh and for those wondering why I was MIA for 2 years I'm gonna say it was a healthy, or not so much, coktail of college diploma and video games. Btw I'm a 3d animator so if anyone is intrested In my gradution short film, I will had that in the next post.

The Grizzly OUT! 8)
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Cavalier on August 1, 2017, 11:33:00 AM
ALL HAIL THE TORNADO! The legend is REBORN. So glad to see you back on the forums bud. Been waaaaaay to quiet without you. Can't wait to see what you are gonna cook up next. And yes! Send me a link to your film project I cant wait to see it. And again.... ALL HAIL THE TORNADO
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Post by: Alienscar on August 1, 2017, 12:46:38 PM
the one and only Grizzlykin is back!

Holy moly you took the words out of my mouth Grizzlykin.

The forum member so nice that even when he is MIA he still gets two votes (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=230119.0) for being the nicest member. Welcome back Grizzlykin.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on August 2, 2017, 06:57:25 AM
You guy's are nuts, barely an hour after after my comeback you are already praising my return. You have great expectation of me and I shall not disapoint.

Here you go Cav Mercury Race on Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/224647690) That's my gradution project. Not my vimeo account though, one of a friend. I did the animation, the rigging and the modeling for a bunch of props.

Coming up next here should be either some painting if the weather cool down a bit or some battle report my firend and I all have holydays around now and next week so a lot of 8th game should be played soon. So wait for it ^^.

Grizzly OUT!

Ps: I have immortalised your praise in my signature
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Post by: Cavalier on August 2, 2017, 07:04:34 AM
DUDE! That is so SICK! Wow man so professional. I'm blown away by how awesome that is. Wow... seriously man. Super talented... phenomenal. Make sure you continue to share this stuff I love it.

Also my comment DESERVES to be immortalized. lol  8) 8) 8) Great stuff man keep it up!
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Post by: Alienscar on August 2, 2017, 09:54:22 AM
for a bunch of props.

Well here is some more props. That video is awesome.

Whilst I have no idea what rigging entails or the amount of time needed to model something like that but the end result looks brilliant.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on August 2, 2017, 10:31:55 AM
@Cavalier: ... What a reaction!! You are way to hyped ! At first I thought you were mimiking my way of talking in your project blog and moking me ^^ And then I understood you were way to hyped. Glad you liked it.

@Alienscar: when I said à bunch it really is more a couple than a bunch, there was an other Guy in the group doing that more thzn me because I had other tings to do. I did the character though even if the end credit says otherwise. The modeling/sculting was on me, but for the color and texture, I did not do a single thing. First we had guy dedicated to that, and second I'm absolute garbage at it.
Rigging: is the act of creating a skeleton system (or a control hierarchy) to allow the animator to animate (that's my job btw, I'm an animator) and controling the deformation this system will apply to the actual object.

Hobby related info x I have two warp spyder paint scheme as WIP, I don't believe i posted any of them yet, so! This should be in my next update once I get some quality photo in. I will be awaiting some return about that. Because one of thèse scheme'I am not so happy about it yet. Expect that soon:)
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Post by: Ynneadwraith on August 2, 2017, 08:12:52 PM
Man that video is really cool :) I remember doing the faintest bit of animation in school and finding it mind-bendingly difficult at the time so massive props :)

Also, going to betray my nature as a hopeless petrolhead here but great choice of engine noise ;) I'm going to hazard a guess that it's one of those screaming small-displacement F1 cars from the early 70s. 1.5l Matra V12 or something like that, given the country of origin...

Back in the room...

Looking forward to seeing some paint!
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Post by: Dread on August 3, 2017, 01:21:13 AM
Welcome back! And I must say what an entrance. The video is way cool, probably more to me being a motor head myself. Bring more when you can.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Cavalier on August 3, 2017, 08:43:23 AM
lol... no way would I mock you bro. I'm a monstrous animation enthusiast. Huge fan of late 70's and 80's anime like Captain Harlock, Queen Millennia, Space Adventure Cobra, the original Mobile Suit Gundam and Shinzo Ningen Casshan which I just finished. I've got several hundred dollars worth of old animation art books too. My army is even themed off of Char Aznable from Gundam and Rodimus Prime from Transformers and I was also a film major in college so the hype was REAL! Anyway killer work bud, so, so impressive. Cheers bud  8) 8) 8)
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Post by: Grizzlykin on August 5, 2017, 07:41:46 AM
@Ynneadwraith Thank for the heads up^^ I love animation and my mind works really well with the mechanics of it so I can say I'm kind of gifted for it, BUT if you asked me to do some texturing and shading you found the wrong guy, I find this mind-bendingly difficult :P 3 years of 3D and I have yet to find the tric for it.

For the sound I regretfully can't answer you. The guy who did the sound was not from my school so I don't know what he used. Plus we had him make it more toward the bass because it was way higher pitched at the beginning. So I really can't tell. I'm a petrol head myself but my petrol head hearing is defficient so sorry I can't help.

@Dread Thanks Dread for the warm welcome it's been a while how have you been? (Last time I was there you had some health issue if I recall.) Glad to hear you enjoyed that animation. I will had some 3D project to this blog if they are cool, if you want :). Nothing really impressive to show for now So I'm gonna wait a bit.

@Cavalier Ahaha! Well you certainly wrote 'that' the same way I usually write, the over entusiast kind^^. Thanks for the hype again. The day I find a job in Canada, expect me at your door step with mini's and a thrist for old animation art book then (and I am bound to find a job in Canada at some point just a question of years, months may be, even if unlickly).

OK let's stop idling around, and let's get into the meaty stuff. New WIP! The one I promised and a new one I wanted to give a try because of some inspiration found on the internet. :D

Here we go:


Some explenation required:

The Spyder first, 2 style for two squads. One Dark with purple and Red à second more colorfull and bound to have some change. I'm not happy with them yet. I bought some paint yesterday to make the nessecary change. We are speaking about the Grey one here. First is I'm going to stop using null oil for the shadow, instead I will be using some Guilliman blue, the Idea I am going for this one's are a bit of etheral ghostly theme. Therefore once the shadow are done, I will be adding some edge highligting with some very, very light caledor sky mixed with White (1 to 3 or 1 to 4), and an over highligh with some more punchy blue horror. Do you have an idea for the details color? I don't like them like that. Gun will have the end black like the other spider, head will not stay purple I don't like it at all,and for the rest I don't know yet.
The other Spyder is heading where I want it so it's unlikely they will change much. Details and highlight work is what's next.

Onto the unexpected then, the Fire dragon. It's a very very very very early coat of paint done with poor lighting. BUT the Idea is getting there. The plan is the under part of the armor will be black and the armor plate will be yellow going towards orange. Don't mind the Pink/purple IT WILL NOT STAY. This dragon are second hand model, this is the color they had befor I began painting them. The end goal for my dragon is something like this:

Hopefully the link works, preview button does not react.

The only change I will do are red weapon to match my other aspect and the helmet orange, like the style I use for other aspect (reminder, painting rule for my army: aspect must have some troll slayer orange piece somewhere and the weapon in mephiston Red).

There we go. As I can't really do detailed paint because of poor lighting condition, let me say my next update sould be a vehicule, Serpent probably. I can slap paint on bigger surface easier even with less than ideal lighting. So expect that.

Hope you like the very small, but very meaningfull for me, work I had to show you today.

See you soon folks! 8) 8)
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Post by: dog_of_war on August 5, 2017, 08:35:39 AM
I'm loving the unique colour schemes, particularly the warp spider in the middle. It's going to look killer once you get some washes on there.

Looking forward to see how your project progresses.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: magenb on August 5, 2017, 09:42:05 AM
I found Guilliman blue does not work in the same way as nulon oil does, it works more like a paint if that makes any sense.  It doesn't really water down very well either. I did find regal/kantor blue watered down fairly well and could be used like an old ink/wash to get into fine detail, I used it for scaly skin type of things like corsair cloaks.

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Post by: Grizzlykin on August 5, 2017, 11:09:43 AM
@Dog_of_War - Thanks for the kind words, hope it's gonna be as beastly as I hope it will and as you hope as well^^

@magend - Oh? Thanks for the Info, I will give a shot to gulliman blue to see if does what I expect it to do. If it does not work I sill see with your technique. Thanks.

Small update, here is the beginning of the painting my Fire prism hull. Gosh do I hate painting this orange, but god does I love it when it's done. If I may suggest you, do not ever choose "Troll slayer orange" as you main color. I think I'm gonna try to look around to see if I can find an equivalent in some other paint distributor range of paint, even if only as a first coat before doing a last one with troll slayer.


There we go. End of short update.

See you later.
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Post by: Dread on August 6, 2017, 03:46:33 AM
Wow, thanks for remembering. Health is better now just cramping hands. The nice thing is the shakes seem to be gone. So a give and take.

I do love the color ideas your using. I think maybe Azureman blue wash might be what you're looking for. I use it and love how it works. The orange and maroon is so complimentary, can't wait to see the finished product.
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Post by: Cavalier on August 6, 2017, 08:05:08 AM
Aww man. Excellent, excellent stuff Grizz. The Falcon in particular looks brilliant. I also like the purple + orange Warp Spider. Thats a nice color combo. I look forward to the yellow Fire Dragons too. Averland Sunset is a brilliant paint. It soooo easy to work with. Y'riel Yellow and Flish Gitz go on super easy as highlights too, so it'll be a million times easier to work with than Troll Slayer.

Yes. Troll Slayer is the WORST to work with. Absolutley horrible. I do not know why its so thin... every other orange goes on so much easier... but its sooo nice looking. My first commission ever was a Revenant Titan and of course... it was in Troll Slayer. As a preview to my tutorial for you... try using Squig Orange as a base. You can even prime it Mephiston Red if you have the primer to make it even easier. Thats how I did the Yncarne.

If I'm not mistaken Montana Gold has an equivalent spray primer... and I'm sure Vallejo has an equivalent for brush painting.

Anyway super nice work my friend. I'll have that tutorial up for you soon.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on August 6, 2017, 03:10:32 PM
@Dread: Glad to ear that man, it was something I was wondering about while I was away. You were one of the member that welcomed me the warmest back when I first arrived, so seeing you not going well wasn't much to my liking. Really happy you are doing better.  8)
Thank for the paint suggestion I'm gonna as is for now ant if it's not working I might give a try to Azurmen blue yes ^^

I'm not sure what you mean by marron, probably because of the lighting, because it's orange and khorne red.

