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Author Topic: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!  (Read 71799 times)

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #40 on: November 26, 2011, 02:49:50 PM »
Howdy, name is Respekt, started played eldar and orks something like 7 years ago, after something like a 5 year hiatus, I recently came back with a vengeance. After dipping my toes in some nurgle, I realized if your gonna go green, might as well go all the way.  Anyway, now that I'm a boy, I assume I should introduce my deff boyz

All the painted bitz

This includes
Big Mek
Old Zogwart
30ish shootas
40ish sluggas
3 meganobs
15ish Nobs
3 kans
3 zapp gunz
1 green baron
1 looted rhino
4 battlewagons
6 rokkit buggies
12 lootas

A diff angle

A closeup of the HQ
left to right: Ghazz, warboss, zogwart, mek

a closeup of one of my many beewags

I'm approaching "finished" status on the current state of my army

I have the following left to paint:
1 battlewagon
15ish shootas
15ish sluggas
10ish nobs
5 kommandos
some scattered lootas and burnas

Some conversions currently wip:
Boss on bike
looted devilfish
like many I'm on sort of a necron tangent and I'm trying to find a way to magnetize feet, a head and sort of a metal skirt that would drape over the top to turn monoliths into stompas.


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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #41 on: November 29, 2011, 03:47:56 PM »
Ok, 'bout time I did this, so:

I've been playing 40k since Rogue Trader, never used to like orks because of things like the "Goff Rock Band", so played "serious" armies like Eldar for years, on and off. I tend to oscillate between 40k and fantasy with varying degrees of motivation, and have many many armies on the go, in various stages of completion!
However, in recent editions, Orks seem to have grown up, and I really like the current fluff, the models, and especially the conversion possibilities, as the older I get, the more painting and modelling becomes important to my enjoyment of games. Nowadays I dabble in CSM, eldar, dark eldar, and have picked up quite a few of the new necrons, but Orks are my go-to army in 40k. My favourite list is still all-biker, and my favourite clan is bad moons; if you thought speed freeks had to be red, you're wrong:

Red wuns may well go faster, but yellow wuns have leather seats.

*update* Painting is still very much in progress, but here are some examples:


more pics on this thread Bad Moonz
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #42 on: December 12, 2011, 02:19:58 AM »
Hi I am still painting the majority of my army so I won't post pics just yet but my current total army list is as follows:

AoBR Warboss
AoBR Warboss on Warbike
Warboss with Big Choppa, Kombi-Shoota, Attack squiq
Big Mek with KFF (Converted to also have burna)
Big Mek with SAG (Currently building)

26 Shoota Boyz
44 Choppa Boyz
3 Boyz with Rokkitz
5 Boyz with Big Shootas
2 Nobz to go with the Boyz mobs
(I have a box of classic 16 boyz on the way)

Dedicated Transports:
2 Trukks

15 Nobz with a full spectrum of wargear
12 Loota Boyz
3 Meks with KMB
12 Burna Boyz
3 Meks with Big Shoota
15 Kommandos with a Nob

Fast Attack:
5 Warbikers (1 upgraded to Nob with power klaw)
6 AoBR DeffKopta's (1 with Buzzsaw)

Heavy Support:
1 Deff Dread (Full Magnetized, and another one on the way)
1 Killa Kan (Made out of found objects, not tourney legal)
1 Battlewagon (another on the way)
1 Looted Wagon

Will modify and add pics later on!
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #43 on: January 3, 2012, 07:03:24 AM »

I have always had a soft spot for Orks and the painting potential for them ( and deathguard - which I may also do ) is just limitless ! My Forge world models are my prized possessions at this point :)

The list is ( approximately ) as follows:


10 Warbosses
2 Big Meks ( KFF + SAG )
1 Weirdboy


6 Nob bikers ( Forge world )
15 Lootas
20 Kommandos + Snikrot
18 Tank bustas
10 Burna boyz
25 Nobz


120+ Boyz
40 Gretchin
1 Trukk

Fast Attack:
25 Stormboyz + Zaggstruk
6 Deffkoptas
6 Bikers

Heavy Support:
5 Killa Kans
1 Battlewagon

Forge world:

Warboss on bike
6 Nobs on bikes
2 Half trakks /w Flakkaguns
1 Big trakk

I am hoping to add a lot more Forge world items into my standard list as Games Workshop prices here in Australia are just ridiculous !

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #44 on: March 18, 2012, 10:11:05 AM »
Ok then, I have collected orks for a little while now, but haven't played much with them. No longer, I am starting to go green properly and take my army and join a wwaaggghhhh! 

