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Author Topic: 1850 Angels, Custodes, and Knights  (Read 1023 times)

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1850 Angels, Custodes, and Knights
« on: November 23, 2016, 10:30:32 PM »
My LGS has a tournament coming up in December that I will be attending, and I want to get my Custodes out on the field.  I know the list isn't the best that I can field, but I figured it's the best I can do while fitting in so many points in 5 models.  I mean, their cost dwarfs my pimped out Deathwing Command Squads...

Combined Arms Detachment (Dark Angels)
Librarian:  Lvl 2.  90pts
Librarian:  Lvl 2.  90pts

5 Tactical Marines:  Lascannon, Drop Pod.  125pts
5 Tactical Marines:  Lascannon, Drop Pod.  125pts

Ravenwing Dark Shroud80pts
2 Ravenwing Land Speeders:  Typhoon Missile Launcher / Multi-Melta.  170pts
2 Ravenwing Land Speeders:  Assault Cannon / Heavy Bolter.  140pts

Land Raider Crusader250pts

Oathsworn Detachment
Knight Crusader:  Battle Cannon / Stormspear Missiles.  470pts

Golden Legion Task Force
5 Adeptus Custodes  310pts
- Sword-Captain w/ Guardian Spear
- 2x Guardian Spears
- 1x Storm Shield / Sentinel Blade
- 1x Storm Shield / Custodes vexilla

Total Points:  1850
Model Count:  25
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