@Cavalier: Yeaaaah thank for the time investement on your end. Your commitement to the well being of my army shall be remembered! I will go right ahead and paint a very thin coat of mephiston Red on my Avatar right away!

Huuu wait... I Just read again your comment, do I paint the base for the Avatar squid orange? Or mephiston Red? I'm confused><  ??? :o

It's not a falcon it's a Fire prism don't you read ? :D Glad you like it non the less, will be adding some red and black if I got the time today or tomorrow ^^
Ahahaha you thought I had thought ahead with the dragon? You were wrong... I don't have any pot of averland sunset only a spray and it's to hot for that here... Sadly. I will buy a pot of averland next week then, I should drop by the store on tuesday, if you could tell me the paint I need for the Avatar as well, that would be wonderfull, like that I can get the one I don't have right now.

OK, So didn't have time to paint today or yesterday, so expect something once I have added some color to my tank ^^ And maybe some other stuff if I feel like it. I really have an ectic schedule when it comes to painting, I begin a lot of things but I don't finish much :P
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Post by: Stormbane on August 6, 2017, 03:57:24 PM
Awesome to see you posting again Grizzy, and it's great to see you cracking on with good early progress. The Fire Prism is looking eye-poppingly cool so far; it's such a striking colour scheme. I just can't believe (like Cav) that you're choosing to work with Troll Slayer Orange...it's up there with Stormhost Silver as my 'Come The Apocalypse' paints to use extensively in a scheme. Really brave, and I hope you pull it off.

Great to see you back and full of hobby. Great stuff!
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Post by: Cavalier on August 7, 2017, 08:13:21 AM
Hey Grizz. So let me hook you up with that tutorial.

The Avatar of Khaine is super easy. Black Primer, Warplock Bronze Base, Balthazar Gold on all the raised areas (like the on raised parts of the musculature) and on all the blades. Edge highlighted with Sycorax Bronze (though you may be able to use Retributor). Boom! Done! The hair is simply Wild Rider Red with Carroburg Crimson Wash. Super easy!


The Yncarne is also simple but it does take a far bit of brush work. So Mephiston Red Primer on the Yncarne, Black Primer on the Flames. I assembled and primed the whole thing black and then just blasted a few puffs of Mephiston onto the body of the Yncarne. Then... I put a heavy Nuln Oil wash on the body of the Yncarne. Hit the raised parts of the musculuture, armor, face etc. with fresh Mephiston from the pot. Then on those same areas I highlighted them using Squig Orange (see the picture to get an idea of where I layed down the Squig Orange... I leave a sort of rim of the previous colors as I highlight by each step).  Then highlight again with Troll Slayer. Just a tip on this... I just do multiple quick layers. Troll Slayer seems to build better in multiple layers instead of big thick coats. Then Fire Dragon Bright. Then finally hit it with Bloodletter Glaze... and then hit the super fine details with Fire Dragon Bright again.


The flames are basically the same process, but really just with dry brushing. Where the flames are most prominent I got in there and did them very carefully, but you can be fast and loose during the flames to try and give it a natural vibe.

Anyway bud hope that helps. Its a lot easier than it sounds on the Yncarne trust me. As you paint it, you'll see the natural spots to pick out to highlight to the max. Remember only pick out the most prominent spots to highlight all the way (and make sure you show the transition of colors!) Alright bud if you have any questions let me know. Good luck!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on August 10, 2017, 04:58:41 PM
Hello everyone, I had planned to bring you some hobbis style things first, but the next things to come will be a bat rep. Please be indulgent with me, as this bat-rep will sadly have to compete with Cav's bat-rep coming soon, and I would rather not get compared to much because it will hurt my pride ><. (not that there is much pieces of it left anyway).

Let me first answer a few things:

@the people that do not read: >:(  I. SAID. IT'S. A. FIRE PRISM. >:( The one in progress at least, IF  you were refering for the older tank, then sorry I done goof with understanding. With that out of the way for the update, it's still in progress but I don't have a picture at the moment. So once it's a bit more advanced, I will come again.

@Cavalier: Thanks for the tutorial ! I don't have a red primer so I will be painting the mephiston red straigh from the pot. I got a large brush for the first base coat that should work nicely. You will be seing some of this in the futur that's for sure.  8) 8)

@looshkin Glad you dig the army, thanks for droping by aswell. Let me had a small note. I did not choose Troll slayer, Troll Slayer chose me! How shoudl I say, I was looking for my color, found an orange army loved it searched for the color I wnated found troll slayer loved it, and since then I have been regretting that choice as the main color from a painter perspective not from a final prouct perspective ><. It's freaking hard to paint, but it trains you so mcuh that when you paint other colors it feels like it's magnificiently easy to do.  8) That said I love the orange at the end result. Why don't they have an orange as base paint so I can put it as a base then over paint with troll slayer. I will soon be giving it a shot with averland sunset I will tell you all if it works.

@everyone: Did I stole this presentation from Cav? Shhhhh don't say it ! The weather as gradually been cooling down these last few days, so I might be able to spray paint a large portion of my army. WICH WILL BE A GOOD BASE FOR THE TROLL SLAYER :P I was thinking about bringing you the bat-rep today, to tired for that now, going to bed then, I will post it tomorrow. So expect some 500 pts eldar versus ork bat-rep. That was one hell of a fun game for me and my friend, and I hope you will be able to enjoy it aswell once it's out.

Here have a small token of preview.

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Post by: Cavalier on August 11, 2017, 09:53:37 AM
Hey Grizz. That board looks super cool. But dear lord get some LOS blocking terrain on there! Its really important for 8th.  ;D ;D ;D

Also never hesitate to upload a bat-rep just because I am! The more activity in the Project Logs, the better!

Also good luck with the Troll Slayer my friend. Can't wait to read the bat-rep!
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Post by: Ynneadwraith on August 11, 2017, 11:03:20 AM
I do wonder whether some GW paints, especially lighter ones, are designed to be that thin to sort of approximate a wet-palette without the wet-palette. Designed so that you can blend them into a stronger colour straight from the pot.

It's the same with Runelord Brass. Try and paint that straight over undercoat and it looks awful, but paint it over Leadbelcher/Warplock Bronze and it ble ds itself with minimal effort...
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Post by: Grizzlykin on August 11, 2017, 05:57:03 PM
@Cavalier: Oh don't worry I don't ask myself if I post something when you do because, if I did, I would not have posted anything to begin with.

@Ynneadwraith: Yes it does feel that way with troll slayer. Since it's called a layer I'm not to surprised though, it's in the name. Well troll slayer work best so far with a load of thin coat of it. What ever the color under, haven't tried yet with red but with either iriel yellow or ratskin flesh, nothing really seems better, it's better than pure black primer that's for sure.

@Everyone: Cav mentionned the board so here, have some info about it and the rules for the game.

About the board, it's a gaming mat from gamingmat.eu 48*72 inch (we played on 48/48), if I'm not mistaken (not mine), and 2 set of macrage basic terrain. About the LoS blocking terrain it's something I was thinking aswell, but concidering what we had (at our disposal) it was not possible. I will need to discuss that with my friends for the next few games. For cover we decided to go with: if you are on it you get cover, and if you stand just behind it you get cover aswell. Ok let's roll then.


ELDAR CRAFTWORD VS ORKS ! 500 pts, no real scenario to speak of. We only played for the fun, no kill point just a basic: Slay the warlord, line breaker first blood and it's all. (now that I think about it should have played with some kill point aswell.  We didn't have the big rule book at hand so it was hard to determine what to play.

Onto the list then.

Eldar was:

Batallion (3CP) - 500 pts
 - Hq: 2 (separate) Warlock - Singing Spear
 - Troops: 10 guardians (shurycan plateform), 10 gardians (scatter platefrom), 6 dire avenger (5 +1 exarch double Avenger shurycat)
 - Fast Attack: 6 Swooping Hawks (5 + 1 Exarch with Sunrifle)

Orks was:

Batallion (3CP) - 500 pts
 - Hq: 2 Warboss with mega armor(not sure of the english name but 2+ save) - Energetic claw(?) and Fling Kustom (or something like that).
 - Troops: 10 Boys, 10 Boys (Big Gun, or something), 15 boys Rocket launcher.

Well I got to deploy first but as I have unit more than he does, so I started second.
Judging from the wording I assumed "Placing the hawks into the skyes" counted as one deployement action. If I was wrong then what can I say.

ORKS:  All orks forward.  Everything said, for movement.  Shooting phase saw the rocket launcher doing one dammage to the guardians, with shurican, the big gun dealt one dammage to the same unit. Nothing more for orks.

ELDAR: Repositionnning a bit of the units, forward for the shurycan team to get in range and get some cover, backward for the other expect for two guardian and the plateform so they can fire at full bs. Avenger moves forwards to get in range. And the hawks come in behind the orks line just in the corner of the table...  this probably was a mistake, but we shall see that later.
Psichic phase was... glorious... Basicly I tried to used bravour with the warlock close to the shurican team (the one not painted closest to the camera). Failed miserably... even used a CP to sill miss. And for the fun of it, I used enhance on the other team...  PERIL... Luckily I only did one on the mortal wound role leaving my warlock on 1 HP, I could have lost the game just there with a first blood/slain the warlord on first turn (he was the warlord yes). Shooting phase saw me go crazy. Fired avenger, scatter and shurican in the closest 10 man boys squad, left only two of them alive... and that's where it went down hill. Swooping hawks shot. 5 guy's rapid fire 2, so 10 shots ( the autarch was one inch out of range). 9 hit, one wound. THERE IS ONLY ONE ORK ALIVE between me and the first blood point! I was cursing at my dice roles (EVEN USED A CP TO FAIL AGAIN THERE), and the bullamphetamine parrot rules of orks moral. I gotta admit that's one of the most intresting rule I have ever seen and one of the strongest if used correctly.

Side note: Could someone be kind enought to remind me of the rapid fire rules? That's something we were not sure about.


End of turn one.

