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Title: Converting Old Wyches
Post by: Neo-Buzzard on April 12, 2018, 04:10:17 AM
So, coming back to playing DE in a long time, 99% of my army is old models. Old metal wyches, old warriors, old metal mandrakes, old and current sculpt incubi (all in metal as well.) DE was my first army when I started playing 12 years ago.

Now the question I have is: any ideas on how to convert wych weapons on the old metal wyches? I thought hanging chains off their arms would be an easy way to make shard nets, but I would like some ideas for the others.

Posting here for anyone else who happens to run the old models like myself.

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Title: Re: Converting Old Wyches
Post by: Cavalier on April 12, 2018, 06:59:35 AM
Yeah hanging some chains off the arms for some Shardnets could work. You'll get plenty of them in Raider and Venom kit (and I'm assuming you'll want to add some Venoms to your list).

You could also just pick up a new box of Wyches and paint up just the special weapons and add them to the squad. Could be like a slow phase out until you get the new sculpts all painted up (if you wanted to do that). I've done that before with models I painted a million years ago, just slowly introduce the new ones until I've painted up the replacements.

Also there are old metal Wych models going cheap on ebay that have shardnets. Saw 2 of them for 11 bucks.
Title: Re: Converting Old Wyches
Post by: magenb on April 12, 2018, 07:26:02 PM
you can also hit up bit stores and just transfer the shard net. Most people are fine with just marking the model in someway, especially in friendly games.