4 warbosses(AOBR)
Big mek sag
2 KFF Meks

25 nobs
10 lootas
8 burnas

150 slugga boys
1 trukk

Fast attack
6 deffkoptas
3 war bikers
6 rockkit buggies
1 Dakkajet

heavy support
1 dread
9 kanz
1 wagon
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #45 on: March 29, 2012, 03:25:19 PM »
Howdy!  Here I go by Ork E Nuff.  I've been collecting and playing orks for over 20 years.  I've collected and gotten rid of more figures than I can remember.  I enjoy kit bashing and converting; I'll have to get more pictures and post as I can (how do ya post pics on this site?).  I hope I can be of use to the community.  My games are usually 50/50 in the win/loss bracket.  I just enjoy playing as I find it relaxing and fun (isn't that why most of us got into the hobby to begin with?).

My most recent foray:
WB with PK
 Big Mek w shokk attack

lootas with 3 meks
burnas with 3 meks
8 Nobs w/Painboy
Deff Dredd
23 'ard boyz w/nob, pk
Killa Kan
I won against Black Templars

What a rush....
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #46 on: April 11, 2012, 09:21:22 PM »
Hi There!

I've been collecting orks for around 3 years now. Current project is a 1500pt dread mob. So far with the dread mob I'm undefeated, though its only been 3 matches so far  :P

Leader of the dread mob Crispy the Meka-dread

Second in command with rokkit-bomb racks

The whole gang minus one unpainted deff dread

I've also got
4 Mega armour Nobz
2 Mega armoured warbosses
2 AOBR warbosses
12 shoota boyz
1 Mek armed with big shoota
3 Deff koptas
3 Zapp cannons
40 gretchin
60 slugga boyz with Nobz armed with big choppas
10 Ork nobz armed with various weapons


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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #47 on: June 19, 2012, 05:10:07 PM »
Hello All...

I have just turned to the Green Tide.  been collecting models for about 10 years now.  have various armies all completed.  My boss is Ard'Ragger and he doest let up going "get my Boyz!"... over and voer again in my head!  I hope to satisfy his Whaagh soon enough.  pictures and posts to follow
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #48 on: July 17, 2012, 12:39:48 PM »
Just an update of what I got:


Interestingly, the first image was my first converted WB, due to my lack of funds at the time to purchase the lead beahemoth GW WB back in the dark ages before plastic really took off.  I ended up doing a whole nob retinue based on ogryn/ogre bodies and ork heads.  More pics later. 
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #49 on: August 17, 2012, 03:55:21 AM »
Well here it is, the beginning of my Grot Army!

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #50 on: October 25, 2012, 09:38:55 AM »
Hi i'm Yellow. I've been collecting orks for nearly two years now. That is to say I've been quite regularly buying boxes and putting them on my shelf ^^.

I've walked past the GW shop many times in my life and sometimes into it too but the prices always put me off.
With the release of 40k computergames such as DoW I got a bit more emersed into the 40K universe and since I've always been a fan Orks in any and all universes I played digital Orks alot.

When passing by the GW shop I would always look at the models in the windows especialy the Stompa  ;D

Looks like my girlfriend thought to do me a favour and gave me a Stompa for my birthday about two years ago...

To make use of that I started to actualy buy Orks. I got the AoBR box and exchanged the puny 'umans for another set of orks. And have constantly bought new stuff that I thought might be nice to have ^^.

I run the lovely grey colorscheme  ;)
My list is as follows (Mostly unasambled xD)

2 AoBR Bosses
1 SAG Big Mek
1 KFF Big Mek
1 Wyrdboy

8 AoBR Nobs (number dwindling because of MANZ conversion inspired by Zognutz and Typhon)
2 MANZ (Number growing ^^)
4 Loota/Burnaz +1 Mek (not assambled yet. probably going to salvage 4 boyz to build 4 of each)

40 AoBR Boyz (probably going to convert 10 to Shooty boyz)
20 Shooty Boyz
8 Gretchin (Dwindling number as I use them for vehical crews)
3 Trukks

Fast Attack
5 Stormboys + Zagstruk
3 Bikes
5 Deffkoptas (took one apart to pimp my MANZ conversions)

1 Looted wagon (Tau Hammerhead)
1 Battlewagon

and I own one totaly unassambled Stompa  (probably going to be the last thing I build because the stompa should be awesome  ;))

Pics will follow when i actualy have some ^^

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #51 on: January 15, 2013, 11:00:40 PM »
I finally got around to breaking out my box of Boyz!

And, I assembled a whole one Ork so far.

Oh yeah, I know it's pretty impressive. 

I'm trying to get ready for a Fantasy tournament here next month, so I have to work on my Chaos, or my Undead.  Not too much time for all my projects, but hey at least I started.