ORKS: Orks all move forward expect for the lone boys trying to move back and a warboss who thought It might be a good idea to go and kill a bunch of swooping hawks (he even ran toward me). The shooting phase saw the rocket launcher hitting again, killing one avenger (my friend said he killed thor, wich made me think that from now on every exarch I have in an Avenger squad will see it self with a marvel avenger paint job, but this is for a later date). The lone warboss desided it was time for a one man waaaaghhhh, and charged my hawk. No damamge on overwatch and only one kill in cc, but the hawk could do nothing to him.

ELDAR: The hawks fled from over the warboss shot the lone orks left, giving myself first blood in the process. The shurican team moved back a bit and the scatter team did not move. Avenger moved to be just at max range. Scatter and avenger unload on the rocket launcher boys squad. Killed a bunch (can't recall exact number).  Shurican killed a couple in the other squad.


End of turn two.

And I'm going to bed. End of bat-rep hopefully twomorrow, when I stop being lazy and do it during the day.

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Post by: Grizzlykin on April 15, 2018, 12:49:44 PM
Good evening ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Grizzly's talk show. It's the first installement in a long time and opfully one of many to come where the grizzly is trying to come back to life, trying to come back to the hobby.

Rescently there has been plenty of good thing hapening that might actually enable me to keep going and avoid having myself growing tired of the hobby in no time. The various happening being my job stabalising for a while, finding a club to play, finding people with beautyfully painted army lighting up my fighting spirit etc :D.

So as a short coming info here is a small uptade :D

Have some pictures aswell:

Here is something I started working on, because I told my best friend who never paint I would paint him a full genstealer squad, never regreted saygin something more than that >< IT TAKES FOREVER for me to evne get into the mood to do it so you can imagine my progress isn't really an exemple of speed.


Next is a picture of a game I played yesterday in the club I found, we didn't finish it. It was a mess of a play because we had planned to play 1v1 1500pts but it ended up being a 3v2 4500pts, and me being in the team of two because the other guy and myself where the only guy that had the model at hand to go up in points. The army were, imperial fist + custodes (god are those thing tanky) + nécrons (GOD are those thing deadly in shooting!) vs a flavor of space marine I can't recall + my self with my trusty eldars :D I can kinda give you the list if you are intrested but it was a game for the fun, therefore expect for the necron guy wich had a death bally kind of thing with the destroyers, it was mostly soft list. The highlight of the game was the nécron guy (him again) destroying a land raider, wich in the following explosion (we forgot to command point that dice), manageed to create a carnage of 41 wounds, across the various units around the explosion, we basicly did not roll lower than 4 for the mortal wound roll per units. It was a greatly entertaining game that's for sure.


Next up is what I'm currently working on. Well with the game just past and fresh from yesterday I decided to spray paint for a base color some things, to facilitate the application of my ever so hard to paint troll slayer orange :D. Oh a base coat of yellow is really good for my fire dragon as well so I gave them some spraying love too. The one not painted or survivor to the paintpocalypse, because I kinda ran out of paint. There is probably something I'm doing worng because the can only lasted me enought for the guy's in the pictures, granted I painted one by one, that's probably where the problem lies.


In the pipe that does not have a picture either is my avatar, I played him in the game yesterday, I have to say he really feels underwelming so far in V8, but it's probably due to a pour match up situation. Terminator captain with storm shield, basicly everything got saved before I could do any damage, and the said captain destroyed me in the following counter attack stripping 6 wounds of that 8 wounds model...

So yaeh I'm back everyone expect somethign things for me now since I expect to play game every so often roughly every week on saturday :D

See you later with some more painting update, the guy's are drying and I have some dish washing to do :D

Ba Bye

Grizzly out !
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Post by: Cavalier on April 15, 2018, 02:17:09 PM
Fantastic! Welcome back Grizz really missed seeing you around the forums my man. So good to hear you back in the hobby and enjoying yourself. 8th edition is great and has really brought a lot people back to the hobby. Glad you are one of them!

That game sounded crazy! 41 mortal wounds is insane! You'll probably never see it again, but you'll definitley remember that one for a long time.

Also spraying your Eldar yellow to do the orange is a great idea. You could probably even just do a wash or glaze over it (thinking Bloodletter Glaze) to make your life super easy. Should transform the model to a very orangey type color and you could highlight it with Averland Sunset for a quick easy paint job. Just a theory though!

Anyway great stuff Grizz so glad to see you back. Congrats on your job as well. Keep on posting brother and talk soon!
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Post by: magenb on April 15, 2018, 10:00:42 PM
That's an awesome idea for a table layout, a DMZ between two cities so street skirmishs and open battlefield in one game, going to have to do that for a campaign!

Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: dog_of_war on April 15, 2018, 10:33:23 PM
Hooray Grizzly is back! Glad to see you on the boards again. You are a brave man for going orange. I love the colour, but I still have nightmares when I think about busting it out for anything.

I hear you on the genestealers too. I have about 2000 points of my brothers tyranids sitting in my basement unpainted that I just can't seem to get the proper motivation to paint. Maybe seeing you progress with yours will help give me the kick in the ass I need to start.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Stormbane on April 16, 2018, 09:38:55 AM
Great update Grizzlykin! Monster update in fact!

First off, I think you may be a little bit crazy to offer to paint 20 Genestealers! That's nuts!

Secondly, 41 mortal wounds for a tank blowing up? Holy cow! I hope that the bulk of those were to your enemy!

Thirdly, I'm loving the bravery of Orange Eldar. I wouldn't have the stones to try to pull that off, so I applaud you. As for the amount of spray paint...it does seem like a lot. I would have thought a can would have covered at least double, hopefully triple the number of models you have there. Hopefully the paint hasn't gone on too thick and obscured any detail.

Anyway man, it's great to have you back in the fold. Great work, I look forward to your next update!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Ynneadwraith on April 16, 2018, 01:22:47 PM
I'll second the Bloodletter glaze idea. Have to be careful for pooling on the big flat panels of the Wave Serpent, but Bloodletter isn't a strong glaze so should be fine :)
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on April 16, 2018, 06:52:37 PM
Holy Isha such great support! Wasn't really expecting that with how long I have been away these last few month thanks guy's :D

OK so it's just a small answer type message didn't have time to paint since last update. So let's get to it.

@Cavalier :
Thanks my mate, a pleasure to be back aswell, getting back to it is also a way for me to regulate my sleep schedule, yeah weird reason I know but what ever ^^
Well thanks for the tips about the orange I shall give it a try, if the result fit my taste it might become my main color theme, But the main purpose so far had just been to have a yellow base under my troll slayer rather than a black base which needed some rat skin flesh on top before being even close to remotely approachable with troll slayer, I will see how things develops and of course will keep you all up to date. That said said, that color themes you suggested was planed for my fire dragon actually so I will see how it goes.

Yeah the table was really cool to play on, you don't see it in the pictures, but! There was even a games workshop shop on the table. Just one of the shop with the games workshop sticker above the door but it was great fun to see and a blast to play on (So many sniper nest gotta love those rangers! ><).

Thanks for the warm welcome back, if you could get to paint yours it would be great, it would be great motivation for me aswell. Let's suffer together. Not the best pick up line, I know. And regarding the orange now that I'm head and shoulder in it it's kinda hard to get out of :P Well, I can't say I don't love the final result thought.

Hey man it as been a while great to see you digging this update :). Regarding the genestealer I did not offer to paint them I took them and said, "I'm gonna paint them". We did that with his brother, I had the choice between 20 Gen or 30 ork... And I already had the right colors for the nids sooo... Now I regret it but since I'm getting back in the hobby it should be great fun to paint one in the middle of my eldars, I might just paint a few tau fire warrior in between as I have decided that after the eldars my next army is going to be tau.
For the mortal wounds... Weeeeeeeeeell nope. Most of those where ours, the enemy score a 3 on the lone unit that got hit, every thing else was on our guys, I rolled four on a squad of ranger and my ally rolled only 5s and 6s... The flyer left with only one wound, the centurions, gone, the apoticary, two of them, gone. It was a butcher's place. Nothing was left, nearly nothing. We were joking with guys about my lone ranger turning around being like "Guys?... What the... Guys, weren't there supposed to be a tank here, wirh friendlys? What the... Happened ? Guys where are you? What is going on? “. Best of all? That lone ranger actually held moral and kept on keeping the objective. Worst of all? The opponent score a 6 for the d3 roll for victory points for destroying at least 3 units in the shooting phase... That won them the game. (stopped in turn two I agree but still they won at that time).
Regarding the paint, it actually is really thin. Nearly not covering some of the guy's. I think the problem came from two things. 1, I sprayed every model one by one by holding them with a gloves by the base. 2 I painted by my window on the first floor on a slightly windy day. So most of the paint was going in the wind rather than on the mini I think. Gotta think of a better setup><.
Glad you are still digging the orange it's a color I really appreciate once it's painted but it's truly a pain to paint ahaha.
I am probably looking forward to the next update as much as you do :D and I'm glad to be back in the fold aswell :)

Well I shall test it out on smaller unit for now and if it goes well maybe on the serpent we will see, I shall be carefull, worst come to worst I can always repaint over the extra color with some averland sunset.

Well guy's thanks again for the warm welcome back :D Look forward for what's next. And let's have some Eldary fun together :D
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on April 20, 2018, 04:45:59 PM
Hey guy's! New update, oh yes concidering my usual hobby update it was a fast one! Now it was a fast one because! You guy's are wizard of painting or something?

I mean that glaze idea? That's just absurde how good it can be! The situation is for hawk I didn't know how to paint them, for avenger either but because I tested the glaze on the fire dragon (and I'm probably going to use the technique on the guardians aswell for fast painting, suddenly, I found my calling for the other units I had been struggling with!

God bless you guy's for the idea. Now I'm talking a lot so here is the result. Do keep in mind the only thing I did, was using the glaze over something. Bloodletter over averlander sunset spray(fire dragon and lone guardian) , then Guilliman blue over white primer(dire avenger) , Guilliman blue over leadbelcher(hawks).

