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Author Topic: 2016 Imperial Space Marine - Unboxing  (Read 1641 times)

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2016 Imperial Space Marine - Unboxing
« on: April 20, 2016, 11:17:52 AM »
2016 Imperial Space Marine - Unboxed

The Box (3 Photo's)

As you would expect for a box containing one model the box is quite small. Not as small as it could have been but that is due to the way the sprue is presented inside the box.
As is usual for the new style of box I really like the information that is included on the back of the box. There is suggested paint schemes for painting blue and red armour and it clearly indicates what weapons the Marine is armed with.

A nice touch is that the back also includes a picture of the original Imperial Space Marine model.

The front is printed with what I think is a picture from Rogue Trader.

Unlike some of the new boxes this one came shrink wrapped which I like. What I don't like is that I found the box difficult to open. The top flap tucks into the box as you would expect but the box also includes a little tab that is a push fit into a slot in the flap. This little tab was an absolute bugger to get out and I ended up slightly ripping the top flap.

The Box Contents (1 Photo)

One sprue, one 32,00mm base and one assembly instruction sheet. The assembly instruction sheet also details the models wargear, Special Rules and weapons profile. You will obviously need a copy of the Space Marine Codex for the detail of its Special Rules.

There is a plastic tray inside the box that holds the sprue securely into place. Personally I really like this as a presentation device. The sprue is quite difficult to remove it is held that tightly.

Unlike my last unboxing in this instance I find the assembly instructions to be easy to read and understand.

The 2016 Imperial Space Marine will cost you £18. This is the same price as some of the new Librarians but also the same price as eleven Ork Boyz.

The sprue weighs 10g so you are paying £1.80 per gramme.

The Sprue (2 Photo's)

As you would expect the moulded items are of a nice quality with plenty of detail. Two of the shoulder pads has a bit of flash that you will have to remove but other than that there doesn't seem to be much cleaning up to do before you assemble this model. Even the mould lines are not that obvious.

If I had to choose a favourite piece I think it would be the Disintegration Gun.
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