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Author Topic: Loadout for "HH BaC" marines (starting an Imperial Allied Force)  (Read 1145 times)

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And thus it starts  ;D. Could not resist and bought that Betrayal at Calth box. Now I'm gonna start a small Imperial Force consisting of Marines, Admech, Counts-as-IG Squats and a Vindicare. I also want to fit in my Emperor's Children Phoenix Termies.

This will be a showcase project minus the showcase quality so I'm not planning to add too many things except some tanks (probably Whirlwinds, Vindicators and Predators). I intend to not use transports except for a Land Raider for my CC-Termies.

Since this is my first Marine army, I would like to get some input on how I should build my Marines. Since I have some CC Termies already, I'm going for the Bolter/Fist variant on the Cataphractii. They'll get a Cyclone Launcher I think. The Contemptor will be a Dread with Assault Cannon and Heavy Flamer.

The Box comes with 3 each of Heavy Bolter, Missile Launcher, Meltagun, Plasmagun and Flamer. I was thinking about building something like this:

10 Tac Marines, 1 Fist, 1 Heavy Bolter, 1 Plasma, 7 Bolter
10 Tac Marines, 1 Fist, 1 Heavy Bolter, 1 Plasma, 7 Bolter
5 Devastators, (1 Fist), 3 Missile Launcher, 1 Bolter

This would leave me with 5 Marines from which I could make another HB, 2 Meltaguns and 2 Flamers. This way I should have plenty of options and I should be able to make some decent Sternguard units as well should I want to play a 1st Company Task Force.

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Re: Loadout for "HH BaC" marines (starting an Imperial Allied Force)
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I'm not really sold on powerfists in Tacoma squads anymore. You need the vet upgrade to make them worth it, and by that time you're buying more than two plasma guns worth of equipment. Keep your sarges light. Melta bombs, maybe a combiweapon, maybe the vet upgrade for the Ld bump.


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