Edit : painted 4 more dudes, since I posted that, so I'm adding a picture :P

And with that, I will see you in the next one :D
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Post by: Myen'Tal on April 21, 2018, 12:21:42 AM
I love those Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons, Grizzlykin! I'm curious how you got that highlighted look on the armor, except the recesses (which look great with the glaze wash), everything seems brightened up, but just enough that it looks clean and natural. Very clean look on the orange of the Fire Dragons too, really nice!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on April 21, 2018, 03:31:24 AM
There are two things, one the lighting of the shot plus the flash do hight the flat surface a bit more. And the other thing is the glaze in and of itself. The thing I did when painting it was, painting one first really thought coat and before it's completely dried apply a pseudo second pass but focusing on brushing from the lower part to the edges to be sure that more paint stay there, then do a smooth paint on the just the surface with very little paint on the wash brush. I use that paint pass to even out the color on the raised part and avoid pooling, plus that does sometimes take a bit of the paint raising the color back closer to the underlying one.

Glad you dig them Mylan and thanks for the little message :D
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Cavalier on April 21, 2018, 08:23:18 AM
That is FANTASTIC Grizz! So glad it worked for you bud. That was just a guess on my part but I'm super glad it worked. It looks GREAT! Wow... the Guilliman blue looks amazing on the Avenger, same for the Hawk. Damn! Fantastic update man. So glad you found a time saving approach and it looks great.

My only advice would to be get a good Wash Brush from GW. I picked up one on a whim, and man what a difference. It really goes a long way... you get a ton of wash on there but it goes on smooth and even. With a smaller brush it tends to really pool in the first place you touch it to the model.

But these look great Grizz. So stoked for you man, because I know how brutal orange is to paint. Great stuff bud, keep it up!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Dread on April 22, 2018, 01:20:42 AM
So glad to see your progress Grizz. I need to pick up a brush myself.

Hands are good now, but with the tattoo shop and working another job too, as well as oil painting and my ratrod drawing, this hobby has suffered a bit from it. However I am about to rectify that, however my pic posting is still neanderthal.

Anyhow, can't wait to see more of your progress.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Stormbane on April 23, 2018, 02:46:54 AM
Wow Grizz! Just a base coat and a glaze wash? Those results are terrific. I particularly like the Dire Avenger and the Fire Dragon. They look naturally shaded and look like you've spent way more time on them than I guess you did.

If I could make a suggestion, I think the Swooping Hawk looks fine, but I'd say that glazing over the Black Undercoat is asking a bit much of the glaze. Maybe the glaze over a grey base would work better? The Adeptus Mechanicus Grey spray is a pretty good colour and might provide an easier base to work with. I have no idea what the end result would be though...it'd be an adventure!

You've achieved some excellent results though Grizz. Pick out some details and these minis will rock. You'll also have painted an Elder army faster than anyone in memory!!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on April 23, 2018, 12:10:03 PM
Omg the Grizzly is coming again with a new update 3 time in barely more than a week what the hell is going on here!

Yep small update of hobby for you guy's because I was exited about it. On Sunday when I got back home I sat at my desk and started on working on the Da arms then the modeling of the reaper and the ranger was done a few days prior. I was really surprised. I got to work at 7 pm and only checked the time again at 10! Getting so focused on something did not happened since a while back. I went to bed soon after really existed by the progress and wanting nothing more than to lose myself in this more later.


So! For my latest hobby progress : 3 things.

First, priming the arm of the da exarh in black, because that the only primer I have applicable by hand and I do intend to keep the arms a different color. For the exarch for sure and I will see later if I do the same for the squad. And I have yet to figure out what color I'm going to use for that, so if you have any idea please go right ahead.

Next is the reaper. I had been thinking about doing some modeling to have an exarch for a while and I finally took the time to try it out. It defenetly was a blast and a really interesting endeavor. Fitting the aeldary missile launcher was hard but interesting, simpler than expected also, and finding small pieces to modify the helmet was challenging but rewarding. Hopefully now I can figure out a cool painting scheme for these guy's.

Last but not least fuegan orange wash for the ranger. But I don't know if It's gonna stay like that. For one reason. My basing color is Grey so having the rangers cape not Grey will really fell weird. So it's still up in the air for that one.

Answer time!

@Cavalier :
Hey buddy, it's defenetly a big thanks to you, you knocked it out of the parc with that one ! No matter how lucky that is you still got the Home run in yourself. Regarding the wash brush this is precisely what I'm using but it take a bit of finess to get the result I whish for. So I'm gonna be conservative for now ^^

Really glad you dig the guy's I have been struggling with these 2 groups of guy's not knowing how to paint them and I'm happy you like them since you are responsible by the technique choice of today's result.

DREAAAAAAAD!!! So glad to see you here! And even glader to ear that your hands are better! Thanks for the praise and look forward to me barreling in like a bullet! I have so many things to work on :D And for once i' mais actually pumped to do so! I will await you coming back with some things of your own, I always liked your style. :D

Hey very nice of you to be dropping here :D Let me test you then how long do you think I spent on the 5 Da and the 6 dragon + 3 hawks?
Regarding the swooping hawks suggestion, they are not straight on black. It's glaze over leadbleatcher. The pictures are really not the best represention of these guy's. They give have really cool metallic shine coming from under the blue and they look fantastic IRL(imo). No idea what color I'm gonna paint the wing now, but I'm starting to think copper could be cool. And the moment I say that I start to thing it's not a god idea. Maybe leave them black? That's an option aswell... Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa I don't know!

Well guy's here you go early update of the week. Hope you liked it, will try to refrain from posting every single little things for the week, may beeee...? We will see.

Oh and I ordered a tau codex. So expect some one day not to far from now (might actually be month though I don't know).

See ya later :P

Grizzly out!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on April 25, 2018, 01:51:25 PM
Hey guy's the Grizzly again, pretty short one, this was the worst hobby day of my life, spoiled my guilliman blue twice in the short time frame of 5min, I'm left with barely a third of the pot. Kinda frustrated.

BUT! on the bright side, I have finish all the said blue on the dire avengers.

Be aware that my goal is to get them table ready. So there is plenty of beslubber up in there but. I will do them properly again later :)

Small test aswell on the fire dragon here. I really like the helmet color here. So I'm gonna stick with that.


I bought, from a guy at my local club, some extra avengers and banshee, so this is expected to be coming into painting... Nowhere near now :P

Also, if the weather is bad on sturdy I'm gonna play a game, so expect a bat repos maybe? If I have the motivation to write one.

Well that's is for the quick web way info.

Grizzly out.
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Post by: Cavalier on April 25, 2018, 02:52:41 PM
Awesome stuff Grizz. Really chugging through the painting duties. Getting your stuff tabletop is a huge step, so good luck getting there bud, I know its not easy. But its a great feeling when its done.

That Guilliman Blue glaze is just doing work. I love it. The Dragon looks awesome as well. Keep it up Grizz you'll get these guys tabletop in no time!
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Grizzlykin on April 29, 2018, 04:12:30 PM
Good evening ladies and gentleman !

Welcome to Grizz tacitics and painting. In tonight's episode you will be learning about the special technique of horendous dice roll and poor tactic choice aswell as getting a pick into the last unit in painting, the dire avengers of the burning and temple.

This is youe captain speaking, welcome onboard and enjoy the ride.

(oh this methapore and random non sense, I defently am a master at wasting time.

First, @Cavalier Hey cav really nice of you to drop by :D  small message of encouragement always motivate me to keep going with the porject.
Keep it up Grizz you'll get these guys tabletop in no time!

Honestly regarding that information I would not bet on it too much >< I'm spending more time painting the helmets of each guy's from the DA squad than it took me to pain the whole rest of the mini lol.

Ok so now, let's get into the meat of the subject.

As I said the other day, I found a club to be playing relativly regulary. This saturday I went to play a game aswell.  The original assumption was 1000-1500 or 2000 pts. Once on site we where five guy's, so we decided on 2 games one of 1500 1v1 and one of 2000 2v1.  I found myself in the position of the solo player in the 2000 points. The 1500 game one was necron vs Tau. God are the tau painted nicely, I need to get you a picture of this guy's army he is a monster in painting.
And on the other side being the only xenos of the 3 guy left, It was me vs a special personnal chapter running salamander and some pseudo white scars. The both of them were running a battalion each, And I had a 2000pts bieltan style really fluffy list (kinda fluffy).

My list was

One battalion + one super heavy detachement

1 Autarch with warp jump gen + power sword + fusion gun mandiblaster (Warlord-fate's messenger)
1 Farseer with singing spear, guide, doom, I gave him the faolschu wing but completly forgot he had them.

1 DA squad -- 4 DA - 1 Exarch double avenger shuricat
1 DA squad -- 9 DA - 1 Exarch Power glaive and shimershield
1 Ranger squad -- 6 of them

1 FD Squad 5 FD 1 Exarch Fire Pike
1 Banshee Squad 9 Banshee 1 Exarch Executioner

1 Hawks squad -- 5 hawks - 1 Exarch Hawk's Talon
2 Warp Spider squad -- 4 Spyder - 1 Exarch dual Death Spinners - powerblades

1 Dark Reaper squad, -- 2 DR - 1 Exarch Aeldary Missile Launcher
1 Wraithlord -- 2 Bright-lance - 2 shuricat

1 Wave Serpent -- 2 Bright-lance - 1 shurican - Vectored engine - spirit stone

1 Wraithknight 2 Heavy Wraithcanon

This list, I'm probably going to try to run again, or a flavor of it because it could have done a good job, but I made a TON of strategic mistakes.
Plenty of worng moves right and left plenty of dangerous moves, one thing I learned, and we discussed with my oppponents post game, BANSHEE really need support.  on there own they are pretty much non efficient.  A 10  man squad of banshee, granted we played with the new FAQ rule so all of them could not charge because of how small the terain piece was, could not kill a unit of scout... This was massively frustrating.
Avengers, they are could for counter charge, ONLY if they are still alive. I'm strating to think to make the best out of them, fire and fade needs to be used.
I made one crucial mistake at one point where I put my DA behind my serpent, they could not see the target anymore, so they could not shoot. plenty of small things like this.
Tempest shield when your oppponnent have luck with dice Is a pure nightmare. I invested my third and half my second turn trying to a character to have nearly everything single one of my very few rolls get denied by the armor. The only dammage their commander took. In all the beslubbering GAME with 50% of my live unit shooting him every turn nearly, was 3 from the smite.  EVERYTHING else was saved.  I was going crazy.
An other things aswell, I lost sight of the games objective. The scenario was massacre. So we had to kill enemy unit and they were worth a point, I got to caught up in this damn captain not dying that I forgot to try to kill other unit.
Warp spyder should not be used in deep stricking I think. at least not against this damned marine and their targeting thingy. The range of spyder being 12 they really need to be close to fire. and that's precily the range for the stratagem. Lost 3 spyder to that stratagem.
Other thing, I tend to be too concervative with stratagem. I have to try to make use of them more, because if I have command points, but I keep them and I don't have any unit anymore to use them on, it's not going to work.
I got lucky with the autarch command point regain, but that's all I had going with him, he did nothign except for getting killed.
The wraithknight can be really hard to kill. I blew up a razor back turn one and the wraithknight being behind cover at the end of first turn had the luck of only taking dammage from on laz canon, everything else had to wait turn 3 to do any dammage.
By the end of turn 3 I tunneled vision so much on the characters, that I had destroyed nothing, It was the same in turn two, Had I had some luck with the killing turn two the game could have been totally different.
Oh and my dice rolls were absolutly horendous. I have never played a game were I felt so powerless with my rolls and my opponent was on fire. So on fire it was too filthy to be space marine. We all assumed he pledged himself to either nurgle or tzench. What ever a loss is a loss but this certainly shook my confidence as a commander, had we gone into turn 4 I would have been tabled, this is not even a question.