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #52 on: January 16, 2013, 05:29:33 PM »
Hey guys ...

I am gonna post up some images of one model that is still WIP
He not GW ... not even an Ork - technically
Think of him ... and them (Once I paint the rest and more) a cousin to the Gretchins
As they little Gremlins from the weird world of Malifaux from Wyrd Games   

This Gremlin being Raphael LaCroix

Sorry about the pictures being bit iffy ... late here and iPad camera not the best
But what you think?

If you like them ... I shall post the rest up as they are done
If not ... I'll just post them in the painting forum and not here also

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #53 on: January 16, 2013, 09:53:00 PM »
Hey everybody. I painted my first batch of Ork boyz.
I cant figure out how to post pics in the post so here are my photo buckets...I dont have the best camera in the world either but you still get so see some of the detail...

warboss2 picture by tysonyap - Photobucket
Nob of shoota boyz picture by tysonyap - Photobucket
ork boyz picture by tysonyap - Photobucket
ork boyz picture by tysonyap - Photobucket

Im going for a Russian WW2 kinda style and my main list right now is a BW bash type list. SO the uniqueness of my army is going to come through the vehicles I manage to convert. But like I said, here are some boys I painted. Notice on some I put CSM backpacks and termie bolters and such...

And a conversion of my warboss. He started out as an ordinary Nob, then I realized I liked his face, so I added some more bits, and some more bits....then I decided to have him mangle a Chaos champ. I still have yet to paint him but I think he looks quite cool already.

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #54 on: February 2, 2013, 07:47:23 AM »
Hi green brothers!

Name: Giovanni or Baldar, my warboss name is "Hoggwarz" know as Boss Hogg! (Hazzard docet)

Profile: Running orks recently, simply because I love the background and all the power and fun orks can give to a battle!

Current forces:
1x Ork warboss (painted)
5x Ork nobs (3 painted)
10x Boyz
2x Deffcoptas (all painted)
1x Dakka Jet with third supa shoota and red paint (just painted yesterday)

1x Deffcoptas conversion: painted at the 25th December as "Zanta Klaus, the angry Khriztmaz zpirit!"
P.S. Soon I will add some photos

Work in progress: At the moment I'm in a low-cash situation so I've no work in progress for now, I will finish paint the boyz meanwhile. In the future I'm going to buy some bikers or maybe a killacan!
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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #55 on: February 7, 2013, 09:24:02 PM »
Aloha future green buddies,

So my name is Balthazar The Conqueror but Balthazar for friends ;)

I'm playing 40k now for 3 years with Space wolves and I want to start a new army around the summer or later in the year. As everybody could guess this army is going to be ORKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. At the moment I'm busy reading a lot about them and searching for what I want for play style. I'll be reading a lot in the mean time and probably going to ask a lot of questions in the hope to settle my mind on style and tactics.
I'm gonna start with an army of 1500Pt's and from there on we'll see. Off course I have an armylist in my mind as a starter and it will be on the other part of this forum for Q&R :).

Thx all for the futere help,pleasure,fun and toasted humiiieeeees !!!!!
Hallelujah I suxxxxorzz but i'm having so much fun :-D ! ! !

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Re: Faces of the WAAAAGH!!!
« Reply #56 on: October 10, 2013, 07:07:30 PM »
Hello. I've been a long time time ork player since second edition came out, played through 3rd, skipped 4th and played through 5th. I've recently been on hiatus with my new Eldar army for the past two years and with the arrival of my own little grots, have been kept out of actual gaming for a while now. I'm still an avid putterer and I paint and model almost every evening. I'm hoping to start getting some games in with 6th edition and have pulled out my old boyz to strip and repaint, as well as add some new models to da collection. Unfortunately most of my models are of the older, less grandiose scale so I'm subbing models as I go, to get a more uniformed look. I've almost always played a Deathskull army, with some lean towards Bloodaxes.

2 Warboss
2 Nazz Dreg
1 Big Mek KFF
2 Big Mek Shokk Attack Gun (old models)
3 Weirdboyz (2 old models) with 4 minderz
Mad Dok (custom)
6 Mega Nobz
20+ assorted Nobz and other 'ard boyz
10 Lootaz (5 new 5 old)
4 mekz with tools and mega blastas
20 kommandos (15 new custom, 5 old)
30 Boys with Nob PK and 3 big shootas
30 rebel grots with the red gobbo
3 trukks (1 new 2 old)
5 stormboyz (old)
4 bikes (3 old 1 super old)
Skorcha (old)
7 deffkoptas (recently acquired)
3 zzap, 1 kannon, 1 lobba
1 Dread (old)
6 kans (3 new 3 old)


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