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Author Topic: New player looking at starting a new deathwatch army for an escalation league  (Read 2327 times)

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I primarily play fantasy currently. We have an escalation leagues starting this coming weekend. I have the deathwatch overkill box and really liked those models and thought maybe starting a deathwatch army for the upcoming league. It's 500/750/1000. For the 500 you get the 500 and an additional 150 for hq but you can dip into your army points but not vice Versa.

I played my first two games yesterday with an army I'm borrowing, originally was going to borrow for the whole escalation but think I want to start my own. So I played eldar yesterday. Had a blast.

I went to get the codex today but he was sold out so I will be going to a different store tomorrow. But was thinking maybe I'd pick up a box too. I was wondering if anyone had some tips for starting out list-wise. I know once we get to 1k and possibly 750 things like wraith knights will start showing up

I do like the models for the bikes and the black star. I think drop pods sound cool also. Other than that I think a dreadnought would be cool too. I know I will be playing against eldar, tau, dark eldar, tyranids. I only currently have deathwatch overkill and I am splitting death masque so I will have those too. Any recommendations would be much appreciated
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Considering the book only came out a few days ago, I doubt people will have a lot of first hand experience with the army. Frag cannons are really good though, so I do recommend taking those, and I would also work towards their formation detachment, to give units deepstrike. The Flyer is quite nice too, especially with the wargear option allowing the re-rolling of cover/ jink saves.

This is what I think of the book so far, but I've not seen inside the cover yet. It's an unusual army, so your best bet at this point is to just experiment with your options.
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Yeah I know it's new I just figured there were some people like st my store by Sunday that already had lists. My store isn't open again until Wednesday was trying to get a jump on it

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If you are wanting to use the Kill Team formations (possibly in conjunction with the Black Spear Strike Force Detachment), the general consensus on the 'net so far is that the Aquila Kill Team is the best for a "take all comers" type list, as the re-rolls it grants are useful in all situations, not just against certain battlefield roles.

As Killersquid mentioned, the Frag Cannon looks pretty good, and a lot of folks are planning on making a drop-pod team with 4 of them in the squad for a nasty alpha-strike unit capable of taking out anything that might scare you.

Most things that work for Sternguard in standard Space Marine lists should work here too. Drop-pods filled with Combi-Meltas, Combi-Plasmas or Combi-Flamers allow you to hit a specific target when you drop in, but keep versatility via the bolter's Special Issue Ammunition.

Don't miss the added rules you get in a Kill Team that has Vanguard, Bikers and/or Terminators added. Heroic Intervention (Vanguard) on a close-combat oriented team is helpful. Split Fire (Bikers) can help spread the love with your big guns in a shooty unit, and Fearless (Terminators) can help a team hold the line when needed.

Also, don't forget that your Librarians have access to lots of different Psychic disciplines, so you can tailor the types of powers you shoot for based on how you want to run your teams.


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