Conclusion, I need to try investing some point in warlocks and extra farseer, I sadly don't have any bikes, so I will have to go with standard warlocks for now or, find some convertion shenanigan to make somethign cool with them.

And other list I want to try is a very heavy mech style eldar list (with what I have). one of the inconvenience Of the list I just ran is the lack of proper hard to kill unit. and I hade too many high strenght shot where, unluckyly my opponent was nearly all on foot.  The only 10+ wound object in all there army was a razorbakc that I blew up turn one with the wraithknight + one extra wound from the serpent. So my army was not really well matched against there army and I messed up a lot strategicly speaking. I try to make us of loS but failed to do so try to make use of mobility of the eldar but got shot down in no time did somethign stupid ligke getting close to assault veteran etc. I forgowed the strengh of my army and let it's flaws all in the open. I betrayed my own list.

Well it defently was an enriching experience.  I have things to think about plans to form combo to devise, etc.

I will surely be posting this list and other in the list building section to discuss things :) so expect to see that.


This was  during there turn 1 shooting phase.


Hobby time update now! I felt really dispirited yesterday. I mean I was painting these DA for a while and they got smashed. Oh well, here have a look. This a WIP of my exarch and a WIP of the DA themselves the only thing I have done is the blue helmet so far.  I took me more time to paint 3/4 helmet than the whole squad for the armor ahahah.


Oh yeah an I bought a few extra DA 15 of them and 6 Banshee aswell. I do intend to try to run maybe a double battaillon list at one point, with 5/4 DA msu and two big blob of banshee  supported by warlock and Jainzar. I will see (same as what I said before probably a list discution topic). I want to play an avatar list aswell. We shall see :)

Hope you enjoyed that small update, I will see you later with further advanced DA and other things.

Got my tau dex, I need to figure out where I want to go with that aswell.

See you later !

Grizzly out !
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Post by: Dread on April 29, 2018, 05:21:03 PM
Hey Grizz! Nice update. Everything looking good. On the red if you'll use agrath earth shade wash it will help with the shadows. Also using yellow or orange dry brush for high lights looks amazing.

I'm glad you found a place to play, makes things nice. I have 2 stores to go to but hard to get a set time. I have a 4x4 table at my tattoo shop for those small got to have games. I'm actually supposed to play this evening but it Star Wars legions, if it all works out. Then the wife and I are gonna try and get in b to the late showing of Infinity Wars.

Keep up the good work.
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Post by: dog_of_war on April 29, 2018, 10:40:54 PM
Loving that colour scheme. The red arms were so unexpected, but work beautifully. I'd almost love to see it done in the regular avengers as well. It so refreshing to see an origanl scheme on them that I don't want it to stop at the exarch. Maybe just do shoulder pads or knee pads red to tie it together? They look great no matter what. That red is just the cherry on top.
Title: Re: The grizzly's Eldar, Arvandor Craftworld,
Post by: Cavalier on April 30, 2018, 08:08:49 AM
Hey Grizz, the new models are looking great. Like DoW I like the strong red and blue color scheme. Its very unique but matches the DA perfectly!

Sounds like you had a tough game, but those really do help you a lot. It really highlights holes in your list and maybe can help define your playstyle more.

I'm sensing a TON of love for the Dire Avengers at the moment so I would definitley go in that direction. I'd get Wave Serpents for them. Wave Serpents are GREAT! Super under-rated. I'd got 3x Wave Serpents with 3x Shuriken Cannons with 3x10 Dire Avengers in there. You can hide your characters in there too. Also you can run your Banshees on foot (or get them a Serpent too) use a Warlock to Conceal them for -1 to hit then play Lightning Fast Reflexes on them to get an additional -1 to hit.

Also yeah about Command Points I burn them early and often. I find its best to use them to max effect while your army is at full strength. I'd save perhaps 2 for the mid-game for something big like Lightning Fast Reflexes or Forewarned to shoot deepstrikers with your Dark Reapers or something like that.

Anyway great stuff Grizz. So stoked you found a hobby club. I wish I had one around here... the scene is kinda rough. Anyway keep it up bud and keep the hobby train rolling!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 1, 2018, 02:54:42 PM
Hey guy's small Grizz update  8)

hey dread, glad to see you here :D Thanks for the agrath earth shade tips, it's been one of the things plaging my mind latly, I could not for the life of me think of the paint to do the wash on the red. So thanks for that I do plan to command a few things from games when the sallary drop but not too much I have things to change on the car tire and some other stuff.
Regarding infinity wars I wennt to see it with a friend the day it was out. I'm still not convinsed at all by 3D... (we didn't have the choice of the type of projection sadly), BUT the movie I found was really great. and i found way more depth in Talos than I expected, a great great surprise and a pleasure it was to watch.
Anyway thanks for the message :)

Hey man thanks for dropping by ^^. The red arm was unexpected?  I even said I would do it a few update ago :P  jokes aside, Yes it works well, I'm really happy with how it turned out. Regarding the fact that I should do it on the whole squad it's defenitly something I had planned to do. I have yet to figure out the full details of that (whole arm? one hand only?), but it's going to be done that's for sure. I have read the path of the eldar from gav thorpe and one things I loved about this book is the description of aspect temple, and how they say that each armor in the temple have some small difference. So I was thinking maybe if the temple of the burning hand, as I said it's bound to have one red hand but it could be different here and there like a shoulder pad red aswell, how far up the arm is it red coming from the hand etc. These are the small details I have yet to figure out.
Look forward to the next part then (maybe not the imidiate next but well) :D

Hey Cav! Thanks for the message :D  I had thought you might like these dire avenger as they have some really popy color scheme, wich might fit your style ^^ I'm really happy with how they are turning out and I will do my best to have them work out in the table top somehow ^^
Regarding the game, it defently was tough game.  I dind't play it well but in between my lack of luck and the opponents ungodly one, it was really harsh. Really really harsh, but that happens some times and I have learn some things aswell as pushed myself in a direction I might not have taken otherwise (warlocks however pricy you may be, I'm looking at you). So far my playstile have nott been set in stone, but I have noticed a trend in game I have liked and won, I usually have a strong anchor somewhere and plenty of pesky things hitting the enemy from everywhere. Focused fire is the key with eldar, and not losing sigh of the mission objective would net me a better game overall aswell. I did a mistake when I sent everything on the character while I should have insted left something to divert his attention and then move the rest of my army on more intresting target. One thing I forgot aswell wich I just thought bout while writting this, the serpent shield offencive move! completly forgot about that one ... Lot's of hings to improve it seems.
Yeah speaking about serpents, I have been thinking about adding some to my army for a while now, it's one thing i'm cruelly lacking in, with only one of them. But I don't know if I'm gonna buy that many things now, ESPECIALLY now that I brough a Tau dex and intend to build a tau army. Eldar might have to wait a bit >< (I say that but I'm probably ggonna be a moron and stack the two on top of each other).
Command point usage aswell as banshee usage is somehting I'm gonna try to improve, I might actually not play any banshee for a while aswell, I have to see.
Regarding the culb thing, I saw a video rescently on youtube from tabletop minions, and he was saying, IF you can't find find a club, Why don't you just straight up create one.  That's somethign you might want to think about. I don't know how it is in canada but in france I think that be are willing to do some commuting if it allows them to play some nice game with nice people on a rather regulary basis. So may be give that a try. you have a fecbook page a podcast, this forum and probably other media at your disposition to set up something like this. If it's you it's defenetly possible.
Well Cav, glad you dropped by and you can look forward to me improving and bringing new stuff on here :D


Ok so this was mainly an I answer the message type of update. But still have a look at where the DA are going and how I'm improving/advancing with them. There is that one thing with them I still don't know what color i'm going to do there shuricat... do you guy's have any idea?


Oh and you won't see my wraithknight in game for a while as i'm gradually taking it appart, for some painting :D

I had something else I wanted to say but I can't for the life of me rember what it was ! I guess it's gonna have to wait, hopefully I remember someday ><.

On that note, I will bee seing you next time :D

Grizzly out!
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Post by: dog_of_war on May 1, 2018, 09:29:15 PM
There's so many options for the catapults that work with your colour scheme. Black with silver highlights would look cool. Mine I did very simply by painting usbanti bone with a sepia wash to give it a wraithbone kind of look.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
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Post by: Dread on May 2, 2018, 01:23:40 AM
Black grip, clip and site with red barrel.

Movie kicked butt. All I'm gonna say. Marvel out did them selves.

As for the plumage on the helmets, the earth shade works good on the orange too.
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Post by: Stormbane on May 2, 2018, 03:59:00 AM
Really liking how these Avengers are progressing Grizzly. The colours are really bold and well executed.

Have you considered a more neutral colour for some of the details? Something like a grey? It might balance the models nicely and allow those bright, primary colours to really stand out.

Great work Grizz!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 6, 2018, 05:36:38 PM
Gooooooooooood Evening everyone,  Grizzlykin here with some updatge again.

This week was not the most productive hobby I've had but I did pull some things during the week end, so let me guide you throught those things that happened.

Let's go in order then !!


Ok I had the pleasure of playing a game this saturday afternoon against a member of my local club.
The match up was barely know I knew it was astra militarum but not more about the list as I never saw him play them. Total unknown for me and I kinda wanted to test some things out.

I played the list I discussed in the eldar section, my first mechdar list attempt. And as luck would have it he also played a very mech heavy list it was intresting.

The game 1500 pts maelstrom mission the one with decreasing objective. Can't for the life of me remember the name sorry.

I brought this list :

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Aeldari - Craftworlds) [79 PL, 1496pts] ++

+ HQ +

Farseer : Guide, Doom, Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear

Warlock : Protect/Jinx, Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear

+ Troops +

Dire Avengers
. 4x Dire Avenger: 4x Avenger Shuriken Catapult
. Dire Avenger Exarch: Two Avenger Shuriken Catapults

Dire Avengers
. 4x Dire Avenger: 4x Avenger Shuriken Catapult
. Dire Avenger Exarch: Two Avenger Shuriken Catapults

Rangers : 8x Ranger

+ Elites +

Fire Dragons :
. 4x Fire Dragon: 4x Fusion Gun
. Fire Dragon Exarch: Firepike

+ Fast Attack +

Vypers ;
. Vyper: Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon
. Vyper: Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon

+ Heavy Support +

Falcon : Bright lance, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones, Cristal targeting matrix

Fire Prism : Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones, Cristal targeting matrix

Support Weapons :
. Support Weapon: Shadow Weaver
. Support Weapon: Shadow Weaver
. Support Weapon: Shadow Weaver

+ Flyer +

Crimson Hunter Exarch : Two Bright Lances

+ Dedicated Transport +

Wave Serpent : Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones, Twin Shuriken Cannon

++ Total: [79 PL, 1496pts] ++

He came in with :

1 girl commander, a command squad, a commander leman russ (tirple plasma plus one lazcan, 2 valkyrie stock with 1 veterant squad in each. One squad with flamer everywhere and the other with 2or 3 fuser and one heavy flamer, a mantycore ( or somethign, with 4 big missile), to complete is list, icing on the cake, cherry on top, one big imperial knigh with chainsaw and the fat fuser.

Ok so let's get into deployment. We played the pointy one from the small side of the table, vanguard I think it's called. He chose his deploying side so I was the one to deploy first as per the rules of this scenario.

I placed everything behind cover expect the serpent maybe.  I placed my ranger in the only place I had a line of sigh on his commander, it just so happen to be an absurdly bad mistake. and I could only regret having done what I did later on.

he placed his aegis and most his army on the right flank (from my point of view) and his knight aswell the two valyrie holding the middle.

First turn for me was a mess.  I fired everything at one of the valkyrie, determined to get the kill something in the shooting phase objective I had. two bad, it was to live on with 4 hp. my ranger even took some pod shot at it. My placement was short.  I could not reach his command squad or commander, I had placed them too far. What a mistake... I had zoomed my serpent forward, hoping to get some close to be able to let my fire dragon let lose. It would back fire

this is during his movement phase.

His turn saw him moving forward shooting a bit of everything and with his knight he blew my serpent up, 3 avenger died in that incident. that was the most note worthy event in this turn. 
actually the only thing that happened, he got first blood from that.

Turn 2

Eldar eager to get payback in there moved to try to get ride of the knigh all gun blazing. a really good turn for the psychic, the only problem being the warlock failing to cast jinx on the knigh. I though it might not be a problem. the farseer threw his guide on the dragon, then doom on the knight and then smited the knigh for 3 wound thanks to the stratagem for pearless or something. The dragon wiffed the crimson hunter wiffed the thing that did the most dammage actually where the god damn support battery, that had to be a joke. Of the four fire dragon, guided and with target doomed, they only managed to wound once. AND IT WAS SAVED. Still with all the fire from the army I downed him to only 6-ish wound, droppping him 2 braquet. I tryied to do somthing with the ranger, runing them to on abjective that I was supposed to hold. Now that I think about it, I should have used fire and fade to get them on it. could have helped.


His turn, he rosted my ranger with flamer, dropped my crimson hunter on 4 wounds, with the knoight charged and killed my dragon etc, it was a butcher's dream.  where I failed yet again to do any dammaged, he pulled a marvelous destruction streak. Wounded heavily my fireprism aswell. He had great success this turn.

Let me stop here for tonigh I shall bring you the end later, I need to go to sleep in order to be in good shape tomorrow at work.

Hobby info while I'm at it.

Quick pictures of the DA getting better. You have one exemple of a fully base coated avenger aswelll. @Dread, your idea for the gun was really good. I like it. Now I only need to had the details. to this guy, and a was on the red (don't have the paint pot yet) and it will be done :) tabletop ready at least:P God it takes way to long to paint this. Doing the whole squad is soooooo gonna take forever.


There you go, coming soon with the end of the battle report and the next DA finished ^^

Grizzly ! ou... t... rrrrRRRrr ZZZzzzz rrRRrr ZZZzz rrrr ZZZZzzzzz
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Post by: Ynneadwraith on May 7, 2018, 06:51:59 AM
Looking good Grizzly :)

Bit tricky to see from the photo if you've done it already, but those headcrests take very nicely indeed to washes as well. Something like Carroberg Crimson would do a great job of picking out each individual strand ;)
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Post by: dog_of_war on May 7, 2018, 07:57:13 AM
Tough luck on that game Grizz. The dice gods did not seem to be in your favour that day.

Liking the progress on the avengers. Is your exarch going to have the same gun pattern? It might get muddled having red arms with a red catapult.
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Post by: Cavalier on May 7, 2018, 10:39:14 AM
Damn Grizz that Avenger looks absolutley awesome. I love that paint scheme... its got so many cool little areas of interest but it all ties in. I love the eyes more than anything... but the red catapult also looks freaking sick. I didn't think I'd dig it, but now that I see it, I love it!

Tough luck on the game. But Imperial Guard are really freaking tough, especially with an Imperial Knight backing them up. In my experience you need a ton of anti-tank to deal with them reliably. Thats why I've got 2 Crimson Hunters in every list and a big huge unit of Dark Reapers ready to go (and also a lot of blasters with my Druhari). All in an Alaitoc detachment to mitigate as much return fire as possible.

If I was to offer any advice I'd try and some Dark Reapers and a Warlock who can conceal them into your list. Even without Alaitoc special rules, you can conceal them and then activate the Lightning Fast Reflexes stratagem to get them to -2 to hit.

I think without Dark Reapers Eldar really struggle in the anti-armor game. Jetbikes used to really carry the load on that but that doesnt work at all any more.

Anyway great stuff Grizz love the paint job, looking forward to hearing more about your game, I'd love to help if I can. Good luck bud and keep rocking on your paint jobs, they look awesome!
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Post by: Stormbane on May 7, 2018, 02:34:45 PM
I'm with Cav here; I didn't think a red Catapult could work with that colour scheme. I thought it needed a neutral hit.

I was wrong.

It works really well. Really terrific result Grizz! The bold blue helm, the red crest and the red weapon all act as great counterpoints to each other. I think with a fairly neutral base, these Avengers will really rock!
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Post by: Dread on May 7, 2018, 08:29:48 PM
Would I steer you wrong? Glad you used my advice, they're gonna be so sweet. Also your game, sounds like what I go thru mostly. Good read tho, kept me entertained.
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 10, 2018, 05:22:45 PM
Ah it was about time I answered the questions and other stuff righ :D

Hello again ladies and gentleman today it's answer time and the end of the battle report (kinda).  8)

Didn't really have any time for hobby this week so I did not push the avengers further that's why there is nothign on that front either :)


Hey man, thanks for idea, they do indeed await a wash, and that red migh be a good solution. So far I have been using bloodletter glaze or fuegan orange. Might give a shot to your red.  I do intend to do a very light dry bruishing with some yellow-ish orange for some higlight effect :D So yeah, thanks for the tips.

Excellent question regarding the exarch and so far I have no answer.  I was thinking maybe a reverse color for the gun, compared to the basic guy's, an other option would be celestia grey like I used for the sword of the other one :).
Luck was it...  Dice are rarely ever in my favor, but if we concider the overall game I can say my opponnent had more or less the same absurdly bad luck as I did. So it was rather stable. The thing ois that this edition compared to 6th and 7th were I most played, eldar were so absurdly strong  even with tactical mistake I could pull thing out of my hat, It does not work anymore, defently, so I'm getting way more punished than I was before. Well to be fair, my dice were fairly worst than usual for the key target, the rest was fine.
Glad you dropped by and it's cool you are digging the Avenger aswell, I never hoped neither thought they woould turn out so great in the end.

Cav!! Great you like it as well, I'm really really happy at how they turned out ;) 
Two crimson hunter right, maybe, one thing that could have helped would have been if my fire prism saw it but I did not so I was stuck with rather low fire power, but still for a 1500 pts game I do think I had quite the anti tank already.  Oh well I shall see in other games^^
Small rules thingy, lightning fast reflexes only work for unit with the fly key word do they not ? I don't think you can use it on reapers.  Well I'm gonna see later how things go.
You would love to help if you could...  that my friend I might have an idea for later ;) I do think your insigh could be really help full. You will have an idea about what I'm talking about next week, or late sunday (france time).

Glad you dropped by aswell :) I was kinda thinking it could work out but as you say, terific result compared to what I had in mind aswell. The blue helm was really random at first, I was thinking what color can I use to push the light blue of the armor up and will contrast nicely with the orange "hair". Well blue is complementary, let's give it a shot I thought. and now with a guy nearly finished it's absurd how well everything mesh together !
Neutral base, I use the basing from GW the kinda greyish one. so I think it's gonna be great !

Honestly I thought it would make for to much red, but it's because I was thinking lazy, the black sight and mlagasine, make ALL the difference. So Dread, I never thought you would lead me astray, BUT WHAT AN INSIGHT that was for these guy's.
Thanks really.
Ahaha well there are some people in the world that the dice god do not favor. We just happen to be part of that crew. A shame for 40k games but it still is fun, especially when your opponent is just as much in that group as you. The end is coming, hopefully it will entertain you just as much.

Gosh It took SOOOOO FREAKIN LONG FOR ME TO ANSWER TO ALL THOSE MESSAGES ! I'm nearly to lazy to conider finishing the bat rep but I said I would do it so let's do it ^^

GAME TIME (finaly)

Turn 3 so me not so happy with the way the game was proceding.  I tried yet again to blast that damned imperial knight, I shuffled my tanks around a bit, Try to get the fire prism away from his enclave it was traped in but I was never supposed to go very well with how I let myself to be caught earlyer, stranded in that corner it had no chance. I zoomed my vyper on obj 5 at the power plant because I had to cpa it. They fired a bit at the veteran in the ruine killing a few. The falcon moved to get a line of sight on the damned enemy. The crimson zoomed out of this place trying to get a  postion of visibility on the two hidden tank behind the building, while keeping line of sigh on the knight in case it needed to take some shots at it. Result. Fired eveything at this damned thing again failing to kill it again, between insane save throwes and me rolling ones even with guide and doom, it was trully depressing, most of all I tried to kill his commander so I jinx his armor save, but because I could not kill the knight I was stuck not being able to shoot at it. My avenger did wipe the command squad with some support from the support batterie. Giving me a victory points from card.

I had one more intresting thing planed aswell. Since I had the charge something objective card, I just charged the knight with everything that could, being my farseer, my warlock and my avenger squad. Owerwatch saw one avenger die. then every one got in combat. now that I think about it I should have charged the veteran squad with the prism aswell.
The combat resulted in my farseer wiffing totally, then the knight killing my warlcok with the counter attack stragtagem. and my dire avenger did nothing. Point wise I did bridge the gap with a 3 on my D3 rooll for charging ^^.

His turn 3 was more sucessfull. he scored a bit more point for killing things and killing a character. The knight disengaged and with the commander leman russ blew my falcon up. the lone dire avenger left barely survived I don't know how he did it. One support weapon took some damamge, The fire prism blew up aswell.  My vyper were left alone.
The farseer got killed during the cc phase by the knight charging.
My opponent completly caught up in point thanks to the assassinate card and other objective he completed.

end of turn 3

Turn 4.
Huuuum turn 4 was not really the most intresting turn for me and it was the most wiffed turn ever ! Yet It was also the most epic turn ever.
So I just picked assasinate, his comander is in the middle of nowhere and don't have anything to cover for her. So I zoomed my really hurt crimson hunter begging for it to do something, same for the lone surviving avenger, I jumped him toward that commander. Result to show?  NOTHING !  the crimson wiffed 3 of his shot the only shot he manage to hit/ wound (yes it failled to wound with on brigh lance agains imperial human, even with a command reroll, double 1!!!!). AND THE LAST SHOT YOU ASK? Imperial armor saved the day. Invul sav boosted by going to the ground, resulting in a 4 plus that he passed thanks to a command reroll. the Dire avenger did manage to inflict one wound thought I'm proud of that exarch! the vyper killed one squad of veteran with morale on the other side of the board.
The knight being still in the way, witht the support battery I shot a bit of everything without accompluishing anything. Knight is on 2 wounds now if you want to know ><.

his turn 4 saw one of the most comic situation of the game, his unarmed valyrie shot everything it had in my avenger. It survived with one hp. it was just such a laught I though he was safe but not even 23 sec later he dies to the nearly dead other valkirye from some random missile shot from a tiny space inbeetween two buildings. The knight decided to wipe my support weapons, well, it did, uninpended. Still It lost one wound to the overwatch lol. My crimson hunter died early to the leman russ firing everyhting into it.

Turn 5 !!
Well turn five rince and repeat ><
At this point I had nothing left to hope for. the game was lost but for the fun of it I played it.  The vyper aided with one support weapon wasted the other veteran squad. And the last support weapon tried to kill the knoight again, without success.

This is during his movement phase.

His turn 5 saw him cleaning the last support weapon, one of them with the chainsword for the heck of it, god was it fun to imagine.

We threw the dice and the game ended on that.  If i recall correctly the end score was 9 for the eldar to 12 for the imperial guards.

As a final fun extra turn I threw my vyper to fire at the knight and he was finally killed 8). But it was out of the game time so it does not count :P

This game was defenitly fun to play, but I ended the day completly spent. Trying to play against the dice make everything more complicated strategicaly and my mind was nearly blank at the end of this day.

I had some real fun, and with my opponnet of the day we decided, we will try once to play together in the same team. Because you know negative + negative = postitive, so maybe, maybe, we can turn our luck around that way.  But if it does not work, he probably his going to be my main opponent to play against, because If I don't I'm gonna get destroyed by the other guy's, just because of dice.

Hope you guy's liked this small not really formal battle report.  God it took me an hour to write all this, it take really too beslubbering long lol.

I will see you in a few days then.

Grizzly out and off to bed !
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Post by: magenb on May 10, 2018, 05:44:56 PM
Nice board layout with the far corner being all trashed and the still standing building on the other side and the corridor of open ground running up the middle to meet the imperial HQ :)

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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 10, 2018, 05:50:40 PM
Nice board layout with the far corner being all trashed and the still standing building on the other side and the corridor of open ground running up the middle to meet the imperial HQ :)

Quick answer because I had to brag about it, I'm really proud of the board layout, I am not responsible for any of the decors, but the bord layout was my set up idea. It was defenetly looking good and really thematic with the eldar on the destroyed side and the imperial defending the other :D
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Post by: Myen'Tal on May 13, 2018, 01:54:35 AM
Loving those fully painted Avengers, Grizzly! Your glaze method really paid off, didn't it ;D? I think my favorite small detail is the bright orange glow of the visor lenses, looks so cool and no doubt menacing to all of the craftworld's foes!

Also loving the board, I can see that much love and work has gone into it. The ruined cityscape would be great for some cities of death (if anyone still plays that, haha).
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 14, 2018, 04:21:42 PM
An other Grizz Update  8)

I'm sorry I have absolutly no idea what cities of death is ><  can't tell you if anyone still plays it :P Thanks for droppping bye still ^^ And it's really satisfing haveing everyone saying they like my DA with how long I struggled with them.

Ok so let's get into the meat of the update Hihihihihi

you might have noticed something when coming here... The blogs name changed. AND YOU ALL KNOW what that means ! It's Tau time !  I have been talking about that for a while so here have a look.

This here is a pic of all the minis I had lying around at home. You will spot some not so much xenos kind of things in here it's the Maccrage set marrines from way back plus a dreadnough I got a a present when I was just starting out ^^. Yes they are not painted, Yes it's an heresy, YES I don't care ! I'M A XENOS MAN !

Ok enough non-sens :P

here are the pictures


Ok so for the Tau it's now time to start a discution about the colour scheme, I am not fixed on it yet, so I do have a bit of open minded ness about it.  One thing I was thinking about was either go for variance of the scorpion 82 scheme but using mechanicus grey as a base then higlight of mephiston red and kantor blue as the main support color. The other option I was thinking about was following a simillar color skeem to Mu'gulath Bay, using a base of mechanicus grey under for the cloth, and some maccrage blue with darkenoff night shade to darken it as the main armor color. Details would comm in either red of some turquoise kind of blue or sipmple ligh blue. It's really up in the air for the moment, I am not fixated on it yet. Any suggestion? I do have to say that for now, I really like how these drones I painted 9ish year ago look (color scheme wise. Also, for the army, there are a few things I bought on ebay that should be making there way over in not too long of a time. I will try to fixe my painting direction with them for the time I got everything here. So that I can give a big ass spray to the whole army at the same time ^^.

Hope you are liking and intrested in what coming, and by the way, OF COURSE I'm still gonna paint the eldar aswell :D

I should be trying to be doing some terrain aswell soon, I got a bunch of coke can and other stuff I want to turn into industrial-ish complexe.

Well, I will see you in the next update

Grizzly out !

Ps: Just noticed I broke my rule of not buying anything until all my guy's where painted... OH well not that important I guess :P
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Post by: Grizzlykin on May 18, 2018, 07:27:48 PM
Good evening everyone, it's one in the morning here so it's kinda not evening anymore but let's just role with it ^^

Small hobby update

Pointy ears side :

Ok so I have been painting my dire avengers gradually so here is a progress pic, I nearly have a whole msu squad painted \o/ only one gun left and some small details here and there :D


Mechs side:

I have received a few of the Tau I ordered so I will be sure to do a full army pick once I have received everything :) But for now, please enjoy some exploration for my painting scheme  8) I do feel it's gonna be the end product color wise. I need a second higlighting type color to go along the red, I was thinking maybe some light/electrique blue for tau logo etc. something like teclis or lothern blue. Anyway, enjoy the pictures :)


Extra bits side :

So I don't know if I mentionned it but we are holding a competition at my local game group for table pieces, I have barely strated assembling a few things but here is what I have started for now. I'm going for a kind of oldish rockish house. for now it's just a few wall but I intend to incorporate coke can etc as a kind of industrial systeme juxtaposed with the house :) Well you guy's will see it once I'm done. I really need to buy some pva glue now that I think about it.


Game time :

Well I have game planed for tomorrow at my local group we are going for a 2v2, 1000+1000vs1000+1000 xenos versus imperium, I will be playing with a tau friend and we did prepare some really funky fun list fish of fury and guided reapers on the menu >< I think it's really either hit or miss. It's either we perform like monsters or we just flop splendidly.

Well that's all for today. Hopefully I will be seeing you again soon. ;D

Grizzly Out!
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Post by: Dread on May 19, 2018, 03:28:16 AM
I dig the colors on your Tau. Will really show the catchup before they get eaten. Seriously tho, I do love the scheme, to many white and orange around here.

As for the building, you really picked the perfect foam to use. It so fun to pick at to make damage and weathering before paint.

Good luck in your game and have fun.
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Post by: Myen'Tal on May 19, 2018, 03:59:47 PM
I'm sorry I have absolutly no idea what cities of death is ><  can't tell you if anyone still plays it :P Thanks for droppping bye still ^^ And it's really satisfing haveing everyone saying they like my DA with how long I struggled with them.

No worries ^_^, Cities of Death was an old supplement for Warhammer 40k back in the day that focused on skirmishes and battles in urban terrain. Always saw it and read battle reports that featured the rules set, but never played it myself.

I think there is actually some City of Death rules kept somewhere in the 8th Edition 40k Rulebook. Not certain about that though, I will have to take a look when I get the chance.

On another note, I'm liking the beginnings of your Tau Army. I see you like some color consistency between your various armies, which is cool ;D. Cannot wait to see these guys painted up!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on June 13, 2018, 04:29:46 PM
Grizzly update... It seems I left myself drift on ebay for too long again...

OK so painting wise, not much to say I didn't have much time to paint recently. But as I said I drifted on ebay and other website for buying minis a bit to long again...

Well, I might aswell show you :D this is where my Tau army is heading and btw, I do Intend to play one of the hammerhead as longstrike. I roughly have 2000 point here, and a whole lot of stripping to do. What I will need to buy in no later on, is a commander, because for now I'm probably gonna proxy with crisis suit but I will need to buy one if only because the model is cool. Probably more two than one :p


For the color, you can maybe spot I did some test with red and blue, but some friend said it did not really fit. Wich I do think so a bit aswell. Yet I can't say my current color scheme makes me happy so I will try a few things for a while until I do find what color I want to have. And then it's going to be building and painting time!!!

Grizzly out!

Ps : Don't worry I'm never quitting eldar, way to many unit I need to buy still :P
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Post by: magenb on June 13, 2018, 05:08:19 PM
Ah your Eldar have coerced some Tau into taking on some of their battles, very nice :)

will be good to see what you do with them.
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Post by: Ynneadwraith on June 15, 2018, 09:54:41 AM
Neat :) nice to see some of the lesser races in their rightful place: taking the bullet instead of the eldar. Your Farseer must be doing his job ;)
Title: Re: The Grizzly's Xenos, Mechs and Pointy ears !
Post by: Myen'Tal on June 17, 2018, 01:38:50 AM
Really cool choice of different color schemes for each squad, Grizzly. I think the white and ocher ones are my favorite! Are you intending for the different schemes on your battlesuits as well? Or will they have a more unified scheme?
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Post by: Stormbane on June 18, 2018, 05:51:25 PM
That is a very daunting amount of models to paint! You are a far braver man than me!

For the color, you can maybe spot I did some test with red and blue, but some friend said it did not really fit. Wich I do think so a bit aswell. Yet I can't say my current color scheme makes me happy so I will try a few things for a while until I do find what color I want to have. And then it's going to be building and painting time!!!

I think red and blue together in a scheme can work...but it's difficult. As they are both bold, primary colours, they will fight for attention (Part of the reason I hate my Eldar at the moment...too much red, which makes the models fight themselves). If you only have one of the colours acting as the focus, with the other as a spot colour, used in strict moderation, it can work...but balance is key.

Whatever you end up deciding, good luck!
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Post by: Grizzlykin on August 20, 2018, 05:42:32 PM
I have been quiet for too long and I apologise! :-[

@Magenb and @Ynnedwraith : Actually... I have yet to fix the narrative for both my army so  I could very easily swap the roles around righ and left it is not set in stone AT ALL, but I do like oyu idea xD Plus I am kinda starting to think it could be fun to have a similly Farsight enclave with eldar at the lead or maybe a joint work between eldar and Tau into creating a Craftworld where both mixes?  I don't know I will see.

@Myental : Sadly I have the regret to annonce, I do not intend to keep different color for different strike teams, it's just a mix and match from all the things I bought right and left. And even more sadly I do not like the ocher one that much so they are likely to not stick. That said one of the Hammerhead will be done in this type of color, porbably more Emphasis on the black and ocher, to symbolise the fact that Longstrike is a commander from Tau.

@Looshkin : I am not brave it's just that once I start buying Warhammer or a lot of things I do not stop until I am temporarly satieted. So I end up with this kind of amphetamine parrotty situation xD. You are absolutly right about the blue and red, really tricky to find a good balance, wich in why in the following test I try took a tangente away from all that.

@Everyone : Thanks for the kind words :)

With that out of the way let me explain why the quietness. 1 - lack of time / Motivation (compounding effect between the two) 2 - Moving ! (Yes I actually changed appartment so I went from a fully equiped one to only the kitchen and bathroom equiped. Therefore no time or space to paint mini, BUT this is now over).

So yeah I'm back and I still don't know where to go with my Tau Army color  ???  Ok so here have a look at all the test I did on the last few days. And I'm not finished I just have pretty much ran out of idea for red version so the next few test will probably be in the blue range. Behold my creativity !  8)

Even more testing - Album on Imgur (https://imgur.com/a/mIDu3FO)

Oh yeah and since I have a new place, and it's bigger than the older one, I invested in some WorkDesk for Painting Minis! Mouahahahahahahah! (Yes do picture me yelling at you, or the sky rather, like a bad villain from a old james bond movie or something)

Minis Workstation - Album on Imgur (https://imgur.com/a/YHDiHgK)

I have so much to paint and I am still not even fixated on the color of my army... I'm beslubbered  :P

Hope you like the quick update.
PS : Cav you better like it because I hurried to get it out after your last post xD

PS2 : If someone could explaion to me, how I could geet pictures to show when I use imgur that would be awesome, If I can't use It, I guess, I will have to find something else.

Caps removed, as it makes it appear as though you really are shouting.  Please use bold text and/or exclamation marks to add emphasis next time :) - Iris.

-> Actually , had you known me IRL, you would have expected me to be properly shouting these kind of things but I get what you are saying. I shall be carefull about that. - Grizz -
Title: Re: The Grizzly's Xenos, Mechs and Pointy ears !
Post by: Irisado on August 21, 2018, 06:00:57 AM
Regarding the pictures, have you tried either of the options presented here (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=93854.0) and here (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=197028.0)?
Title: Re: The Grizzly's Xenos, Mechs and Pointy ears !
Post by: Grizzlykin on August 21, 2018, 06:26:08 AM
Regarding the pictures, have you tried either of the options presented here (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=93854.0) and here (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=197028.0)?

I do believe the problem comes from imgur. Ican't get them to show up I'm gonna have to look at this in depth but changing hosting site is probably going to be the solution.

Thanks for the link anyway Iris^^
Title: Re: The Grizzly's Xenos, Mechs and Pointy ears !
Post by: Blazinghand on August 21, 2018, 06:40:32 AM
I liked the mix of red and dark blue in the firewarrior second from the right on the top row. tough to make out details in that photo though, might also be better with wash. I haven't tried such different colors next to each other, looks cool though.
Title: Re: The Grizzly's Xenos, Mechs and Pointy ears !
Post by: magenb on August 21, 2018, 05:11:24 PM

@Magenb and @Ynnedwraith : Actually... I have yet to fix the narrative for both my army so  I could very easily swap the roles around righ and left it is not set in stone AT ALL, but I do like oyu idea xD Plus I am kinda starting to think it could be fun to have a similly Farsight enclave with eldar at the lead or maybe a joint work between eldar and Tau into creating a Craftworld where both mixes?  I don't know I will see.

Even more testing - Album on Imgur (https://imgur.com/a/mIDu3FO)

Doomed target getting smashed by Tau firepower... scary :)

The dark red and white combo is nice, just not sure on the light blue bits.
Title: Re: The Grizzly's Xenos, Mechs and Pointy ears !
Post by: Cavalier on August 23, 2018, 07:32:24 AM
Grizz! Glad to see you got a bigger place and work station. Thats great news! As for color scheme... I think I like the grey and white one. It reminds me of Scorpion82's Tau which I"m a huge fan of. You could easily follow his painting tutorial too and get a nice can of primer to make the work go that much faster.

If you do... I think its an "Army Painter Spray Primer" and white. If you go with that scheme use Celestra Grey for the heads and stuff. It'll make painting the white so much easier! Celestra Grey is such a clutch color. If you want it to be a bit brighter use Ulthuan Grey (which is the same color as the GW Corax White Primer).

Anyway great stuff. Can't wait to see which direction you go in. Keep it up Grizz!
Title: Re: The Grizzly's Xenos, Mechs and Pointy ears !
Post by: SeekingOne on August 24, 2018, 02:05:57 AM
Hey Grizzly! :)

Regarding Imgur - Myental here had a similar issue with Imgur images not showing up. In this post of mine (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=231119.msg2774605#msg2774605) I showed the way of linking images that works, and it seemed to have helped. Check it out ;)

That's a lovely working place you've got there! There's one big thing that is missing from it though: a compressor and an airbrush! I mean, if you approach this hobby of miniature painting seriously enough to organise a special working place for it, then an airbrush is the next thing you should invest into. Trust me ;)
Title: Re: The Grizzly's Xenos, Mechs and Pointy ears !
Post by: Myen'Tal on August 24, 2018, 08:53:33 PM
Hey Grizzly! :)

Regarding Imgur - Myental here had a similar issue with Imgur images not showing up. In this post of mine (http://www.40konline.com/index.php?topic=231119.msg2774605#msg2774605) I showed the way of linking images that works, and it seemed to have helped. Check it out ;)

Yeah I kept reminding myself to mention that in this thread once Grizzly mentioned his imgur problems. But of course my memory keeps momentarily blanks out and I forget it again ;D. Yeah Grizzly, SeekingOne's method for imgur posts worked for me and I'm certain it'll work for you too. It really makes a difference once you can post actual images on the thread itself without having to divert readers to another site with a link.
Title: Re: The Grizzly's Xenos, Mechs and Pointy ears !
Post by: Stormbane on August 29, 2018, 04:25:30 AM
Hey Grizz...looking forward to seeing what you do with the Tau. Personally, I like the Fire Warrior with the red clothing and white armour panels. The white might turn into a cow to paint, but as Cav said, if you work off a Celestra Grey base, it becomes quite easy.

As for the other test models...I think that the 4 on the left may well permanently damage your retinas if you paint a whole army of them! They are very vibrant...for me, too vibrant; however I think that they could work if toned down even just a little.

Keep the updates rolling Grizz!